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At my wedding, my baby brother was Michael’s best man. I remember when Michael told me he was going to ask Corey to fill that role and I got all teary. Corey and Michael have been buds since Corey was a little guy. Corey looked great standing beside Michael at the front of the church and I’ll never forget how special it was to have my sister as my maid of honor and my little brother as the best man… the only member of our family that wasn’t standing at the altar was my poor momma because my dad officiated our ceremony!! :) We had an AWESOME wedding day and Corey had fun but he was stressed the whole time

because he knew that being the best man meant that there was an impending toast lurking in the distance. Corey has shared with us on multiple occasions that he loved our wedding but that he spent the majority of the day worrying about speaking in front of 400+ people! I feel him on that one…. that’s A LOT of people to get in front of when you’re not the loudest, most outgoing member of the family!!

I’ve always been the most outgoing sibling… Emily is ACTUALLY the LOUDEST when it comes to shear vocal volume and Corey is the quietest. After knowing that about the three of us, it would make sense that when I was little, was the child who would stand on stumps at parks and sing for whoever would pass by and listen to me…. I was one of those kids. I quickly started singing in Church and then at school and everyone knew that I loved to SING at an early age. I was the “singer” in the family….. until recently.

I think everyone has a hidden talent to some degree… but Corey REALLY has a hidden talent. My immediate family has known for a LONG time that this boy can SING!! How do we know? Because he BELTS it out in the shower… but as soon as he hears the floor creak because we’re all trying to listen through the door… he stops. Emily and I have tried to record him secretly… we’ve tried to coax him into singing with us on road trips… we’ve even threatened him with the whole “You have a GIFT!! And you need to SHARE IT!!”… but nothing ever worked!! He just doesn’t like to sing in front of people… and that’s ok:)

So as we were planning Joe and Emy’s big day, I jokingly mentioned to Corey that he should sing. After thinking about it for about .5 seconds… he said no. I wasn’t shocked buy that response… but then I had an idea… what if we RECORDED him singing?! What if Corey and I sang a song for Joe and Emily’s wedding day and just played the recording?! Much to my surprise… Corey AGREED!!!! So two months ago… in the midst of our crazy wedding schedule and Corey’s strict class schedule, we made time to have our song recorded. One of our sweet friends from church was available to record us and I’m SO thankful for his time and hard work! Clint, we owe ya friend!!  (Ps. If you need something recorded… he’s the man for the job! :)

So Corey and I sang together for the first time EVER…. and the recording played while Joe and Emy danced their first dance together as husband and wife. Not only was this  a special wedding moment.. but it was such a cool moment for our family because now the secret it OUT!!! I’m not the only songbird in the James clan!! Corey has a BEAUTIFUL voice… and I’m just so so proud of him! I’m been sharing this with everyone because I’m just so excited that we made it happen!!!

Now, I’m a bit of a perfectionist… and any musically inclined individual will hear this and immediately know that I’m flat in 3 parts… it’s not perfect… but it’s perfect to me. Why? Because I’m singing with my little brother and I’ve been wanting to do this for YEARS!!! So while I hate sharing stuff that isn’t 100% my best, I really want to share Corey’s voice and so I’m making an exception this time! :)

Corey, this was such an amazing thing for you to do…. I know it’s outside of your comfort zone (and I’m about to make it worse by sharing it to the masses but oh well!!:). I love that you did it for Emy anyway and we both know that it meant the world to her. Thanks for singing with me:)… and thanks for finally showing the world what you can do!! For a kid who has never EVER sang in front of anyone…. has NEVER recorded himself … and has NO training whatsoever…. this sounds pretty AWESOME!!!

Enjoy our little rendition of All of Me By: John Legend:)

Click Here to Listen! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jenna jamison reply

    You guys are amazing! That was great!

  2. Brooke reply

    This is so beautiful!! You and Corey sound so wonderful together – and what a wonderful and sweet surprise for everyone! This is so nice to have for years to come as well; anytime you and family listen to it, you will be reminded of Emy and Joe’s first dance!

  3. Lyndsey Portell reply

    Thank you for posting! I’m up at this hour editing and always look forward to your Monday blog so thanks for sharing early! Now I’m sitting here with happy tears. Thank you for sharing not only your amazing work but the awesome and special moments of your life with your followers.

  4. Taylor Ward reply

    This is so special! You both have BEAUTIFUL voices!! My little brother is the same way and this makes me want to make him sing at my wedding one day ;)

  5. amanda reply

    Wow! You guys are amazing. It gave me goosebumps, I couldn’t stop listening.

  6. amanda reply

    Wow! You guys are amazing. It gave me goosebumps, I couldn’t stop listening.

  7. casey reply

    John who?? Seriously awesome :)

  8. Julie Massie reply

    So fun! I love this post. Love how proud of your baby brother you are. What gorgeous voices you were both blessed with!

  9. Lydia reply

    You two sound amazing!!

  10. Amy bakalov reply

    Oh my word – that was amazing! How so very special that you got to do something so amazing like that together. I was in tears. And what a voice…on both of y’all. Just simply amazing!!!

  11. Robyn reply


  12. resi reply

    Goosebumps!!! Thank you so much for sharing. This is beautiful and such a gift for a very personal first dance song. Loving it!

  13. Brianne reply

    This is so beautiful!

  14. Diane T reply

    Wow I know your Bro may not forgive you for sharing but let him know all that know you or your family will smile from ear to ear and be moved when they hear ! What a way to brighten a Monday am ! Amazing !

  15. Michelle Chewning reply

    That was so beautiful. Love, love, love it!

  16. sarah farish reply

    Beautiful! You both sound amazing!

  17. ashley link reply

    this is so sweet! y’all both have beautiful voices, but man! corey can really belt it out! he needs to try out for the voice! ;)

  18. Erin Schrad reply

    Oh my goodness! He sings incredibly! Usually when I hear an amateur’s cover of a popular song, I will find myself cringing at times… Especially the beginning because it doesn’t sound as expected… But he made me immediately forget I wasn’t listening to the original! All that shower singing was good practice because he has a fabulous voice!! My brother is the musical one in our family and now even leads singing at church… I’m the shower and car belter. But I doubt I’d fair as well on a recording as Corey did! ;)

  19. Currie reply

    Just listened to it twice in a row, that was beautiful!!

  20. Erin reply

    That was AMAZING!

  21. Amanda Veronee (Anthomanic) reply

    Goosebumps! Thank you for sharing — that was beautiful to do for your sister, Corey!!

  22. Alicia Lacey reply

    I’m so glad i listened to this at home — I cried like a baby! just beautiful, no words even!

  23. Katie reply

    Wow!!! Corey has an amazing voice! I’m so glad that you and he could sing together for your sister’s wedding. I’m sure it’s a very special moment that will be treasured forever. :)

  24. Brenda James reply

    Thanks KK for making this happen! This was one of the many highlights of the day for me and Daddy . . . and it meant the world to Emy.

  25. Rosie reply

    Gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us too. :)

  26. Laura Bealsey reply

    This is absolutely beautiful. I still get teary eyed each time I hear it. Meghan & I told Corey Friday we liked this version better than the original song. We love you guys so much and are so thankful we were there to celebrate with you all.

  27. Charlotte Jennings reply

    OH so beautiful!!! Great job you guys!

  28. Pamela reply

    Just beautiful! Katelyn, are you playing piano? Did your sister not have any idea that you and Corey had recorded this until the first dance?

  29. Karen reply

    WOW!!! What an amazing gift God has blessed you both with, and what an awesome present for Emy! That was gorgeous!!

  30. Jody gray reply

    Awwwwwwwwwww. I love this! He has such a great voice and you guys sound amazing together!!!

  31. Tina reply

    WOW! He DOES have an amazing voice! You both do! What a beautiful thing for your sister’s wedding:)

  32. Sindy reply

    This is incredible!!! you both sounds so great. as soon as it started i actually gasped corey was that amazing!

  33. Carmaleta Ann reply


  34. elizabeth reply

    very nicely done….you both sound awesome!!! what an amazing gift to give your sister…

  35. Meredith reply

    OH MY GOSH!! This is incredible! I love it! Your family is so talented! Goodness

  36. Courtney Didlake reply

    Wow! You guys are awesome!

  37. Colleen Kramar reply

    Katelyn, his voice is beautiful! He has an honest quality that’s delightfully surprising :) You were absolutely right to share this with the masses!

  38. Shelley Hohe reply

    I am totally in tears now after reading your post and listening to your song. Your bother has an amazing voice and you sing so beautifully! I just love reading about the close knit relationship of your siblings. In todays day in age I only wish more families were like this! Loving one another and doing all you can for one another. What a special gift from God that you all have such a close relationship. I only pray my sister and I were this close…unfortunately we are just not which make s me so sad! At least this is something I can instill in our kids…to always be there for your siblings :) Thanks again for sharing…your post really touched my heart!! Lord bless!!

  39. Kate robinson reply

    Wow that was amazing!! What a special gift.

  40. Kevin reply

    That was absolutely amazing! Goosebumps while I listened to it. I wish I had a voice like your brothers. What an amazing gift for your sister!

  41. Katie reply

    Katelyn this is so sweet!!! I know this probably meant so much to your sister and the rest of your family…and it’s probably even better that it’s recorded haha because she can listen to it whenever she wants!

  42. Christin reply

    WOW! That gave me goosebumps! So beautiful!

  43. gayle reply

    listening to that sweet boy sing is proof positive that he is pretty much perfect. love that boy!

  44. Cristina Arce reply

    Oh I’m not crying or anything… **Happy tears** – You and Corey sound so wonderful together! It gave me goosebumps.

  45. Ashley reply

    Aww, I love this! What a fun surprise for everyone! You both have great voices :)

  46. Kristen reply


  47. Nicole Salter reply

    Gah I love this so much. Sooo beautiful, both of you.

  48. Elle reply

    This is so sweet. You both have amazing voices!

  49. ariella reply

    This makes me want to cry it’s so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! what a beautiful memory for the bride to keep!

  50. Taryn reply


  51. Susan Evans reply

    You guys are great!! What a wonderful gift for Emy!

  52. Amanda reply

    Beautiful!! And I must ask, where did you all find the beautiful navy lace dresses!?!!

  53. Christie reply

    You both have amazing voices!
    I love reading your blogs and viewing your photos. They are always so beautiful

  54. Nikki reply

    Gave me goosebumps. Love this :)

  55. Abby Grace reply

    Jill played this for me while I was at Big Spring this morning- my jaw hit the floor! Corey’s voice is amazing, It’s funny, I just discovered three or four days ago that my little brother has a voice, too!

  56. elizabeth reply

    I heard a little sneak peek on a video on Instagram and I’m thrilled that you shared the whole thing – seriously. SO. good! LOVE this. Yay for adventures with siblings :) Excited to see more pictures from the special day – looks beautiful <3

  57. Emy reply

    This just made me cry again!!!!! You two are the best to siblings on the planet!! This was such a sweet blessing to joe and me! Corey you are AMAZINGLY talented!!! Love you both sooooo much !!

  58. Sarah m reply

    Your brother is fantastic!! What a beautiful voice he has!! He should definitely see what The Lord wants him to do with that :)

  59. Heather reply

    Absolutely Amazing! Corey, you sound incredible!!! And Katelyn you guys sounded so wonderful together!!! I’m sure your sister and family were completely overwhelmed with happiness at your beautiful voices!!!

  60. Maddy reply

    I’ve been a secret follower, but never commented before! But I just had to congratulate the both of you on a beautiful job! I bet there wasn’t a drive eye in the entire house during the first dance!

  61. Kristina W. reply

    Wow! This is such a wonderful gift for your sister! You two sound fantastic together!

  62. nicole johnson reply

    amazing!! I want to see pictures of this first dance! I now the emotions were flowing! So beautiful!

  63. Billie Teague reply

    Beautiful voices, I remember what a wonderful treat it was to hear you sing.

  64. Linda reply

    wow! this is amazing!! :)

  65. Currie reply

    I need to revise my comment…I think I’ve listened to this about 15 times today! Leta loves it too :-)

  66. Alaska jo reply

    You should put this on iTunes…. I would buy it in a heart beat..

  67. Alaska jo reply

    You should put this on iTunes! I would buy it in a heart beat! Corey.. I don’t know you- but puh-lease record more and I will buy all of your songs!

  68. Sydni Jackson reply

    WHAT. When I heard the recording at the wedding I thought for sure I was the only one who didn’t know Corey could sing! Corey, you are incredible!!! You both are. Amazing.

  69. Heather sensiba reply

    Wow,just wow. I don’t know your family, just a faithful blog follower since before you changed your company’s name…. but wow, just wow. your family is just precious!!!! so priceless!

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  71. Annetta reply

    Beautiful Katelyn and Corey!! Your voices blend so well together.

  72. Mirasol p. lopez reply

    That was beautiful. I’m amazed.;)

  73. Evonne & Darren of U Me Us Studios reply

    OMG, you and Corey are AMAZING! What a talented family! :)

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  75. Kathryn Farley reply

    WOW! I am absolutely blown away by this song/what it meant to your family (I got goosebumps within the first few seconds of listening to it!). What a beautiful gift to your sister on her wedding day! Thanks so much for sharing!

  76. K. Lenox Photography reply

    Such a beautiful thing to do to step outside of your comfort zone! It was an amazing gift! Beautiful song too! You guys sound great!

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