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If I have learned anything from starting this business it is that I HAVE to be myself.  There is nothing worse than trying to act a certain way just to appease certain people.  If people don’t like that I squeal in an annoying, high pitched voice when I get a good shot then they shouldn’t have hired me! It’s that simple. I hate seeing people who change their personalities depending on who they are around. It’s just not attractive.  There is SO much freedom that comes with being yourself and you never realize how valuable that is until you are in a situation where you’re totally not in your comfort zone.


A great example of this?? ……. JAZZ CLASS


That’s right. I’m a senior in college and I took a Jazz class this semester. My roommate Steph and I thought it would be an easy A…. oh we were so wrong! I have NEVER felt so awkward and out of my element!!!  I am NOT a dancer and when I would try to be, it just wouldn’t work.  It’s not me.  Some of the girls in the class have been dancing since they could walk and when I watched them perform their final dance today, I was just amazed at their grace. They simply glided across the floor, flawlessly.  For a minute, I envied them.  I envied their ability to flow from one position to another and gently twirl without stumbling to the left or right.  For a split second I wanted those skills… and then I realized that that wasn’t me, that was them. That is their passion, not mine. As I realized that, I immediately wanted to be on an old farm with a bride in a vintage lace gown and antique teal jewelry! (How awesome would those pics be?!!)   I realized during our Jazz final today that I am so thankful that I love my passion. I’m thankful that I love being “me” and that is not a prideful statement AT ALL.  I am simply grateful for the fact that I am comfortable in my own skin and I give all of the credit to the Lord. He gives purpose and meaning to my life and the assurance that comes from that is unreal.


All that to say… I’m not a Jazz dancer, I tried to be this semester and failed miserably. However, I love my job, I’m passionate about life and I’m thankful that through my job I can be 100%, completely “Me”!


And if you think I look cool here, you should have seen me trying to dance like a 1920’s Flapper girl today in class!!

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  1. Spring reply

    I really wish you had a video of your Jazz final!!!! I was a ballet dancer when i was younger but trust me jazz was never my calling either! :)

  2. Girish reply

    I am terrible dancer as well. Welcome to the club :P

    Nice camera !

  3. Lynn reply

    What a cute post! I love your honesty! I wished I learned to be myself and not wear masks long ago. Did you get my email?

  4. Andie reply

    I love you, Katelyn :) and it’s funny that you had that revelation because I recently realized the opposite – I will never be a runner or a weight lifter (unless I want to be a very unhappy person) but I LOVE dance & yoga and THAT’S what’s worth getting up early for :) I got up early and danced this morning and I think I will be on cloud 9 all day :)Especially if I get to see more of your passion – LOVE your photos!!!

  5. Anna reply

    KK! You are hilarious :) I love that you are you, too! And I REALLY hope that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE has a video of your jazz dance :)

  6. Julianna reply

    AMEN!!! Haha Katelyn, you’re awesome.

  7. Leslie reply

    i was expecting a picture of you in your flapper dress. needless to say, im disappointed.

  8. Brandy Frank reply

    LOVE the picture!! too cute! and I took a Jazz class as pre-teen maybe? totally awkward and lasted two classes ha ha!! ;)

  9. Kristina N. reply

    Great thoughts to have! It’s hard for me to figure out what’s really important and stop trying so hard to be good at everything! I had such a similar experience when I did ballet at CNU.

  10. Michelle Cross reply

    You = adorable. I can’t wait to see you again soon!

    Seriously, though, adorable.

  11. Melody reply

    I totally agree….I am me…because God made me…to be me….that’s what makes me…well…ME! Love this Katelyn. Thank you for sharing your heart here!

  12. caroline reply

    oh katelyn. you are beautiful. that bride you described…on an old farm with teal jewelry…would that be you?? haha golly day thanks for being real. you are a phenominal role model! I definitely look up to you!!!!

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