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Everyone deserves it.  Michael drove up to my parent’s house and saw all that I have been creating and designing in the “Wedding Warehouse” (aka, our basement) … and his goodnight text included …”you’re doing great, everything looks awesome”.  It was a one-liner but it made my day.  Being appreciated is such a great feeling and it doesn’t have to mean that you’re searching for praise.  Everyone loves knowing that the work they have done hasn’t gone unnoticed.  This rings true in the photography industry as well.  Since I started, there have been photographers that have truly helped me grow in so many ways….

and tonight I say “Thank You” to a few of those photographers.  There are so many others that I could list but there are peacock feathers and gluesticks calling my name from the basement… I hear them. Anyway… these four photographers have impacted my life and have changed my business and my view of this industry for the better!…. and I appreciate them.



1st, Jasmine….I mean, where do I start? In 8 days you’ll be with me on the happiest day of my life! … but I appreciate you even more for returning my email two years ago when I was newbie… I had NO idea WHAT I was doing.  I didn’t have a website, I didn’t have any goals or dreams of what my business would look like…. and you still took time to respond to my email with your advice. And it wasn’t a bunch of “fluff”…. you were honest… and I appreciated that.  So thank you! (Enjoy Italy!!!!)


2nd, The fabulous Justin and Mary! You also returned countless emails with encouraging words and helpful advice…. but I truly fell in love with you two when you sent Michael and I a wedding gift… for no reason. You barely know us and yet you took time to remember us …. that blows me away.  You two are such a genuinely sweet and AMAZINGLY talented couple and I have learned so much from you… and I appreciate you. THANK YOU!


3rd, Jessie!  Ohhhhh Jessie! The girl who DRAGGED me to my first wedding on one of the HOTTEST days known to man! For years I told Jessie that photography would never be something that I pursued professionally.  I was happy in my graphic design internship, sitting in a cubicle and working with templates….. puh-lease. You saw in me something that I didn’t and I can never EVER thank you enough for being so incredibly encouraging.  I’ll never forget sitting at the Rainforest Cafe in Las Vegas in our cardigans at 12am (we’re so cool)…..  as we redesigned my whole pricing guide! I swore to you that I would NEVER charge more than $1600 for a wedding package… NEVER.  Oh thank goodness you have more experience than me! You have been such a huge part of my life and business and I LOVE you! Thank you Jess:)


4th, Sweet sweet Courtney! Oh how I adore you. I appreciate so many things about you….your sweet spirit, your genuine personality….but most of all, I appreciate the fact that you agreed to room with me for Escalate 2010 without even knowing me! What a RISK to take! Don’t you know I’m CRAZY?! I get up at 3am to take showers!! (True story! So embarrassing)  So Court, Thank you for putting up with me and being my roomie for a couple of nights… I love you to death and we need a lunch date!!

** ALSO! I REALLLY APPRECIATE THE RECIPES!!! CONGRATS TO HEATHER CORPORAN FOR WINNING A FREE ITUNES GIFTCARD!! Thanks for the recipe girl! I’ve always wanted to know how to make Belgian waffles!!!! Yay!  And thanks to EVERYONE else who gave such awesome and EASY recipes!! I seriously love you all! What a huge help!!! (Heather, shoot me an email girlfriend!!)

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  1. Samantha reply

    And now you are paying it forward! Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate the time you took to return my email and you helped me so much! Thx

  2. michelle brooks reply

    Katelyn, it takes a generous, appreciative person to recognize what others have done for them & acknowledge it to the world. You are that kind of person. Obviously you received the lessons these people gave you with open arms & heart, & you emulate their generosity. I appreciate THAT!

  3. JasmineStar reply

    Love you!!! Ciao bella! ;)

  4. Heather Corporan reply

    YAAAAAY!!! That is THE best waffle recipe ever!!! i just know you’ll both love and enjoy that recipe for years to come. I failed to add that I love using Stoneyfield Farm yogurt… (if you can find it in your area that is) it’s thick and creamy. The Banilla flavor makes for some scrumptious waffles – but we’ve tried many flavors and love them all. I think I’m more excited over the fact that you’ll get to enjoy these belgium waffles than winning the gift card (although I’m wicked excited about that too!). I pretty much never win anything. This, and a giveaway J&M did for Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. Thanks girl! You rock!

  5. Kim Lee Schmidt reply

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Such generosity and encouragement is priceless. May blessings rain down on you and Michael on your wedding day. (Well, not rain literally. :-) I’ll be praying for Jasmine too as she captures this beautiful sacred moment in yours and Michael’s lives. :-)

  6. Mary Marantz reply

    Katelyn! Omigosh! I just saw this and it literally just made my OCTOBER! You….are amazing! Amazing, amazing. And I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your friendship. Now we just need to get you guys to come up and visit us at Casa Marantz so I can hug you in person!

  7. Courtney Reese reply

    Katelyn! you totally made my day! you are such a sweet friend! love you! and yes, lunch date SOON! praying for you this weekend!

  8. Jessie reply

    you’re the best :0) so thankful to call you a good friend first and foremost :0) it is such a blessing to have someone to talk to who understands the ins and outs of this crazy/beautiful business- love you friend! :0)

  9. em reply

    i love this post. i am so excited for you to become a mrs. !! YAY! can’t wait to see you at wppi his year <3

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