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a huge milestone for us!! We just completed our 4th 2-day workshop in our home. When we built the house, we made a goal of offering 4 workshops a year instead of 2 and we over tripled the length of them. We went from a 6 hour workshop day to over 24 hours of teaching time. Talk about a lot of talking!!! I have ZERO voice today and last night when the girls and I were going over branding and website tweaks, I sounded like I had been smoking for 20 years. My poor voice! haha But it’s gone for a good reason!!

We had a BLAST at this Workshop Experience! It was such a fun group of photographers from ALL over! Canada, Ohio, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and good ol’ Virginia were all represented!! These women came to learn and leave with changed businesses and renewed inspiration and I think it’s safe to say they walked out of our doors with just that. We had at least one ready to go home and give her two weeks notice at her full time job:) Haha…. That’s becoming a theme for our workshops… and while it’s scary and a huge risk, I love seeing people come to the realization that they could do this. Running a business and making it profitable is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life but it’s SO worth it. Working for myself and being able to impact lives and produce beautiful images is the ULTIMATE dream job!! Hosting workshops and helping others get closer and closer to accomplishing their business dreams is such an honor! I loved getting to know these 12 incredible gals! They bought so much joy and life into our home the last 2 days and we miss them already!! I wish we weren’t from ALL over the country so that we could have periodic reunions!!

So enjoy a few of these behind the scenes shots!! We won’t be hosting another workshop until September and signups for that will more than likely be released in July via our Newsletter! 

Once again, we had a rainy workshop day but you know what, it’s actually a GREAT way to teach photographers how to shoot a million different portraits in a confined space! Enjoy this gorgeous sneak peek of the styled shoot that was made possible by Amanda from Anthomanic! That girl….. she amazes me. Special thanks to everyone else who made this shoot absolutely phenomenal! (It was my favorite to date! The colors!! ah!) I’ll be sharing more images down the road and giving proper thanks and credit on that post but for right now, here’s a quick list of our incredible vendors and sponsors!!

Thanks to….. Matt and Jourdan (our fabulous models!!),  Amanda, Paisley and Jade , Emily Hudspeth,  The Weekend Type, And the sweet gals from Bella Rosa!! Also, thanks to Mosaic Catering!!!

My morning room never looked so beautiful!!! Love doing these mini-headshot shoots on Day 2!!

The sweet Camberly from Bella Rosa became our honorary  veil fluffer!! :) I’m so glad she and Christina came by to be a part of the shoot!!! The dress was a dream!

Bahaha!! Look at my face. (Annnd check out that new chandelier! :)

Love them! Look at Bokeh and Molly!! :)

Group shot!!

And here are some instagrams from the attendees!!! Thank you girls for documenting our time together!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Caroline Logan reply

    Oooh the styled shoot looks AMAZING! And Mosaic Catering… I still remember how good that was. :) Haha!!

  2. Ruxy reply

    I would love to come, but it’ll have to be next year once the baby in my belly is old enough to be left at home!!! :)

  3. Amanda Veronee reply

    Being at your workshops is inspiring to me (and I’m not even a photographer!) :D Thank you so much for having me a part of your dreams and goals of these workshops, and for including me in your world! It has inspired me and helped me to grow just being part of helping with the workshops! Plus, chatting with your mommas during the workshops is always a good day <3

  4. Katie reply

    Part of me wishes I had waited to go to The Workshop Experience because it looks SO much more awesome at your house!! But If I hadn’t gone in 2012 I wouldn’t have met Carrie & Annamarie & Ali and friends!!!! <3 Keep it up KK you're doing amazing things! :)

  5. Kristina W. reply

    Looks like fun! :D Good luck to all your KJ Workshop Photographers!

  6. Tonya Damron reply

    looks so fun!!1

  7. Melissa Austin reply

    This is so awesome Katelyn!! You and Michael are totally a dream team! Also love seeing Jordan and Matt! They look gorgeous! Also camberly helped me find my wedding dress! So fun to see her working with you!

  8. Laura Matthews reply

    So so pretty! And I see my pretty gal, Hollie d! Looks like an amazing experience!

  9. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    That first photo of hte bride…that is amazing!!

  10. Katie reply

    I can’t wait to come to one of your workshops. I’ll be traveling all the way from Albuquerque, nm!

  11. Rachael reply

    Katelyn! Seeing these images makes me miss the workshop I attended! All the girls, your house, BOKEH!!!, and of course you and Michael! You guys are so genuinely gracious and wonderful and hospitable! Miss you guys like whoa!

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  13. Christy Tyler reply

    Not gonna lie – I’m super jealous of your space!! We have to find a new location for our styled shoot/day 2 of our workshop each year… I wish we had a beautiful wrap-around porch to make it work! Beautiful!

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