• Josh + Katie

They have been separated for a long time. Because of Josh’s job in the military, distance has become something that Katie is very familiar with. Josh has literally been a world away from her during different points of their relationship. I can’t even imagine how hard that must be. Because Josh is currently stationed in WA state, we weren’t able to do an engagement session…and you know I LOVE engagement sessions. They really help couples get to know me and get a feel for what it’s like in front of the camera! Well, Josh and Katie obviously didn’t need that practice session because they were PROS in front of the camera. I would be explaining a pose and then look up and they were already doing what I wanted them to do. AMAZING! Not only was their portrait time amazing.. their whole DAY was amazing! I just LOVE shooting at the The Mill at Fine Creek. It’s probably one of my FAVORITE venues in Virginia!! And that’s saying something because VA has some incredible venues!

Josh and Katie’s day was so relaxed and heartfelt. I love it when weddings are chill and if little things don’t go as planned, it’s OK! For example, if the flower girl decides to meet the bride halfway down the aisle… that’s OK! :) If the groom leans in for a kiss before the pastor says “You may kiss the bride” and the brides refuses… it’s OK! … Not only were all of these little things OK, they made Josh and Katie’s day so THEM! I don’t think I’ve heard so much laughter during one ceremony. It was such a joyful celebration and we couldn’t be happier for these two! Michael and I loved spending last Sunday with them and I can’t WAIT to share their images!! It’s a fun one ya’ll!! Enjoy!

LOVED Katie’s gown!

How pretty is her band?! 

Katie and her momma are like best friends! Love this!

Of course dad gets a first look before the groom:)

See what I mean? Instant pros!

Love this!

Loving the patterned dresses!



Giving her away… love Michael’s angle for this one..

A favorite!!!!

AH!! Love these!! Thank you two for rock climbing, it was worth it!

Work it girl!

Venue | The Mill at Fine Creek

Dress | Jasmine from Tiffanys
DJ | Tracy Jude
Videographer | Stephan Hudson
Cake | The bakers kitchen
Bridesmaids Dresses |  The Limited
xoxo, Katelyn
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