• Baby Jack

an honor! First, I photographed Frank and Charity’s beautiful country wedding. Then I photographed Naomi (Charity’s sister) and her husband Joe in Downtown Fredericksburg and now I have photographed their first little one and man is he a cutie! I walked into the house and it was so quiet and warm.  Little Jack was trying to fall asleep and I started looking for basket locations! I don’t shoot newborn sessions very often because most of my time is spent with engaged couples. However, this was a nice change of scenery. Photographing a newborn is a totally different ballgame but luckily, Naomi and Joe had just finished remodeling their home

and we had beautiful light, furniture and shelves to work with!  Not to mention a beautiful baby too! Jack is precious. For the little amount of time that we got him to sleep, he was quite the model and I think we have some really adorable images. Watching Naomi hold her first baby was so so sweet and I love seeing this amazing family enter into this new stage of life! People tell me not to catch the “baby bug” and believe me….I’m a long way from wanting to start a family. I just want a puppy!!! (we’re trying to hold off on adding more responsibility into our life… be I’m already thinking of names and I know Michael secretly is too:)


So enjoy a few of my favorites of this beautiful baby boy! Naomi and Joe, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life once again! You have a beautiful family!!

Naomi I love your taste in light fixtures! Beautiful!…. and of course your baby is beautiful too! 

Showing a little leg!

Loved these! Teal bench… perfect.

So precious.

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  1. Catie reply

    He is just too precious. Wonderful as usual! :)

  2. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Katelyn – these are amazing!!! I hate living away from my handsome nephew, but I love having these to look at and show off! Thank you for doing such a great job again and again for our family!

  3. Jennifer Jar reply

    Wow these are BEAUTIFUL Katelyn! I love that basket too!

  4. Jennifer Krieg reply

    OMGooooodness!! What a sweetie! These are great!! My fav is the one of baby under the light fixture!!!

  5. Suzie Medina reply

    LOVE these! Jack is such a cutie!!!

  6. Megan Garrison reply

    Puppies are fun! David and I got one 3 months after we got married– they’re a lot like children (we’re actually hoping our child is more easy going than our dog! She has skin & food allergies) and will be married for 3 years (my my time flies!) when the baby comes.

  7. jenifriend reply

    you might not be ready after this post – but after seeing baby toes and baby noses and baby EVERYTHING here…i’m ready for a positive pregnancy test…like seriously. great job katelyn!

  8. Amy reply

    What a special thing to see on the 18th birthday of my first baby. Hold that little one every chance you get; they grow up way to fast.

  9. amanda west reply

    The wait was totally worth it!! Look at him and look at you. Stepping out into new creativity and totally succeeding. these are breath taking!

  10. Julianna reply

    BABY!!!!!!!!!!! Please bring Baby jack to Blacksburg so I can hold him. Super cute pictures, Katelyn!

  11. Anna Burke reply

    LOVE THESE! Naomi and Joe have a BEAUTIFUL baby! And Charity, I know you are SO PROUD! Great job, KK!

  12. Emily Thomas reply

    These are amazing!!!!! Love them all! He is just precious!!!

  13. Elizabeth reply

    Soooo precious!!!

  14. Brittany reply

    oh. my. goodness. how innocent and precious!!!

  15. Girish reply

    Fantastic shoot. I guess I have seen less or rather no baby shoot from you. Good going. As pro photographer you need to shoot everything.

    Well done with the shoot. Very nice. Such style the focus and the color tones are the most important I guess. Well you nailed it.

  16. Kristen Kang reply

    Yay! Another Katelyn baby shoot!!! Naomi and Joe, your little boy is so sweet and your house is beautiful!!!!

  17. Leanne reply

    He is the cutest little thing. I love the one where his little bum is up in the air! So precious! Great job, Katelyn.

  18. Alex reply

    so peaceful. baby jack makes the perfect center piece! The second to last one is my favorite. Katelyn you are so talented.

  19. Emy reply

    KK, i have a special request.. and you already know what it is ;) ;) Love you and love this post! So cute!!

  20. Naomi and Joe reply

    LOVE them! Thanks for the cute comments about Jack, too! We are in love with him. I love the close up pictures of him in the basket- you truly captured his sweetness and funny little faces he makes. I am a little biased, but I think this is your best work ever :) hehe! Seriously- thank you so very much for capturing images of our little guy in his first few weeks.

  21. Jenelle Sewell reply


  22. Beth G reply

    Can I just tell you that these beautiful pictures have given me some great encouragement to keep going through the last few weeks of my pregnancy! It will be so great to actually SEE our son. People keep saying that it is all worth it – and these photos of Jack definitely say, “worth it”!

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