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  • A Waterfront Sailboat Engagement Shoot

I remember being really young and traveling up to Maine on a vacation with Amy and her family. The Cravens are the ones who introduced us to racing lobsters on the deck before cooking and eating them! ha! We may have only had one trip with them but those memories will forever be something that we love to reminisce about. Fast forward over a decade and I was just starting my business at CNU. Amy came to CNU as well, and we met up here and there! Since I remember Amy as a little girl with bright blonde curls and a spunky personality, it seems so crazy that I just took her engagement portraits!!

Michael and I met Amy and Ryan in downtown Hampton where they live. They are walking distance from the water, and they know their neighbors like they have been there for years and years. As we walked down the street towards the water, I made them stop multiple times where the lighting was pretty. They were so patient with me because I know that they REALLY just wanted to get to the waterfront!

Being on the water is where they are most at home. That’s their happy place! I remember learning about sailing on Amy’s grandparent’s little sailboat up in Maine when we were little. It’s so awesome that that part of her life has carried over into this new season and she’s marrying someone who appreciates it just as much as she does!

They race and spend their free time on a sail boat owned and cared for by two of the sweetest elderly gentlemen we have ever met! They took us out on a quick ride during their shoot and it was so entertaining!!! I loved their commentary! They are used to seeing Amy with her hair up and in laid back sailing attire. Seeing her in a dress, hair down with lip stick on was a shock to them, and they couldn’t help but keep telling her how beautiful she looked! It was like we brought two sweet grandpas along for their shoot!!!

I’m excited to capture their beautiful wedding this coming fall!! Until then, enjoy getting to know these two via their engagement pictures!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sabrina Fields reply

    These are beautiful! And they make me wish I went sailing on a regular basis… But I so wish there was audio for the commentary from the two older gentlemen! :-)

  2. Kathy Bedard reply

    So very lovely! Congratulations to Amy and Ryan!

  3. Rebekah Carter reply

    These are beautiful!

  4. Kate reply

    Such a beautiful way to capture the emotion!

  5. Molly Park reply

    That sounds like an amazing location. It’s so cool that you were able to get out on the boat!

  6. Stephen Davison reply

    It seems a cool location. Congratulations to both Ryan and Amy.

  7. Lewis reply

    Absolutely love how you’ve captured these!

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