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may actually be a little bit LATE for some fall wedding inspiration, I know there are some brides out there that are STILL trying to figure out accent colors and palette details for their fall weddings. So here’s a little Wedding Wednesday color inspiration! I recently received Lowe’s awesome DIY booklet that they send out each season and it was FULL of beautiful colors! So I took some of those colors and designed a few “not so typical” wedding color palettes for today’s post! I LOVE a good color palette for a wedding and so often brides are afraid to  try something

new and out of the box! So here are some ideas and because I’m feeling really excited about FALL…..leave me a comment, tell me your FAVORITE palette and you’ll be in the running for a Starbucks Giftcard so that you can get your Pumpkin Spiced Latte in a few weeks!! WOOOHOOOO! Can’t WAIT for those to return!!! Happy Wedding Wednesday!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Meghan reply

    Love the Country Apple! Beautiful :)

  2. Jenny reply

    my favorite is the Rustic Nautical! it would be so nice for an outdoor fall wedding, surrounded by bright and colorful foliage.

  3. Courtney Reese reply

    I’m loving the light peach :) ps. we need to grab a pumpkin spice latte SOON! miss you friend!

  4. Courtney Reese reply

    orr how about the light PUMPKIN! :P

  5. Jennifer reply

    I love Autumn Peach!

  6. Sara W reply

    oooo maybe I should have had a fall wedding! Actually not practical when you’re both teachers…haha, oh well. But I love the Autumn Peach! It’s fall-ish and romantic! I like the boldness of Rustic Nautical, too! :) So cute Katelyn!

  7. rachel reply

    rustic nautical :)

  8. kim skavnak reply

    oooo this makes me want to start decorating my house for fall! I am loving the Autumn Peach as well!!!

  9. Erin Nusbaum reply

    I love the plum and berries!

  10. Laura reply

    My favorite is the “Light Pumpkin” color combo. I can just see some GORGEOUS flowers to go along with these colors ! White roses, different colors of orange dhalias, and some DIY sage green billy balls. Yes??

  11. Rachel reply

    I really like Autumn Peach!!

  12. Lauryn reply

    I love Plum and Berries and Rustic and Nautical!! Plum and Berries would be so fun at a Cville vineyard wedding I think, and I imagine Rustic Nautical somewhere downtown with lots of great stone architecture!

  13. Kari tench reply

    I love love the rustic nautical!!! Its so fall yet with a touch of beach loving :)

  14. Natalie reply

    I love the Country Apple!

  15. Tessa W reply

    oooohhhh I like the Autumn Peach, you could easily get some GORGEOUS flowers with that palette!!! I wish Starbucks drinks were not seasonal! I would love a pumpkin spiced latte right now!!!

  16. Melissa Farmer reply

    Autumn Peach caught my eye, the name even makes me more excited for Fall to get here!!

  17. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    My favorite is probably the Autumn Peach but Sangria and Plum and Berries is close behind! :)

  18. Rachel T. reply

    I think I have to go with Country Apple! I guess I’m just a sucker for that beautiful deep red :)

  19. Elizabeth Victory reply

    Mmm… I like Plum and Berries.. because I am sucker for purple and I like the gold color with it. Country Apple is nice, also… the blue add a little bit of fresh summer still hanging around in it :)

  20. Katie S reply

    Autumn peach is the winner!!! Thanks for being giving and is having the opportunity to receive a starbucks gift card!!! Starbucks coffee makes it all better!!! Thank you!

  21. Audrey T reply

    I love the country apple – I enjoy the rich colors paired with a softer tone! Love these all though!

  22. Kristin Greenwald reply

    It’s a toss up for Plum & Berries and Rustic Nautical. Uber cool post, Katelyn!

  23. Stephanie reply

    Sangria is my main color pallet for my November wedding! We are doing accents of a light pink and silver! Love all the colors though!

  24. Victoria Easter reply

    Light Pumpkin! Mainly because I am now thinking of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Chai Latte. Coffee can TOTALLY inspire a wedding, right!? Close call with Rustic Nautical.

  25. Blythe reply

    Loving the autumn peach!!

  26. ashley barnett reply

    Autumn peach for sure! I’m going to be the weirdest fall wedding ever because all of my colors are pale and neutrals…OH WELL haha :)

  27. kat reply

    seems like Autumn Peach is the favorite haha! I’d love a combi of Autumn Peach & Light Pumpkin!

  28. Annetta reply

    My first choice would be Rustic Nautical but I like the Autumn Peach too.

  29. Tara Janelle reply

    Autumn Peach is my favorite, though Light Pumpkin and Country Apple are pretty high up there!

  30. Rachel W reply

    I love Autumn Peach. The combination is perfect with just the right touch of warmth! Love it :)

  31. Ashley reply

    I love the sangria, it feels so different!

  32. Kathryn Grace reply

    I’m afraid I’m going with the flow and picking Autumn Peach! They are all really beautiful though!

  33. Leanne Wight reply

    I am torn between the Sangria and Rustic Nautical. I think the middle color of the Sangria would make for really rich (as in saturated with color), stunning bridesmaids dresses.

  34. Sarah Adams reply

    Ah! The Autumn Peach is just perfect! :)

  35. Lauren reply

    I love the plum and berry one!!! Definitely my favorite for fall!!!

  36. Libby reply

    I absolutely love the Plum and Berries-Gorgeous!

  37. Alexis Raines reply

    Love the Autumn Peach! I love that it has the lighter blue color in it because that is so not something I typically think when I think “fall” but it works!

  38. Melissa reply

    Autumn peach!!

  39. Lisa reply

    Rustic Nautical is my vote! or Sangria for a JMU themed wedding!

  40. Lacey Rabalais reply

    I am obsessed with anchors and all things nautical. Plus I love rustic stuff….so how would Rustic Nautical NOT be my fav!!! Love it!

  41. Sydni Jackson reply

    i love the sangria! it would even look so pretty with some orange and light green :)

  42. Anna Burke reply

    LOVE them all, but Rustic Nautical is my FAVE!

  43. Karie Murray reply

    I’m liking the Autumn Peach!

  44. stephanie g reply

    I really like Sangria and Autumn Peach, but I think my absolute favorite is rustic nautical! Those colors would look amazing in front of your camera!!!

  45. Katie reply

    I love the Autumn Peach! I love peaches and I love this palette. Can’t wait for the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. My all-time fave. Soy Milk or bust:)

  46. Kristina W. reply

    Rustic Nautical would have to be my favorite! I’d want to see a bride have lots of the blues in her decor but have some bright orange maple leaves in her bouquet!

  47. Jessica Fike reply

    I love the Autumn Peach. Never would have put together a pastel-dominant palette for fall, but I love it!

  48. Margaret Murphy reply

    Definitely Autumn Peach!!

  49. Katie Yuen reply

    Oh oh the autumn peach is delightful!!! I cannot wait for autumn!

  50. Vanessa Chupp reply

    Country Apple!! OOOH pumpkin spice lattes! I cannot wait for fall now! : )

  51. Rici reply

    OH lovely colors! But Autumn peach is the best EVER!

  52. Sabrina reply

    Love this!! The Light Pumpkin is definitely my favorite. And I can not WAIT for fall either!! So excited it’s almost here :-)

  53. Ahna reply

    Autumn peach is my favorite! I can see it so beautifully in bouquets, dresses & ties, place settings, invitations, programs, cake frostings… AHH! It’s so perfect.

  54. Laura reply

    Autumn Peach is my favorite! I love how it takes sping colors and gives them a fall touch by adding a light brown. Beautiful! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  55. Mallory reply

    Love the Sangria & Rustic Nautical!!

  56. Ali reply

    Light pumpkin for sure…reminds me of MY fall wedding :)

  57. Krissy Traustason reply

    Autumn Peach is absolutely stunning!! :) I LOVE fall and can’t wait to add all these colors to my closet!!!

  58. emily reply

    i’m usually not a huge fan of orange, but i really love that rustic nautical! something about those blues & tan with a little hint of orange totally wins me over. autumn peach is a REALLY close second though!

  59. Stephanie Stewart reply

    As much as I love that Sangria palette, I’m going to choose Plum and Berries – love the mix of berry and warm earth tone!

  60. lindy reply

    ooo! most definitely sangria. Rich & gorgeous.

  61. Brittanee reply

    Autumn Peach :) although the Light Pumpkin is a close second!

  62. Renee reply

    Autumn Peach for sure! : )

  63. caroline reply

    i like the name rustic nautical….but i just couldn’t do the UVA colors :) love you!

  64. Molly reply

    Autumn Peach!!!!

  65. Stephanie reply

    Got to be Light Pumpkin! Just screams fall!

  66. becky reply

    I absolutely love the autumn peach. While my colors are already chose from my September 22nd wedding. these colors will definitely be showing up in my closet!

  67. Abby Grace W reply

    Autumn peach or light pumpkin!!! They are all so BEAUTIFUL:):):):)

  68. Gabrielle Corbin reply

    Mmmm love me so plum & berries! Earthy tones with a pop of purple! Wish I’d done something like this for my November wedding last year. But this is a wonderful post for future brides. :)

  69. ashley link reply

    the sangria just really pops out to me! :-)

  70. Annamarie reply

    DEFINITELY autumn peach:)…love it!!!

  71. Mandy reply

    I am loving autumn peach!!!

  72. Kate reply

    I like rustic nautical, but I would swap the orange for a green. This Hokie can’t handle an orange and blue color palate…

  73. Ahna reply

    Autumn Peach! I can see it in bouquets, ties & dresses, invitations & programs… AH! Such a beautiful color combo. :)

  74. Staci reply

    Love the sangria…probably in part because it’s a favorite drink of mine :) But when I think fall for weddings I really think deep purple is great with it. In that particular combo you could take out the red and throw in a yellow or a yellow-green to make it pop! during the summer or spring, too!

  75. Heather reply

    I love the autumn peach, although the sangria is such a close second!!!

  76. LEOLAK reply

    Sangria!!! Love it!

  77. Lauren reply

    Country Apple! Love it!

  78. Eryn Kesler reply

    I’m thinking plum and berries, or country apple!! I can’t WAIT for fall!!

  79. Mary Powell reply

    I love the Autumn Peach. Peach is my new favorite color these days so it’s a nice fall twist on a typically spring color. Love it!

  80. Courtney Stevens reply

    I love Sangria and Autumn Peach…I can’t decide which I like better.

  81. Stephanie M reply

    I love the Sangria! It reminds me of my own November wedding.

  82. Lara Van Klompenburg reply

    LOVE RUSTIC NAUTICAL!!! The blues are so warm with the perfect swipe of spicy pumpkin! :) The colors would accent changing trees perfectly! SO EXCITED FOR FALL! :)

  83. Carla B. reply

    My fav is Sangria but I liking the blues and that orange in Rustic Nautical.

  84. Sarah Robertson reply

    I adore Country Apple! (:

  85. Abby Grace W reply

    A tie between… Light Pumpkin and Autumn Peach!!! Love ’em:):)!!!

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  87. Nicole @ Post Grad reply

    Rum and Berries! My sister is getting married next month and those are her colors. Love it!

  88. Kari Watkins reply

    love the sangria!!!

  89. Carrie reply

    Light Pumpkin and Sangria! great combos!

  90. Ashlei reply

    I love autumn Peach. What were the exact colors from lowes?

  91. Ashlei reply

    I love, love, love autumn peach. I want to use that palette for my thanksgiving wedding next fall. What were the colors called?

    Thank you

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  93. ann mason reply

    OK , now where do we proceed with country apple colors?

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  95. Meghan reply

    hello! love the color schemes! could you tell me the actual paint names for the paints included in “light pumpkin” and “autumn peach”? Thank you!

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  101. Krista reply

    What are the colors in the Autumn Peach pallete?

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