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Momma and I went to the gym tonight even though we didn’t want to… at all.  We were so proud of ourselves that we went to Applebee’s afterwards and had their amazing honey barbeque boneless wings! We’re bad…but they were so, so good! Before we left the gym, I was checking my emails and I received one from Erin at the Wedding Channel. Not really paying attention, I opened it, scanned over it and then put my phone down. It was only a matter of seconds before I realized what it said and I quickly re-read it for real this time!! The Wedding Channel announced today that I was their “Editor’s Pick” for the Wedding Photography Category of their Bridal Blog Awards!…

I was thrilled!!!! What a huge honor! It always amazes me when I hear other people say that they really enjoy the blog.  If you have a blog of your own, you can understand this.  There are just some days when I think to myself…why in the world would anyone care to look at this?! People are busy and have fast paced lives, they don’t have the time to check and see what I’ve been up to recently!  I am so humbled when I see the blog stats everyday and realize that people took precious time out of their day to check the blog! So thank you all for viewing the blog, for supporting it and for voting for it! Another HUGE thanks to the Wedding Channel for loving the blog too! I’m just beside myself!! Have a happy Tuesday and here’s a little peek of what I’m working on right now!

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  1. Jessie reply

    congratulations friend!!! i’m so proud of you!!! :0)

  2. Rae Barnes reply

    Congratulations!! This is so very exciting and well deserved!! :-) Keep it up!

  3. caity reply

    Congrats! I voted everyday! :) glad you won!

  4. Brittany reply

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! SO proud to say you’re our photographer :)!!!!

  5. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Congratulations lady!! But obviously there was no contest, you blow everyone out of the water!!!

  6. Susan Dukat reply

    Congratulations – excited for you!

  7. lauryn reply


  8. Catie Ronquillo reply

    Congratulations! :) Your blog is awesome!

  9. Leslee Moline reply

    Congratulations on the editor’s pick! I absolutely love your blog and I can’t see how you wouldn’t have gotten picked!

  10. wowser123 reply

    Congratulations, Katelyn! You deserve it! We need to get together sometime with Michael and Alex and enjoy some honey barbecue boneless wings together :)

  11. Danesha Langley reply

    Congratulations!!!! :o)

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