April 2012

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was April 2nd… and I totally forgot that I was supposed to do a “Goals” post. I was a little blindsided by my package that arrived! The Mark III has been good to me the past two days and I get to use her again tonight at another engagement session! It’s been a whirlwind the last couple of days. I’ve had three shoots since Saturday and one more tonight. I think I had forgotten what this feels like! I’ve had a good break. December-March was a time to regroup, get taxes straight, fix things that didn’t go so well last year and gear up for another crazy wedding season. When you book a crazy wedding season, then you have to expect a TON of engagements as well.

I’m going through the first round of eshoot madness now because it’s spring and EVERYONE wants spring engagements! I’m pumped I have a new camera to play with and test out during all of these shoots and before my next wedding because it’s definitely taking some getting used to…. but I LOVE it! I can’t wait to start blogging some of these images and do a little review on it!!


So! Back on topic! GOALS…. I list them every month… alongwith a snapshot of the month and a self portrait. This month’s portrait is from Jodi and Kurt! They took family portraits of the THREE of us last month and we are so grateful! We LOVE having some updated pics with the newest member of the fam!  That is one goal of mine that I DIDN’T mention because I was so sure we just wouldn’t have time to get them done. Welp! Now I wish I had just listed it because it would’ve been SO fun to mark it off the to-do list!! Oh well, I’ll be braver next time!!!  So here’s the snapshot of April 2012:


I’m looking forward to: 

– EASTER! We have a day free to hopefully see our families and just hangout and eat good food!! ….. But more importantly… Easter is the reason we live with purpose and hope and PEACE!! And I’m excited to remember that:)

– I have four more shoots and a wedding this month and I’m excited!! I feel like I haven’t been shooting much at ALL the last 3 months and I’m ready to get the ball rolling again!

– BLOGGING the Workshop Experience! It’s going to be featured here shortly and I’m the most IMPATIENT blogger on the planet! I want this thing to be up so I can show off everyone’s hard work with the styled shoot!

– Staying on my “A” game with editing…. I’m announcing that I’m looking forward to this because I feel like that will make me DO IT!

– Warm Weather!

– Taking Bokeh to the park some more!


Personal Goals:

– Make a master grocery list to just check off items as we need to get them…. I’m horrible at grocery shopping! I go to get bread and I get milk instead… And I have this awful habit of buying Provolone cheese EVERY time I’m at the store… when we already has tons of it! I just always think we’re out for some reason!

– Order prints for the Kitchen wall of our portraits.

– Teal vases for kitchen table

– Laundry!

– Stick to our new budget!

– Do something with our finances/meet with a planner

– Maybe squeeze in one more mini-trip to see Emy before her college days are over:(

– Drink more water! gah!

– Keep the dishes out of the sink… just put them in the DISHWASHER! It’s so simple… why don’t I just do it?!


Business Goals: 

– Continue to get these albums ordered and finalized!

– Set up my credit card system

– Meet with my insurance man/update policies

– look into hiring a bookkeeper


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  1. katie reply

    So excited to see what you accomplish this month! And to see that bridal guide when you finish!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Veronica reply

    Get a notepad app on your phone! I use that and add items to the list whenever I notice we need them. Plus, I never leave home without my list!

  3. Meredith reply

    Aaaaaaaa…..the wedding is this month! In 10 days! I feel like mom, dad, tj, and I were just meeting you in your office!!

  4. Jae reply

    I’m with you on the “drink more water” thing!

  5. molly stillman reply

    yay for accomplishments! as far as grocery shopping – john and i have a google doc spreadsheet that we share with each other that has a list of meals, restaurants, and an ongoing grocery list that we can add to – so when we run out of something or think of something we need to get, we add it right then and there! it’s saved us SO much time and money! :)

  6. Amanda reply

    Don’t worry about the cheese thing – I kept buying toothpaste every trip for the longest time, and now I am pretty sure we have a couple of years worth!

  7. LilyRo reply

    You are such an inspiration Katelyn ;) Thank you for sharing!

  8. Emy reply

    i don’t like that that personal goal has a “maybe” in front of it. It should just say “squeeze in one more visit to see Emy…”

  9. Caitlin Gerres reply

    Love that you refer to your camera as “her”! Too cute!
    Also, my husband and I are fellow provolone lovers, and I buy it frequently too.

  10. Caroline R reply

    YAY! april’s gonna be a gooooood month! can’t wait to see what it will bring!! and you’ve got that bridal guide! when you finish, i vote you treat yourself to a nice long massage ;)

  11. Stephanie Stewart reply

    I did the same thing with frozen chicken for the longest time…now I buy Greek yogurt every time…we now have 4 containers of it in the fridge! Good thing my hubby and I both LOVE it!!! And as for drinking more water, that is on my list too…I love adding a slice of lemon!

  12. Maggie FOrtson reply

    You are stunning! Good luck with your goals ;) Enjoy Easter!

  13. Britne reply

    All these goals sound amazing!! But selfishly the one goal I REALLy want to happen is the visit to see Em! Hope it happens!

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