I just received boxes upon boxes of Coffee Table Albums and I wanted to share some of my favorite spreads! Have I mentioned that I LOVE designing albums?! Well I do! and Inspired Designs is in no need of any more sample albums to keep for myself … but oh man is it tempting to order just one more! Not only did I want to show you some favorite pages, I wanted to give you a better look at all not the sizes that I offer! I love these albums! They’re such an awesome final product to complete any wedding or portrait session!

The 8×8 and 7×7 Senior Albums: These sizes are perfect for senior books! The 7×7 is a cute size but the 8×8 is even cuter. If you’re a client thinking about upgrading your album size… do it! You won’t regret it!

A few from Amelia’s Senior album…

And a few of Mary’s 8×8 album…

10×7 Engagement Guestbook: If this is your first time hearing about the Engagement Guestbook then keep on reading! The Engagement Guestbook is a custom designed album that is designed with extra space on the spreads where guests can sign on the wedding day! It’s awesome!! Sooo much better than those little 4×6 white books that guests sign and then it gets stuffed away in a box in the basement, never to be viewed again!

The 11×8 Coffee Table Album: The most cost effective alternative to the Wedding Legacy Albums! They’re so practical and if you can’t swing the Legacy Album, this is a great way to display your favorite images! I just had to design a Brandon and Chrissy sample album!

You like??! Well if you do, leave me some love and let me know which one caught your eye and is a favorite!!

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  1. Rachel reply

    you just do TOO amazing!!
    You’re photographing my wedding, my family pictures, everything in my life.. and yes I’m flying to Virginia just for that all during the rest of my life :) haha

  2. Jan reply

    Can’t wait to have one sitting on my coffee table.;o) Guess I need a coffee table first.

  3. Karin Dowling reply

    Those all look so amazing! I’m so jealous. I love the engagement one – such a neat idea.

  4. Melody reply

    I love ALL of the above! Who does these for you?

  5. Michael reply

    Which one is our Favorite? I love the Colors in Mary’s. Amelia’s makes me cry. And Chrissy and Brandon are models. So no I don’t have a favorite haha

  6. Dan reply

    Wow. What a great idea. The senior books and the picture guest book for a wedding… genius. Excellent photography skills as well. The use of filters and “modern” effects is very very tasteful. It enhances the actual photo instead of distracting from it.

  7. caroline reply

    AAHH!!! Amelia has a book! Amelia has a book!!! i gotta go home to see it. wow. Mary’s look SO fun! i love the colors. and i like to place an order now for an engagement pic book…aka guest sign book thingy and a legacy album. yeah. i don’t have a date yet…heck, i don’t even know the boy yet….but thats what I want!! k thanks.
    love you :)

  8. admin reply

    @melody: I design them myself but AsukaBook prints and bind them! They do a FABULOUS job!

  9. Clare Brown reply

    Hi Katelyn,

    May I just say that I have have been following your work for quite some time and you are absolutely, hands down, one of the most talented photographers ever. Your work is so beautiful! I do hope you’ll be willing to travel to NYC to do my photos one day. (I’ll pay your plane fare! It’s totally worth it.)

  10. Leslie reply

    Make me a book.

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