Some of you might remember me ranting and raving about the Brawley girls earlier this fall. That’s because they’re awesome! I blogged several pics of Sydni early this summer but this time it was Sarah’s turn! Sarah is a photographer herself and she’s great! She’s also an incredibly gifted musician and to top it off, she’s gorgeous! It was cold and windy but I would have walked around downtown Richmond with those girls any day! I had so much fun with Sarah and Sydni and we got some great shots!  I loved the way these turned out! Congratulations Sarah! You’re almost done!  Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Love them!

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  1. beth reply

    wow. just wow.

    thanks. i cry at just about everything these days, so it’s no surprise that these made me tear up.

    you do beautiful work.


  2. Sydni reply

    They’re gorgeous!!

  3. BarbaraHair reply

    Sarah these pictures are great. Uncle Graham are so proud of you and love you very much. Can’t beleive the little girl that visited us in Raleigh when you were just a baby has grown up…Love Aunt Barbara

  4. Clyde Case reply

    Just Beautiful. Can’t Believe my little Girl is going to GRADUATE from High School.

  5. Uncle Jonnie reply

    You make me smile:) Great use of colors. Congrats on your senior year. 10 days and counting down to another big day!

  6. sarah brawley reply

    katelyn! i really don’t know what to say. these are amazing. thank you so much. it means so much to me. and thank you errbody who has commented! i love you all! and cannot wait to see you at GRADUATION! ah <3

  7. maria moore reply

    hey! so while i was taking some pictures the other day in carytown i totally didn’t realize you had used so many of these spots! and now that i look i see that you had! carytown is about a minute away from my house and it’s where i’ve grown up along with those girls so it was just a natural idea of a setting. so anyways, please don’t think i went out on a hunt and tried to copy you! i already feel bad that so many backgrounds were the same!

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