Justin + Megan | Engaged

  • A Cape May Date-Night Inspired Engagement Shoot

Megan is one of those people that has a warm presence about her that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. We actually did meet a couple of years ago and I remember her saying that she was dating the guy she was going to marry but it just felt like “marriage” was SO far away. I don’t remember exactly what I told her but I believe that I said something like …. “It’s going to be here before you know it!!!” and here we are!! Megan and Justin got engaged during a trip to Europe and it was straight out of a fairytale with a castle in the background! ah! What a dream!

Fast forward several months and it’s time for their engagement session! I know all about the proposal and I also know that Megan is a talented photographer and so the pressure is on! This shoot needed to be amazing not only because this couple deserves the best but because if you get engaged in front of a CASTLE, you better have awesome engagement photos too! I’m not sure if these are castle-quality but they are gorgeous and full of so much love and beauty and that was the ultimate goal! I wanted to capture these two the way that they are day in and day out and so it was perfect that we shot in Cape May because it’s a big part of their story!

Megan emailed me and explained that she wanted her engagement session to be just like a normal date for the two of them. I loved this idea and so we did everything that they would normally do! Ice cream, bike rides, strolling down the sidewalk near the beach, etc. It was perfect in every way!!! We ended the night and grabbed something to eat and chatted about all that they have to look forward to this year. Michael and I couldn’t be more excited for them AND I can’t wait for this wedding!!!! Ah!!!

Enjoy this brand new Cape May, NJ Engagement session!!

These victorian houses! AH! What a dream!

Megan you are STUNNING, girl!

Loved this! They are SUCH pros! I knew they would be :)


An ice cream stop before heading to the beach!

Another favorite!

I’ve always wanted to shoot in front of a quaint boutique!!


This wall was made for me!

Another favorite… obviously!

Guys…. if you only knew what we went through to get these final rock shots! Lets just say this…. I’m SO glad Mark III’s have high ISO capabilities AND that Justin and Megan were up for an adventure! :)

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xoxo, Katelyn
28 Comments Engaged
  1. Brett reply

    Yay! I’ve been excited to see these two! Beautiful!!

  2. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    So gorgeous!! Loved this shoot, Katelyn!! :)

  3. Melissa Farmer reply

    YAY Megan!! I knew these would be beautiful from all your posting in the KJ Brides group. They are awesome. Congrats and I’m so excited to see the wedding :) :) Nice job KJ, you captured their style and personalities so well!

  4. jamie delaine reply

    That rock shot is a FAV. Love the colours in this shoot! (P.S. Watched your mastermind video this morning… I love you! Wish we lived closer.)

  5. Katie reply

    Wooowwzzaaaa!!!!! I’m absolutely in love with all of beach images! So simple and clean! This shoot is stunning Katelyn!

  6. Rebekah Carter reply

    So many fabulous shots! What a naturally beautiful & charming couple.

  7. Meghan reply

    I LOVE these!!!

  8. Sarah reply

    LOVE this!!!!

  9. Sarah Heacock reply

    AHHH!!! Yay! I’ve been waiting for these! I love that navy dress Megan, and that last rock photo! So gorgeous!

    • Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

      Sarah!!! You are so sweet! Thanks so much for the compliment! I was just hoping ours would be half as gorgeous as your engagement photos with Ryan! I am so glad we are both KJ Brides!!!

  10. Tiffany Chapman reply

    Love every single shot!! Adorable couple and beautiful surroundings!!

  11. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    What can I even say about these amazing pictures that are so special to us?! This couldn’t have been more perfect… the location, the light, the timing! We are so thankful for you and Michael. I am so glad this season is finally here and so grateful for all your encouragement along the way over the past couple of years. You know it means the world to me. We love you!!!

  12. Nilo Burke reply

    Oh my…. what a gorgeous shoot! It is as if the bride is a photographer or something. ;-) Way to go, Katelyn. :-)

  13. Kristen Browning reply

    Wow Katelyn!! This was an epic photoshoot!!! I love all of the posing!!!

  14. Lorin Fairweather reply

    The first B +W on the rocks is stunningly stunning!! What a beautiful session for this lovely couple!

  15. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    Probablyyyyy going to start my mornings with this post like, for the rest of my life. Ugh. So amazing. I love every image. Especially the close ups in the tall grass and the ones with that lamp post! And the rock shots! And all of them.

  16. Megan Kelsey Photography reply

    These get better and more special as time goes on <3 <3

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