Emy's Room!

  • A Surprise Makeover!

Everyone has their own high school decorating phase. Mine was hot pink and orange.  Maybe that’s why I have become totally obsessed with TEAL! Emy had a phase… a short lived phase where she wanted a room painted neon green and yellow! Yikes!! Her window GLOWED from the road.  Oh what  my parents go through for us!

I came home for Christmas Break and everything in Emy’s room had been pushed to the center and the walls had been primed! Momma told me that we were giving her a makeover for Emy’s Christmas surprise! Well, after daddy pulled two late nighters

until 2am and Momma and I searched all of Fredericksburg for the colors we wanted, it came together! Emy cam home and was completely shocked when she toted her luggage upstairs! Here are some before and afters!

Here it is!

Now I want to re-design my room!!

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  1. em reply

    AHHHHHH YAYAYA!!!!! thats my room!! i absolutely love it!! my family is awesome!!! =) =) =) =) Love you guys!

  2. Anna reply

    It’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love it… KK, when Justin and I buy a house like 20 years down the road can you come design it??? Thanks :)

  3. Jessica Beale reply

    It’s true…Emy’s room used to glow. That’s how I knew if you guys were home or not! Now, I will never know! AHHH!

  4. Sarah Hayes reply

    beautiful! i love room makeovers. :]

  5. Michael reply

    Yep. You never cease to amaze me!! It looks awesome can’t wait to see it in person

  6. Lauryn reply

    so grownup looking! i love it :-)

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