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Well this wasn’t on the “blog calendar” for today…. and I’m more than ok with that. Tonight I was wasting time on Facebook and I saw a status that really caught me off guard. When I was first starting into the photography world, there were several photographers that used Showit that I remember checking out their sites. One of these photographers was Abigail Smith. She caught my attention because she was beautiful and she was a redhead!! I think we emailed a few times and left each other a few blog comments. We never met and we never knew one another in real life but she was a fellow

photographer that was starting her business in her very early twenties and so she stood out to me. I found out tonight that Abigail had been battling cancer for over a year and passed away yesterday.  At first, I was shocked and then I immediately felt awful for not knowing about her illness…. and then I saw a link to this video. Evidently Abigail had a near death experience where she wasn’t supposed to make it through the night… but she did… and then she made this video.  Michael and I watched this video in its’ entirety tonight in our living room and I encourage EVERYONE to do the same. I bawled and then I apologized to Michael for having an attitude earlier about something ridiculous and meaningless…. it’s like in an instant, I was reminded of how fragile our life is.  As I watched this young, beautiful, talented woman talk about the overwhelming PEACE she has as she breathes through oxygen tubes and lives her last days here on earth, I had this thought…. How amazing is it that a girl under SO much continual stress and pain was experiencing such amazing PEACE and dare I say even JOY?? As I watched Abigail talk about her life and her pain and her joy in her relationship with Christ, I realized that this video and her story was meant to be shared…. and it was meant to go viral.

I really don’t know how to put this into words….. but my life, my talent, our business, our house, our marriage….. it’s not my own.  I don’t believe we were put on this planet to live, work and die.  There is so much that God wants to do with our lives while we are here on this earth and it’s our job to be open and willing to be used. I don’t have a story like Abby’s… but I do have a blog that can reach a lot of people and I think her story deserves to be shared… and shared and shared. What a beautiful, beautiful life. I pray that her story reaches tens of thousands of people. I pray that it changes lives, draws people closer to one another and brings them closer to a God that loves them. You can’t deny the amazing spirit within this sweet girl. Our hearts go out to her family and her friends.

If you’re a photographer, blogger, or social media guru with any type of platform… I would encourage you to share her story. :)


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan k. Marcus reply


    Thank you so much for sharing this. I feel (sadly) like many people have had an encounter with cancer touching the life of someone they love. For me, it was my mom. She passed away when I was just 13 years old after a two year battle with liver cancer that eventually spread to her other organs and bones within her body.

    It was, hands down, the hardest thing I have ever faced, as I’m sure it also was for my two younger sisters and my dad, and my mom’s two younger sisters, and her two brothers, and her mom and dad and the list just goes on and on.

    I love so many things that Abigail stated in this video. How amazing is our God that he uses even the most devastatingly evil things on this Earth to proclaim His glory and His love.

    I struggle so often with wondering what my mother’s last days were like. I was there, but she wasn’t really herself in the last weeks she was alive. I would get bits and pieces here and there of how she felt… what she was thinking… one of the last things she told me was how scared she was of missing her girls. My mom was a Christian, but I don’t think she was ready to leave. She didn’t want to abandon her three daughters and husband when we were all so young.

    Abigail’s attitude, words, and love just shine through so much in this video. I like to think that my mom felt peace in the end, too… that she was welcomed with open arms as she was leaving my side and going to God’s. It was so hard for my 13 year old mind to wrap itself around. As I get older, I’m still grasping clarification, and it’s stories like Abigail’s that still help me cope, even seven years after losing my mom.

    Thank you again for sharing this… it’s something I won’t ever forget!

  2. Carrie Logan reply

    Amen amen amen. I love that you shared this. I have watched it several times in the past few days and am so moved every time. She truly is Amazing Abby, and I just love to picture her experiencing FULL peace, joy and comfort being in the arms of the Savior tonight!!!

  3. Siri Salonen reply

    Wow…i watched in a trance…what an amazing testimony! To honor her, I am passing this on to all my friends that they can be reminded of his glory.

  4. Annamarie reply

    I love when she said “Anything that happens in your life that is evil…it’s God’s business to turn it into good”…I’ve seen that so much in my own life and I’m sure He uses the bad things in good ways that I will never know about too…I am so thankful to have also experienced that peace that surpasses understanding when my dad passed away from cancer! She is such an inspiration and I’m so glad you shared her story, Katelyn!

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  6. Justin schwalbendorf reply

    I will be sharing this to my wall later very moving and powerful thanks for the share katlyen !

  7. Jenn Mitchell reply

    Thanks for sharing, Katelyn. So incredibly moved by her life, and her story. May we all live with that kind of passion and zest for what the Lord is doing and will continue to do through all of us.

  8. Derrick Moore reply

    This video was life-changing for me and I want to thank you for sharing it. She was a brave person & Jesus was her strength. After watching this I realized that I need to embrace everyday with the people I love and take nothing for granted. I will share this with everyone. Thanks again for sharing

  9. Angela Newton Roy reply

    This is so beautiful, and I am so glad you shared her story. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day things that don’t matter, and just like you, after watching it i immediately felt snapped back to what does matter – God’s love for us. What an incredible light Abby Has. What an incredible soul she is. What strength. One of my favorite versus is Philippians 4:7, so when she said she is experiencing a “peace that surpasses all understanding” it was so beautiful to see. Finding comfort today knowing she is in God’s arms right now, shining up a storm in heaven.

  10. Sydni Jackson reply

    Wow, her faith is amazing! I pray that God uses Abby’s story and faith to bring others into a relationship with Him where they can have peace and joy no matter the circumstances they face in this life

  11. Madalyn Llewellyn reply

    Katelyn thank you so much for posting and sharing this! I have been following her story the past 2 years. Her brother was a counselor for me at a church camp several years ago and if she was anything him I know how wonderful of a woman she was. I completely agree that her story needs to be shared over and over again. I love how she said that she wouldn’t have reached as many people as she has if she had been a missionary. It made me realize that God puts us where we need to be to help bring him glory. Thank you again for spreading her story through your awesome platform God has given you. :)

  12. Tiffany Sigmon reply

    Thank you for sharing this. I cannot wait to share it. What conviction I have right now.

  13. Karina reply

    What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing!

  14. Patty Urlaub reply

    Thank you for sharing. She is the same age as my youngest son..and my heart breaks for her family, but what an awesome God we serve. How comforted they must be to see and know the peace she felt. What a gift that is! I’m praying for her family and rejoicing that she is free.

  15. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Katelyn, thank you for sharing this. It’s such a sweet reminder of the love of Jesus, how good He really is to us, and I love how she said that God can use any evil situation to make good from it – I hope and pray many will see this and be touched by the love of Christ!

  16. elizabeth reply

    Thank you so much for sharing, Katelyn. I was so blessed to watch the video and a couple others of her story. Wow. What an inspiring testimony of choosing joy + abiding in Her Savior during challenges. Emailed this onto a friend after watching it…so good. Thanks again for sharing!!

  17. Debra farrow reply

    My father died of lung cancer on Feb. 2, 1999 and I so much would have liked to truly be able to have. a closer relationship with him but did not know what his wishes were because he did not talk about it, maybe because he was trying to be strong for us. It was the hardest most devastating thing to happen to me in my life that I did not know how I would be able to make it through another day. Abby’s story was so inspiring that because of her relationship with God, it allowed everyone she knew to enjoy the short time that they had to be a truly meaningful remembrance of her beautiful spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your life with others so they may learn that there is beauty in everything.

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  19. Aerykah reply

    I knew Abby my whole life… I know she would be so happy to know that her testimony has touched your life & the lives of so many others! God Bless! :)

  20. check it reply

    Amazing abby is the true and elegance.

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