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I remember getting an email from Kristin over two years ago. She was asking for prayer because she knows that prayer is powerful. She was undertaking a massive project that was scary and would require so much sacrifice on her part. Kristin has a heart for young women and it’s so evident in how she loves them. Over two years ago God shocked her with a HOUSE that could be 100% dedicated to ministering to young women and after months of hard work, they formed…

 The Delight House!

I’ve been trying to be a part of a Delight Retreat or intensive for years now and the timing was finally right this year. Kristin and I chatted back in November and we made plans to make this happen!! Michael and I spent the last three days in the middle of the mountains of Washington State with this incredible family. They welcomed us into their home and allowed us to be a part of their lives. This comes naturally to them because their entire life consists of serving and opening up their home to others. It’s a beautiful thing to witness a husband and wife who have not only given their hearts to the Lord but have also given their kids, their home and their SPACE to the Lord too.

Opening up your home 24/7 to anyone in need isn’t for everyone… but every now and then you meet amazing people like John and Kristin who have been gifted with heavenly hospitality. And I don’t mean “Heavenly” like their floors are made of gold… I mean “Heavenly” in the sense that they love like we’re going to love in heaven one day. They are selfless and focused on God’s unique call on their life and it’s just awesome! And the best part? They’ve taught their kids to love like that too. MAJOR parent points!! Michael and I are taking notes for one day when we have teenagers of our own! I think everyone dreams of their life, their family and their marriage leaving a beautiful MARK on this world and the Walls have definitely accomplished that already. :)

We were so thankful to have a space to stay at the Wall’s house but it was awesome to be able to walk right up the street to the Delight House each day and be a part of the intensive. Michael got to ride snowmobiles, shoot guns and play video games while us girls talked about the good, the bad and all of the HARD parts of marriage!! It was an amazing time for both of us!! I left my time with these amazing women feeling encouraged and not alone. Michael and I have a beautiful marriage but it’s far from perfect and it’s so refreshing to know that we’re not alone!! My time with these women reminded me that we were created for community and vulnerability!! This “Cultivating the Heart of a Wife” intensive was so perfectly timed for us and I’m so honored that we had a chance to be a part of it! I cherished this time with these amazing women!!!

Enjoy a few iPhone pictures from our time up in Washington and THANK YOU to Kristin for loving us, caring for us and allowing us to be a part of their lives!!! We love you all!


Loved meeting so many amazing women!! Lauren was one of them! Why do we live half of a country apart?!

Michael was Emily’s su-chef! :)

They grow them apples BIG in the PNW!

Loved getting to see this sweet girl’s little bump at the beginning of her pregnancy!! ah!


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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Stephanie reply

    This just makes my heart SO happy – so many beautiful faces that I recognize and love!! I’ve been praying for you guys and this intensive – what a blessing that you were able to be a part of it and I can’t wait to hear stories about what God did over this past week!!

  2. jamie delaine reply

    so wonderful to read what you’ve been up to! love this retreat idea.

  3. Megan Kelsey reply

    I think this is my favorite travel post of yours that I’ve ever read for obvious reasons :) I’m SO glad you got to experience staying with the Wall family, waking up to the mountains of Lake Chelan, eating Emily’s amazing food, and sitting around the gorgeous dining room table of the Delight House surrounded by amazing women who love Jesus. I find myself wanting to go back ALL the time because there is just so much peace in this little house!! Thank you for being a part of Delight!! <3

  4. Callie Beale reply

    I know the girls were so blessed to have you speak to them about marriage! A KJ and Delight combo is one of the best things I can think of. I am so inspired by your ministry and how you are pointing so many to God. Gosh I just adore you and am sending big, big hugs.

  5. Savanna reply

    Ahh SO wish I could’ve gone. It’s so amazing to hear about what God is doing in that house & these women’s lives!

  6. Shea reply

    I’m so grateful you got to spend time this week at the Delight House, but super bummed to not have been there with all those familiar faces. It looked beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart in this community. You are treasured for sure.

  7. pictaram reply

    Wow! Lovely pic and I’m glad to see everyone had a great time.

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