• Adam + Ruth | Part II

I’ve never been an incredible writer  and sometimes it frustrates me when I have to try to describe my couples to you because I just can’t seem to do it justice. That’s how awesome they are! I usually try to paint a picture of their relationship and explain some of their story but I think their pictures capture “them” so much better than my words.  However, there were moments during their wedding day that Adam and Ruth just made me smile. One instance was when they exited the church, both smiling from ear to ear, Ruth stopped walking and exclaimed “Adam! We’re Married!!!!!”.  Another would be when Ruth accidentally hit Adam in the face with her bouquet during their portraits! (It made for a great laughing shot!)


Overall, I just loved watching the two of them celebrate the beginning of their new life together. It’s such a beautiful thing and you would think that after all of the weddings I shoot, that the excitement would get old but there is no chance of that happening! My job is such a privilege and is so rewarding.  I’m so thankful that I was able to be a part of Adam and Ruth’s big day and I can’t wait to share the rest with you! So here are a ton of favorites! Enjoy!


We started their portraits in an old chapel beside the church.  I love old things and so did Ruth… perfect match. I loved the way these turned out!

Probably one of my top 3 favorite portraits!

#1 favorite!

Lovvvveeeee her veil blowing and the composition! This is one of those shots you don’t realize you got until later….and when you see it, it makes you soooo happy!

HAD to add these next two in! Ruth and her dad busted out Blues Brothers during their “Daddy/Daughter” dance.  It was so awesome!

Love it.

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  1. em reply

    Beautiful!!! the 6th one from the bottom is my favorite!!! Love you!
    p.s. im the first to comment!! SO TAKE THAT michael, jessie, gayle, and whoever else is trying to beat me! ha

  2. Jessica Beale reply

    Ugh…Emily! At least I beat Michael!! Yeah!!! These are incredible, KK!!!!!!! I love the one with their hands in the air and they’re looking away!! But not as much as I love youuuu!!!

  3. Allison reply

    WOW these are amazing!!! I absolutely love your work!!

  4. Brendan reply

    These shots are awesome. Some of my FAVS are the ones just outside the church

  5. Philip reply

    AMAZING, i loved the slide show great photos and perfect song!!!!

  6. John Scott reply

    hey, i am glad i got to see fat susan today… also fabulous pictures. love the reception pictures. those are always fun to see!

  7. michael reply

    wow they boys are taking over the comments on this post. These look so good. The b&w ones in this set are amazing

  8. caroline reply

    aahhh!! I just love these shots. you definitely captured something unique kk good job! :) best wishes to Ruth and Adam – they are a phenominal couple!

  9. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Blues brothers pics are amazing!!! Congrats Ruth and Adam your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  10. Susanna reply

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats you two :-)

  11. Danica Van Horn reply

    THese pictures are gorgeous! Ruth you looked stunning! Love you guys so much and thank you for inviting me to your day! Katelyn you are so talented!

  12. ruth BETHANY* reply

    thank you katelyn for capturing our special day!!! I absolutely love the pictures! you truely have a gift!

  13. Lauren reply

    Katelyn, these are incredible :) You did such a great job of capturing all the joy and laughter – such great memories!!

  14. jessamyn reply

    these pictures are great! it was nice getting to meet you katelyn and i met your sister this past weekend!! ruth and adam – so excited for you!!

  15. britney reply

    wow kk! these are gorgeous! what a beautiful winter wedding :)

  16. Sam reply

    These are beautiful. Ruth you are beautiful. Congratulations again to you and Adam.

  17. Helen reply

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Ruth I am so happy for you, so crazy to think just a few (well maybe like 5 or 6 or 7)years ago we were just high schoolers playing some soccer! yay, congratulations, I love the photos :)

  18. Tracy Samples reply

    I so very much enjoyed viewing your photos! You made such a lovely bride and am looking forward to one day meeting your new husband.

  19. Carly reply

    Ahhh these are so good! Congrats Ruth and Adam :) Ruth, you looked beautiful!

  20. Brittany reply

    Really amazing photography. Love Michael Buble too :) Looks like a lovely, beautiful wedding – so happy for you.

  21. Luke Blanchard reply

    I love the photos! Is it just me or were you guys cracking up every time you kiss.

  22. JuliaBlanchard reply

    Thank you for taking such amazing photographs of Ruth and Adam’s wedding. You captured the special moments of one of the most important days of our lives. Your photography is exceptional!

  23. Jenna Rhodes reply

    These pictures are so stunning and since I know the bride, I see how Ruth’s beauty and grace were so brilliantly captured in every shot. I wish you both nothing but the best and may God overpour His blessings abundantly into your lives!

  24. Sarah reply

    These pictures are so gorgeous!! I love your eye for beautiful shots – they are tack sharp & awesome! Keep up the great work!

  25. Cori Pflugradt reply

    Great work! You really capture a lot of emotion in your photography. Very lovely!

  26. Juli Cagliostro reply

    I loved the contrast that the blue hymn books brought into the pictures taken in the church pews!! and the snow on the ground in the outside photos! What a lovely couple!!!!!!!!

  27. Rhyan reply

    So stinkin pretty! Katelyn, you did an awesome job! It was really fun to meet you at the wedding (: Ruth & Adam Bethany, congrats again! your pictures are beautiful!!!

  28. Victoria Mulgrew reply

    I simply love the last photo!!! That was so funny:)

  29. carla cross reply

    These are absolutely beautiful!

  30. Holly reply

    O MY GOSH! The pictures are stunning, the couple is stunning and the day was simply divine! You two are such a beautiful couple and these pictures capture every piece of that beauty!! Love you both!!

  31. Nicole reply

    Love the dad & daughter photo!

  32. Mindy M reply

    I LOVE THESE— Maybe because I am in a few! :-) YAY!

  33. Jess Blanchard reply

    GORGEOUS. So romantic and beautifully composed. They really capture the magic of the day.

  34. kelsey reply

    These are stunning! I love the combination of elegance and spontaneity.

  35. Alysen reply

    these pictures are amazing! congratulations Ruth and Adam!! :)

  36. Jane reply

    Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom! Pictures capture the moment!

  37. frank reply

    beautiful people

  38. Meggie reply

    Amazing Amazing AMAZING shots! Absolutely stunning! Adam and Ruth I am so happy for you guys!

  39. Claire reply

    I love the bridal party shoot, very innovative! Beautiful bride, beautiful pictures!

  40. Claire Merwin reply

    LOVE love love the pictures!!! Beautiful wedding :) sooo happy for you two!!!

  41. Chara F reply

    These photos are absolutely classic. Katelyn has an incredible sense of timing and composition. Thanks, Julia, for sharing!

  42. Nathaniel reply

    I know Ruth! Are families were both home school families growing up! haha

  43. frank reply

    …great skin too…

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