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on our way home today from the amazing CONNECT Retreat in Roma, GA and while I’m excited to be home, I feel a little guilty at the same time. We dropped Bokeh boy off with his grandparents, AGAIN last friday. We shot a wedding in DC and then flew out the next day for the retreat. We get home tonight and shoot a wedding tomorrow and we won’t see Bokeh boy until SATURDAY night!!! Ugh!! We’re such bad puppy parents!!! There are times when I think he forgets who his real parents are…obviously that would be us. :) He spends a lot of time with his grandparents and we’re SO thankful that they are just 50 minutes up the road!

My parents have ten acres and a dog of their own and so that’s where Bokeh gets his energy out. Michael’s parents are retired and so they take Bokeh EVERYWHERE. The dentist, the store, church… you name it, they have taken him there. Michael’s parent’s buy him toys…which he LOVES.  My Momma bathes him and trims his nails and cuts his crazy hair! We’re so spoiled, I know. Bokeh has a good time at his grandparent’s houses. He has SUCH a good time that I really doubt he ever misses us! I guess I should be thankful that we’re not sending him to a kennel every weekend. So maybe we’re not BAD puppy parents… we just feel that way when we say goodbye to him over and over again. The good news is that we aren’t leaving for multiple days again until mid-summer! We’ll be home and just traveling on Saturdays and a few Sundays! Yay!! More time with Bokeh boy! :) Have a great Thursday everyone!!!


Ps. This shot is of Michael and Bokeh hanging out on our future bedroom floor in the new house! It’s SO CLOSE to being  done! A few more things on the punch list and then we’re closing!!! ah!!! I’ll be showing another little glimpse of our house tomorrow on the blog… just a LITTLE one! So stay tuned! :)


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  1. Erin Schrad reply

    Sounds like my situation with Madison! My parents are only 5 minutes away, so I lean on them a lot. It’s more like I’m in a custody sharing arrangement with them! My dad picks her up every weekend and takes her to the ball field with him while he works (he’s a coach)… She loves it and he adores her company. If I’m going to be out late, I have them pick her up. When my mom and I travel for work, she stays with “Grandpa”… She’s only ever stayed in a kennel once in 5 years! For awhile I thought she would rather be with my dad at their house than with me at my house (he’s the “fun one” and I’m the one that puts drops in her ears!), but I’ve come to realize that no matter how much fun he is, I’m still “Mom”. When I pick her up at the field, she comes running as soon as she sees the car. When she’s at their house and I’m not there, she watches for me and occasionally whines. It took her awhile, but she is definitely bonded to me now.

  2. Shelley Hohe reply

    Just think….your prepping your parents for when they get to be grandparents to your kids. That’s when the fun begins :) Our kids get so spoiled we have to detox them when they get home…LOL. You are not bad puppy parents! I bet Bokeh loves seeing his grandparents!!! Like you said at least your not leaving him in a kennel like we did with our cat when we drove across the country for a month. We felt so bad!

  3. Anna K. reply

    Bokeh is so stinkin cute

  4. Melissa Tuck reply

    I totally didn’t know ANYTHING happened in Rome, GA! I live in Rome and I’m always looking to connect with other photographers. Sad I missed it! Cuuuuute puppy picture.

  5. Evie Perez reply guys are good puppy parents!!! bokeh is so lucky to have parents like you and micheal!! you guys give him lots of love and belly rubs :)

  6. jamie reply

    aww… as a huge dog lover I am thrilled to see him back on the blog! :)

  7. Kristina W. reply

    Aw, I’m sure Bokeh loves spending time with his grandparents! I think you and Michael are great puppy parents. He’s so cute!

  8. Melissa Coetzee reply

    My Winnie spends a lot of time at your grandparents too and I know she loves them. But I also know she is excited to go home with Mom and would be very upset if I left her there and drove off ! Love your Bokeh. He is so cute !

  9. Caroline reply

    oh, he is just too cute!!!

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