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it before… but I have the most amazing family. Today I’m thanking my daddy and my little brother for being just plain AWESOME. Three weeks ago we left for a wedding in DC and while we were gone, Daddy and Corey were at our house giving our little deck a makeover! You see, in true Michael and Katelyn fashion, we tried to coat our deck in faux “Trex” paint that would make it feel like real Trex! Well, that didn’t go so well. Only a few weeks after we coated the deck with this special “goo”… it started to peel up! What a MESS!

We had this gorgeous new home and a deck that looked like it had been abandoned for YEARS. We had our April workshop coming up and so we really didn’t want the chunks of peeled paint to be all over the deck and so we casually mentioned wanting to get Trex installed to my brother and he volunteered! Daddy and Corey love these little projects (well, it wasn’t so “little”, it took them ALL day!). They pulled up the old boards, picked up the Trex we ordered from Lowes and replace the deck in one day! We can home with a newly updated deck just in time for the workshop that was taking place one day later!! We’re so SO thankful for their handiness and willingness to help us out. I have such a generous, giving family and we just love them!!! So daddy and Corey, THANK YOU!!! We love our updated deck!! It’s PERFECT!!!!!!!!! Here’s a before and some fun “afters” of our little backyard space! It’s nothing fancy but we’re loving it! Next project, a FENCE! (Too bad they cost a small fortune!! But Bokeh would LOVE it…. so we may just have to save up for that! #spoiledpuppy).

Ew! Yikes! This is before! What did we DO?! 

And this is after! Ta-da!!!!

Furniture was a bargain floor model from Crate and Barrel last year!!! 75% off! Score!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. ashley link reply

    this is awesome! LOVE it! you could have your office out there with an nice cold glass of sweet tea! :)

  2. Anna reply

    Looks awesome! Do they want to come and do mine too? :)

  3. Laura Matthews reply

    Looks great! We love our Trex deck! No staining or maintenance required! :) enjoy!

  4. Tiffany reply

    Wait, where’s all the pollen!? This is Richmond! But really, very adorable deck. Are you going to stain the railings?

  5. Heather walter reply

    Just as beautiful in person as in your pictures! Enjoy!!!

  6. Olivia D. S. reply

    Looks awesome! Love your complette Style of your House!

  7. Kristina W. reply

    Your family is so awesome! Your deck looks great! :)

  8. courtney jones reply

    It’s beautiful! inspires me to do more in my own home. lol

  9. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    What a blessing to be in such a family! :) The deck looks great!

  10. instagram online reply

    Wow! It’s so different!! Love the deck! And I love turquoise!

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