• A Downtown Richmond Anniversary Shoot

One of the greatest joys of my business is that we have made friends with photographers from all over the world. I know friends by name in Australia, London, Hawaii, Germany, etc. It’s awesome! Years ago, I met Brianna through the KJ education world and we have been friends ever since!! I’ve always loved her sweet personality and beautiful smile. She’s so humble with her amazing work and to say she’s a bit talented is an understatement. She did coaching recently and was brainstorming a new brand and it wasn’t long before her dream was a full-fledged realty!

She’s an incredible designer, photographer AND mom of three!! And she’s younger than me!! I’m just so amazed be her! These two have literally lived on every corner of the country over the last 8 years. As we started their shoot, I asked when was the last time they had their portraits taken and they explained that they always had their kids with them in the past. They had a courthouse wedding and so this session was their FIRST SHOOT just the two of them! They deserve this!!!

We stopped by the most gorgeous home on Monument Avenue in Richmond and it was the most AMAZING backdrop for their session! It looks like we hopped over to France or Paris for the evening!! Enjoy my favorites and be sure to check out Brianna’s work HERE!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Urška Majer reply

    Oh, wow! Gorgeous photographs and it looks like it’s in Europe :)

    • Marie-Laure reply

      The building with blue window is amazing. It definitely looks like a French one. This is a good idea to do an anniversary session. As far as i’m concerned i must firt be engaged, then married to think of it ah ah

  2. Currie reply

    Amazing!! Stunning work as always Katelyn; that place looks so incredible! GORGEOUS!!

  3. sharon elizabeth reply

    love these <3

  4. Meredith Sledge reply

    Katelyn these are some of my favorite pictures you’ve taken in RVA! This is my favorite spot! That house is INCREDIBLE!

  5. Chelsea MacDonald reply

    Love love love these beautiful photos of the sweetest couple I know! Bri, you are so gorgeous!!

  6. ashley reply

    I LOVE how the majority of these pictures are in one location! Way to work it out!!! <3 And they totally match your brand and look stunning! :)

  7. Kelly reply

    Oh my goodness! I think this may be my new favorite engagement session you’ve ever done! These are perfect!

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