The 2012 Wedding Recap

  • Behind the Scenes

favorites things about the end of the year is seeing all of my photog friends post their “Behind the Scenes” images. Bloopers if you will! They CRACK ME UP and they also make me realize that I’m not the only one that looks like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck after shooting for 10 hours!! It’s just fun to see what’s behind all of the pictures…. and to be honest, the behind the scenes isn’t quite as pretty as the actual end result. I think a general rule of thumb is if the photographer looks rough, the pictures will look great! No photographer should look 100% put together and perfect after shooting for hours upon hours!

So as you look through these rather embarrassing pictures of me… don’t judge!!  Enjoy a peek into my work life! ….. This first shot is interesting…. shouldn’t I be taking a PICTURE instead of flailing my arms in the air?!  You would think so.

Thanks Annamarie for second shooting Dustin and Brittani’s Charleston Wedding!

Poor guy, I make him model so much… but he’s good at it:)

I give the term “White Girl” a whole new meaning….

Man on a mission!

Oh and I may not have mentioned, I’m a hairdresser on the side.


And this may be the source of my back pain after a wedding… 


Shannon and I were working hard….

Second picture? No idea what I’m doing.

Whitney thank you for laughing at my jokes…..

Again, I’m quite the hairdresser… and Josh, I have no idea what to say about that picture on the right.

Shooting the bout!  

Yup, not a dancer.

Thanks to Jill for helping me out so much this year!!!

I like to do the two-step during first looks…

Breaking so many rules right here… woops.

Sorry guys, hafta sneeze

Hottest wedding ever… but sweetest couple ever… so it evens out to a wonderful day! :)

Cousin IT

Yea Molly!! And Lindsay!!

Creeper alert!! Thanks Lauryn for helping with Dave and Sara’s Wedding!

It’s official… worst picture of me EVER.

HUGE thanks to my favorite DJ ever… he never forgets to bring me a DMD!! The perfect pick me up during a long reception!! Thanks Richard!

Tick central.

They all look like their bowing down… and are in pain…I promise I’m not as mean as I look.

My sister is going to KILL me for this! ha!!

Emy helped me out at the beginning of last season!! So thankful for her! 

I’m so weird.

Seriously, why didn’t someone tell me to cut that mop on my head?!

Don’t worry guys, I’m with the band…


You know you’re a full time wedding photog when you purchase a car specifically for the purpose of transporting brides and grooms. Our Toaster was the BEST purchase ever!! Tons of space, easy to get in and out of, and pretty awesome mileage! It’s been a little over a year and we’ve almost put 40,000 miles on it. YIKES!


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