April 2011

  • The Goals

was wonderful…. tiring, but wonderful. I helped out with Youth Weekend on Friday night, spent the night with some awesome girls, got up, ate one of Mrs. Vath’s amazing waffles and then drove to Wake Forest, NC… shot Amber and Tim’s beautiful wedding, drove home at 1am, backed up images, slept for 4 hours, went to church, taught sunday school, worked on youth production stuff, choir practice, youth group, Red Robin and then ended the weekend with ICE CREAM. Wow.  Today I felt like I could have slept until 4pm.  It’s been a long few days and Michael and I are both exhausted…. but it’s a great kind of exhausted.

It’s one thing to work, work, work and feel empty and tired at the end of the day….but when you work, work, work at something that you love…. at the end of the day, you feel tired but FULL.  Doing what you love is rewarding and I wouldn’t have traded our weekend for anything. It’s our new life.


This weekend marked the beginning of a very busy wedding season for me.  I realize that my weekends will probably never include Sunday afternoon naps or Saturday date nights with my husband… but that’s ok. We’ll fit those in during the week. We don’t live a normal life…. when everyone else is taking off and relaxing…. our busyness begins! We’re still learning how to balance that and this month will be a great test to see how we’re going to handle this crazy wedding season! I’m a few days behind but that’s ok… here are the APRIL GOALS and the MARCH RECAP!!!! (I know I struggled on the personal goals….a lot.  Those thank you notes WILL get done Momma!! I promise!)




  • Finish album designs… ALL OF THEM!!!! This is a MUST! (still waiting on some “favs” to be picked for some albums)
  • Update the Engagement gallery on my website
  • Re-order my personalized CD’s and redesign them
  • Purchase a DROBO (more professional backup system)
  • Fix my “about me” page on my website to say “husband”…. not “fiance’”
  • Design my DVD packaging, order a proof
  • Have a super fun and informative WORKSHOP on the 19th
  • Get my financial life straight with my CPA
  • Re-order Thank you cards with corrected color!
  • Create a client gift
  • Setup Smugmug (yes I have switched over) before April weddings begin!
  • .
  • .

  • Write 50 new Thank You notes (I TRIED! I’ll do better this month!)
  • Edit Venice honeymoon pics
  • Edit MISC pics that have been living on my desktop for YEARS… literally YEARS!
  • Exercise 8 times…either gym, walks, runs… just do SOMETHING! (We went twice….uh, that’s horrible!)
  • Create a least 1/4 of our wedding video
  • Visit my sister at Tech (AND her amazing roomies:) (This is coming THIS MONTH! it’s on the CALENDAR!)
  • Make Michael put together our last IKEA chair…I will ask him nicely:)
  • Finish and blog the “Youth Room”‘s Before and Afters! (We need to make an IKEA run and then it’s DONE!)
  • Google “How to make a valance” and make two for the kitchen! (This may never happen)
  • .
  • .
  • .

  • .


  • Update the Engagement gallery on my website
  • Re-order Thank you cards with corrected color!
  • Design and order a 9×11 sample album
  • Design and order an new engagement guestbook sample album
  • Design and order another 10×10 sample album (sample albums are FUN!)
  • Shoot my 3 April weddings and do it WELL!
  • Enter expenses and mileage from JAN – MAR
  • Order albums that have been proofed
  • Finish my “PROJECT”:):)
  • .
  • .


  • Write 50 new Thank You notes
  • Edit MISC pics that have been living on my desktop for YEARS… literally YEARS!
  • Workout 3x a week…. I know I have FAILED at this the last 3 months but I’m GOING to make this HAPPEN!
  • Get more frames for the youth room and BLOG it!
  • Drink more water daily… less Mountain Dew
  • Find someone to make our valances for the kitchen!
  • Switch Michael’s clothes to the downstairs closet (this would make sense if you saw our house!)
  • Create 1/4 of our wedding video…. I REALLY want to show off our wedding day… but this is taking forever!



So here’s to a productive month!! My hopes are high…. especially for the working out part! I really need that to happen!!! Have a great week everyone!!


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  1. Emy reply

    UH HELLO?! First you fail at coming to visit me in March, then you promise me you’ll come in April…. HOWEVER, it’s not listed on your goals sheet so this April visit might not happen after all. :( You should edit this post….

  2. caroline reply

    ohhh emy you just need to come home. get those goals KK you can do it!!

  3. stephanie b reply

    yayay you can do this!!! my to do list consists of one thing: FINISH COLLEGE! ;)

  4. Ashley Alphin reply

    I really need to start documenting my goals like this so I can hold myself accountable! Let’s add a coffee date to that goal list and catching up! :)

  5. Amanda West reply

    Because you have done more for me than I could have imagined, I will gladly make your valances for you. Send me a picture of what you want, material you want and sizes. I’ll mail them to you all dressed up in pretty packaging and it will be like receiving a gift since that’s your love language!! ;)

  6. Nancy Mitchell reply

    Best of luck this month…I was just thinking yesterday that I need to cut back on my DIET COKE and drink more water. So maybe we could challenge each other:) Also where do you get your personalized DVD’s from?

  7. Stephanie reply

    I love the valence goal modification from March to April. Sounds like something I should do!

  8. Elizabeth reply

    good luck on your goals!!!! you’ve inspired me to do my own “goals” blog post and i just did it so we’ll see how it goes!!!

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