A Taste of Newark

  • A Taste of Newark

So, I have not neglected the blog!  I am still in Newark, NJ and loving it! We haven’t had much sleep and so of course I’m up late “blogging”! I just wanted to let you all see what exactly is going at Newark and the best way is through pics!

Please enjoy and pray for our team as we continue to serve!

This is a sister church in the heart of downtown Newark where part of our team has been serving the homeless and doing construction work.


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  1. Lindsay reply

    ahh i love it!! I miss this place SO MUCH!

  2. Emy reply

    oh goodness YES, YES INDEED that is the COOLEST DOOR EVER!!!!!! It definitely beats the 4,000 pictures of doors you took in ROME!!! My life is now complete since i have seen this picture, thank you for that. =) hahaha miss you!

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