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a weekend! We’re still recuperating from our 1st double header of the season! Achy feet, thousands of images to cull and weekend emails to respond to. We’re tired but it’s such a GOOD tired! :) We absolutely loved our time with Darrell and Meredith on Saturday and then Josh and Katie on Sunday! I’ll be sharing Darrell and Meredith’s images tomorrow and I can’t wait! While Michael and I LOVE beautiful images, what we really care about are beautiful marriages.

It’s such a privilege to be a part of the beginning of our couple’s new lives together! We really believe that God has big plans for ALL marriages and so that’s why we’re PUMPED for The Amazing Life Together Marriage Webinar that’s taking place THIS FRIDAY!! Basically, several amazing couples have recorded their stories and will be sharing them online on Friday evening! The webinar is FREE but if you can’t make it on Friday, you can purchase the recording. The awesome news is that I have ONE RECORDING TO GIVEAWAY!!! YAY! So if you’re interested in having a copy of this awesome marriage webinar, just leave us a comment with your email address included AND click “LIKE” on the bottom of this post so that more people can hear this good stuff!!! We are so SO excited about this! Here’s a little preview!! Hope you can tune in Friday!! We’ll announce the winner on Thursday!:

Katelyn and Michael – Webinar Preview from Liz and Ryan on Vimeo.

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  1. Michael and Carina reply

    Hi guys! We’d love to be entered! We’re a husband wife team from Yorktown and know that the webinar would only help us grow.

    Michael & Carina

  2. Amber Parker reply

    Would love a recording! My fiance and I are getting married next Sept & I think this would be so beneficial to help us start on the right path! Thanks!

  3. Jordan Mattie reply

    HI! My wife and I would loooooooove to be a part of the webinar!
    All the best,
    Jordan & Judith

  4. Teresa reply

    My husband and I are so passionate about the lord and his design for marriage. we also work together in our photography endeavor and would love to be entered for this giveaway!!! Blessings!!!!
    Kyle & Teresa Blankers

  5. Lynsi P. reply

    Thanks for the chance to win this webinar! I’m a beginning photographer and any opportunities I have for education I see as blessings. Thank You!

  6. Amanda Truth reply

    LOVE!! I’d totally enter your giveaway, but to be completely honest, I bought it the day I figured out Matt and I were both working on Friday and Saturday!! :)

  7. Amanda Hedgepeth reply

    This is amazing that all of you sweet couples have been putting this together! Thank you for being role models in the community! Mikey and I would love this <3 <3

  8. Jennifer Krieg reply

    I love your giving hearts!!!! My husband & I would LOVE LOVE Loooooove to watch & enjoy this webinar with you & Michael and the others!!!

  9. Casey Cone reply

    Hi! We’d loved to be entered. My husband and I are always looking for tools like this to help us grow together in Christ.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  10. Sabrina reply

    SO excited that Liz and Ryan have put this together!! Sadly, I have a wedding on Friday and a proposal on Saturday so I won’t be able to watch it :-( So, I’d LOVE to win it so that Ben and I could watch it together later! Either way, congrats to you guys and everyone who’s a part of this… as you said, marriages need more attention than it seems they’re getting so I hope lots of people are able to watch!

  11. Taylor Whitham reply

    We would love to have this tool to review together. This would hopefully help us continue on the path we are currently on together!

  12. Mary reply

    Wow I would love a recording! I am excited to watch this but my boyfriend can’t make it to the live broadcast, so this would be great to win!

  13. Joel reply

    Would love a copy of the recording! I love bettering myself in all ways, especially when it comes to my relationship.

  14. Kelly Frere reply

    My husband , Jameson and I totally need this right now. I can’t wait to hear each and every couples stories. I would be great if I could share this with him too! We would love a recording!

  15. Becca reply

    Super excited about this webinar! I can’t listen to it live, so I would love to be able to have a copy!

  16. Katie reply

    Katelyn, about a year ago i found your blog thru Pinterest by clicking a photo of the most amazing wedding dress. At first I kept returning to admire the dress on your site. Soon i realized I was drawn to your bright joyful photos and intrigued by your daily words. My fiancé and I have been together for 3 years and plan to marry in the next. It had been the best and the most difficult 3 years of my life. He is the kindest, most loving, motivated, beautiful person I know. But we come from very different families and lifestyles growing up. There have been several techniques we have tried to work on our relationship in a positive, progressive manner. we have found the most useful, are stories of reality and experience in the light of truth (as you say)! Please take us into consideration to benefit the seminar!

    I have shown my fiancé your site dreaming about emailing you to come to California to do our wedding. What a great alternative experience, to have marriage advice from you.

    Ps I found the dress and will get married in it! Thanks for your joyful self :)

  17. Mallory reply

    Oh wow! As my better half and I will be tying the knot in June, I would love to have a copy of the recording, to hear the marital advice from all of the couples! It’s so awesome that you have all been working on this project! :)

  18. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    You two are too cute! :)

  19. molly stillman reply

    YES! love this!!! i’d love to be entered. :) :)

  20. Kathryn J reply

    Awesome idea! Looking forward to hearing about how impacting this webinar will be :)

  21. Michelle Stoker reply

    I’m so excited that you posted this! this sounds like a perfect friday evening on the couch with my hubs. :) can;t wait to hear from ya’ll!

  22. Michelle Stoker reply

    love this!! cant wait to watch!

  23. Katie Yuen reply

    Realizing that I will be a MARRIED woman in one month and one week (ish) is just blowing my mind right now. I SO want to have an amazing marriage!!!

  24. Tina Wiebe reply

    Hey! My husband and I would love this! I have been shooting weddings for a year and now my husband is joining me as a team! We are so excited but nervous at the same time! We would love to see other married couples rocking out in there sessions and in their marriages! It is also our goal to show our couples what a Godly marriage looks like! God bless! Aaron&Tina Wiebe

  25. Lacey Rabalais reply

    I’d love the recording. I will be visiting my best friend who recently moved away and I don’t know if I will be able to listen/watch live. :( Super excited to see what yall have to say! Good luck!!!

  26. Joanna reply

    What an amazing idea – and so needed, would love to have this!

  27. Joanna reply

    What an amazing concept and so hugely important whether you are a husband/wife duo or just juggling simultaneous careers side by side. Really looking forward to this!

  28. Michael & Laura reply

    AH! Sounds amazing. We’d loved to be able to watch!

  29. val reply

    I would love a copy of the recording! I will not be able to tune in on Friday due to an event!

  30. Desiree Stover reply

    I showed my husband the link on Liz & ryan’s page when they announced it. he actually was interested in trying to watch part of it despite our busy schedules this weekend. i would love to have a recording that we can go back and re-visit when we really need to get back on track!

  31. Heather Holleger reply

    Hi! I absolutley LOVE you guys! I would love to have a recording of this! :)

  32. Kaitlyn Phipps reply

    i would LOVE a recording! my husband and i will be busy working with Cru that night so won’t be able to watch!

  33. Jazmine Martinez reply

    hey Katelyn, I am very falling in love with your work with photography and everything.. plus so your puppy bokeh =)
    p.s I am deaf I wonder if u can put caption in vdeio that I can understand

  34. Katie reply April 22 I posted. Forgot my email ;)

  35. Carmaleta and Patrick reply


  36. Caroline reply

    Your hair has got body!! and bokeh…well looks like you drugged him. and i loooove the still shot of the video hahahaha

  37. Allison Shumate reply

    Hey there! I would be very interested to watch this with my hubby. Thank you!

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