• Adam + Ruth | Part I

We had never met and that always makes me a little nervous when shooting a wedding.  However, Ruth and I have mutual friends and it didn’t take long for me to realize that she was such an awesome girl! Usually there are some nerves involved on the big day.  Butterflies start to come an hour before the ceremony and brides start pacing.  Ruth wasn’t nervous, she wasn’t anxious, she just repeated over and over “Oh! This is SO EXCITING!” … “I’m SO EXCITED!”.  As she should be.  She repeated those words when she had her makeup done, when she watched her best friends zip up their classy J crew dresses and when her bridesmaids began lacing up the back of her dress.  It was so exciting and even though I have been a part of this experience so many times, the excitement never EVER gets old!


Adam entered the church, smiling at everyone and anxiously anticipating his bride to walk down the aisle. I love those moments.  Those split seconds between the last bridesmaid walking down the aisle and the bride entering for the for the first time can seem like an eternity! It’s beautiful.  Adam glowed as Ruth held her dad’s arm and made her way down the aisle.  She  was absolutely stunning.  Their ceremony was totally centered around praising our Lord and Savior for being so good to us.  They laughed uncontrollably, cried, sang and rejoiced with all of their family and friends as they started their new life together!


Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Oh I love this next one to the right! It’s artsy AND those are her grandmother’s earrings!

Ok, I loved the flowers. I took A LOT of shots of them!

Loved this shot of Ruth’s whole family!


Just Married!

Get it girls! You guys look gooood!

Probably a new favorite bridal party shot!

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  1. gayle terry reply

    FINALLY..a Hokie wedding. These are gorgeous! I teared up reading about the ceremony, from what I understand they are an amazing couple! God Bless!

  2. Jessica Beale reply

    These are amazing…I like the bridal party one! It’s fun!!! And I’m first to comment…dream come true!

  3. Jessica Beale reply

    UGH!!! GAYLE TERRY!!!!

  4. Michael reply

    The Door Knob One is definitely my favorite. The church is awesome looking…great 1st wedding of 2010. Love you… you are AMAZING!!!

  5. em reply

    Absolutely stunningly AMAZING!!!! way to start 2010 off with a good one!!! Love you!

  6. caroline reply

    loooove it!! cant wait for more. I love the ceremony shots – esp the ones of them laughing – totally Ruth. stunning. love the bridesmaids and the colors!

  7. caroline reply

    hahaha i love j beale’s comments

  8. Catie reply

    absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  9. Britne Merriam reply

    O my!! I ADORE THESE!! :) you can’t help but smile when you look at these pictures.

  10. Leslie reply


  11. Happy reply

    Love it Katelyn! You do beautiful work and had a beautiful group of people to work with.

  12. Christine Fontaine reply


  13. Mandy reply

    KK I love Part 1! You are such a great photographer! I think that the flowers are really beautiful! And I love the artsy earring picture too! I’m so glad that you have such a cool blog! :)

  14. Amanda Hilborn reply

    amazing as usual, I am teary eyed thinking about how excited we are for you to photograph our wedding!!!!!

  15. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Love it! I don’t know her but she has a beautiful laughing face LoL and looks like she laughed and smiled through her ceremony as much as I did so I like her already :) Great work, can’t wait for part 2!

  16. Jenna reply

    The pictures are beautiful!!!!! And the bride and groom look like they were a lot of fun! Can’t wait for part two :)

  17. Rebecca Downs reply

    Hahaha, I LOVE the shot of the kiss and the reactions from the bridal party!!!

  18. Melissa reply

    oooh katelyn FANTASTIC detail pics – I totally agree with Michael, the doornob pic is my fave!!! however, i also propose a new money pic shot: the first one where they are sitting on the pew – love the lines! =)

    you are amazing =)

  19. Maggie Mascaro reply

    breathtaking… WONDERFUL photography and a gorgeous bunch of brothers & sisters to work with :) LOVED the picture of Ruth’s family & the one focused on the earring!

  20. Danica Van Horn reply

    Good gracious Katelyn do you have God given talent! These are purely and simply amazing. My favorite is definitely the one at the alter with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen and Ruth being dipped and kissing Adam. So adorable!!!! Some of these are straight out of the KNOT magazines!!! Such an amazing wedding and a such a testimony as to how marriage should be, I love you all so much!

  21. Anna reply

    YAY! They are beautiful! You and Adam look so happy! Praise Jesus!

  22. Myriam reply

    wonderful photos…creative and great use of props/colors…beautiful!

  23. Molly Donohue reply

    These are some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen! When the time comes for me to need a wedding photographer I am definitely keeping Miss James in mind.

  24. The Blacksburg Contessa reply

    These pictures have the contessa seal of approval. Ruth you are so beautiful!

  25. Carissa Hayden reply


  26. Terry Nguyen reply

    Wow, amazing pictures guys!! The ceremony was gorgeous!!

  27. Jenny reply

    YAAAAAAAAAAY! great pics, b-e-autiful smiles

  28. Cori Pflugradt reply

    These pictures are truly magnificent! Such great photography! I suppose it also helps when you have such a beautiful bride and bridal party to complement your work!

  29. Victoria Mulgrew reply

    I love them all and i can’t stop smiling when I look at them (which is often)!

  30. Kelly Smith reply

    The pictures of he ceremony are beautiful! The church looks amazing

  31. Nicole reply

    These are gorgeous! You captured their personalities perfectly.

  32. Morgan Stanley reply

    I was left breathless from the wedding. Now I am left breathless from its photos. Easily the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. I am going to share these with TONS of people!

  33. Susie Miller reply

    These are Beautiful! What an eye you have! you are truly a gifted artist and a pleasure to work with!
    i will be sharing your info with all my brides!

  34. Faith Blanchard reply

    I love love love these pictures!! Katelyn you have a gift and were so fun to be around.

  35. Amy Hill reply

    These photos really capture the beauty of the day. Ruth! I didn’t know you wore your Grandmother’s earrings – i love special details like that!

  36. Heather Phillips reply

    These photos are amazing! What an excellent photographer! Ruth, you look so gorgeous. I’m sure it was a beautiful day. Hope you and Adam are enjoying the start of your long life together. Best of luck to you both!

  37. Claire Merwin reply

    love these pictures!! the colors are GORGEOUS!

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