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is really unnecessary… I realize this. Michael and I are trying to cut back on the unnecessary purchases, not eating out as much, etc. etc. So when this personalized stamper came in the mail a few days ago, I really felt the need to exclaim that “This will save us money in the long run! It will! And look how awesome it is!”. I immediately began stamping every envelope that had come in the mail that day (wasting our precious ink). He agreed that is was pretty sweet (and I don’t normally use the word “sweet” so you know it’s really cool:).  I love it and it makes me want to crank out some thank you cards!

This personalized stamper was bought online through Three Designing Women and I had the hardest time choosing what I wanted.  My first choice was too girly and so we decided on this style and we LOVE it! So for you newlyweds out there that are tired of writing your return address on those thank you cards…invest in a stamper! They make your life a lot easier AND you feel cool when you use it!!!!

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  1. stephanie b reply

    It’s so cute!! It’s the unnecessary purchases that make me the happiest :)

  2. Heather Corporan reply

    This ROCKS!!! If only we weren’t like a traveling band of gypsies in this household, I might just be able to justify the purchase : ( It’s so bad that when I call certain companies and they ask me questions to varify my identity, I can’t give them the address or phone number they’re looking for LOL

  3. Allison reply

    Oh that is a good idea!!!! I might have to get one soon!!!

  4. Michelle reply

    i got my stamper from three designing women, too! i love it!

  5. katie reply

    i love that katelyn, great idea for thank you cards!

  6. Marla reply

    I purchased an embosser after we married for our announcements (we eloped) and thank you cards – 5+ years later, and I use it all the time for our return address – great for Christmas cards and very classic. Got mine here:

  7. Liz Kausteklis reply

    I am getting married this weekend (yay) and I just ordered this stamp for all of our ‘thank you’ cards!! So cute :)

  8. Erika reply

    Just purchased my “gabby stamp!” Thanks for sharing this – such a great idea! It was going to cost me $75 just to have our address printed on the back of our thank you envelopes! Eek!

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