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that time of the year again!! Time to show off our Behind the Scenes Bloopers! I personally LOVE seeing everyone’s posts from the backend of their business. The moments we accidentally capture while trying to produce gorgeous, romantic images are quite hilarious!! So while half of the country is shivering in sub zero temperatures, I hope this post provides some comic relief!! We are still in Seattle and are about to host our first ever COACHING HUDDLE and we’re so excited! Enjoy these “Behind the Scenes” from 2013 and try not to judge us. We look a little rough in some of these images!

No big deal, just hanging out with Shaina Koren and Mike during Mike and Jess’s Wedding!! There were 3 “Mike’s” there that day between all of us! 

Just fixing a little fly-away and Tyler is VERY concerned.


That time I was attacked by cacti during Brendan and Jenna’s eshoot!

Josh Gooden doing his thing! And Natalie’s amazing laugh:)

I tend to wander…

Thank you to the 3 of you who were paying attention! haha j/k, Loved this bridal party!!

That time the tourists decided they would help me do my job….

I’m such a nerd.

“I’m gonna GETCHA!”

“What guys?! It was joke!”

“Wanna dance?!??”

Ummm… that’s not good. Come back!!!

Ha! I’m hilarious!! Right guys?!? Morgan? Lauren? No? Ok. 

That time I found out my sister was engaged during a wedding reception… what a sap.

Michael has so many hidden talents…. and I have no idea what Stephen is up to. 

“Hey guys! Wait up! I just dropped my whole bag of lenses on Broad Street!!” … No really, that happened about two seconds after this picture was taken. Scared me to death! 

Totally ruined Michael’s shot…

“Hold your Fire!!!”

honestly… I just posted this one because I think it makes me look skinny. #suchagirl.

I’ve been caught!!!

Water break!

Living dangerously.

Surprise! Flash in the face!

Um, Guys…. right here… I’m right here!!! Three bridesmaids and one groomsmen were excited. 

Thank you Mary Margaret for thinking I’m hilarious.

Again, thank you.

Ok, the secret is out…..

He’s the veil whisperer.

He’s also the boutonnière buff.

That time I walked backwards over my bag and fell flat on my butt…. and my HUSBAND TOOK A PICTURE OF IT!!! ah! At the time… this wasn’t very funny.

That time I wore rust colored tights and looked like I had a disease.

“I hear ya… but I’m running away!” …. No idea what I was doing here….

You still don’t think I’m funny?! Really?!!

Sometimes Bokeh Boy comes on Local eshoots:) 

Right: “Ewww gosh Katelyn that smell!!”

Ha! Favorite random test shot on the left! so funny! 

Michael what did you say?! You embarrassed the videographer! 

Josh again! 

Oh Natalie I just love you! 

In Narnia! 

Sometimes when Michael is bad I make him work in the back behind the air conditioner… just kidding… but seriously.

YEA! No? Still nothing? Ok I give up. :) 

This is my “It’s FREEZING in NYC in JANUARY!!” face.

Annnnd this is the technical world we live in! I was really outnumbered! :)

Test shots. 

Love these two!

“You guys look like you need a hug”

Veil adjustment…

So not flattering… why am I posting this!? 

Most epic test shot of the year.

My “Evil” eye… yikes.

My cousin’s wedding! Remember the story of my dress here?? Oh, it’s entertaining! 

AHHH!! So. many. tourists. 

Grrr… he looks angry.

There he is:)

Couldn’t have done this year without you Michael. I love you :) You’re the best veil tosser, dress fluffer, bout’ fixer, water grabber, time keeper, travel manager, file uploader, second shooter a girl could ask for. Thank you. 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Catherine Grace reply

    Most entertaining behind the scenes post i have seen yet

  2. Urška Majer reply

    LOve to see all this behind the scenes :)

  3. Mia Bjerring reply

    These were so fun! And I love your captions! :)

  4. Mia Bjerring reply

    These were all so fun! Love all your captions! :)

  5. Deborah Zoe reply

    I love this:) Your clients are so lucky to have you K&M!!

  6. Natalie reply

    You captions made me laugh! :) This post is so fun!

  7. Simone Fox reply

    LOL, I love your Evil Eye photo during the prayer :O

  8. Rachel May reply

    Loved this!

  9. Kat reply

    HAHAH! Love your commentary :)

  10. ALINA reply

    These are too funny!

  11. Dennis Bullock reply

    What an amazing year. I looks like you guys had a blast! Congrats!

  12. Kathryn Grace reply

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this post! Love seeing pictures of you in action. :-)

  13. Anna Burke reply

    This is a favorite post for sure :)

  14. Carmaleta Ann reply

    One of my favorite posts every year!

  15. Mary Marantz reply

    Ahhhh I LOVE it!!! The rust tights part made me LOL!!! you guys are wonderful!! Here’s to an amazing 2013 & an even brighter 2014!

  16. Amanda Veronee reply

    This was so fun to read/view! :D The one that really stands out is when you got your sister’s news! It’s a real moment of you behind the scenes (normally you capture that of everyone else), and it’s nice to see a candid (is that the right word?) real/raw emotion! :D The veil whisperer images are great! hahaha! I did always wonder ;-)

  17. Shaina Koren reply

    Eee – you two are so adorable! Cannot wait to have many more behind the scenes photos together next year!! Ps. I think you are funny ;)

  18. Jill Powers reply

    I LOVE THIS!! I couldn’t stop smiling as I looked through these! So Great!!

  19. Katie reply

    Hahah these are all fantastic! I was laughing out loud… it wasn’t pretty.

  20. Michelle Cross reply

    LOVE THIS!!!!! You are just the all around cutest. Ever.

  21. Elizabeth V reply

    I loved it!! Thanks for sharing! I had no idea your hubby did so much to help behind the scenes… it’s awesome!

  22. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Hahaha this post is hilarious – all of your captions and commentary were so awesome!

  23. ashley barnett reply

    I just spit out my drink at the rust colored tights photo hahaha – I love you guys so much!

  24. sharon elizabeth reply

    lolol… i literally laughed at some of these!!! xoxo

  25. Matt Hoyt reply

    hahaha all that dress fluffing, boutonnière pinning, and veil tossing! I can really relate to Michael!

  26. amanda mcmahon reply

    love this…so funny!

  27. Alison Mish reply

    Literally cracking up throughout this entire post!

  28. Jasmine Star reply

    LOVE this post. really.

  29. Amanda reply

    “the secrets out!” hahaha those shots of Michael and the veils were my favorite!

  30. Terri Baskin reply

    LOL at the rust
    Colored tights! That was a fun post to read!

  31. jaime reply

    seriously i am laughing i love all the comments. I posted my bts last week and i love going back through looking at all the silly and sometimes very unflattering photos lol

  32. Kristina W. reply

    Haha! These are great! My favorites are you getting the news of Emy’s engagement and the most epic test shot! :D

  33. Brittani Croft reply

    What a fun post…love all of the captions and funny expressions :)

  34. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    These are so great! Thank you so much for posting them!!

  35. Rebekah Carter reply

    You could frame some of these pics of your husband, especially the “most epic test shot.” I am dying over the rust colored tights too!

  36. petals and promises, llc reply

    Loved those bridal veil shots and your husband looks so comfortable holding the Bridal bouquets too!!!…he is a Renaissance Man!!!

  37. Carrie Logan reply

    Sitting here in Panera laughing at my computer screen and people are looking at me wondering what my problem is… ha! So much to love about this!!!

  38. Annetta reply

    Cool post! Love it!

  39. Jenna reply

    Wow, I can’t believe how many iPhones are in that one shot. Put ’em down, people!
    Great post, Katelyn :)

  40. Rici reply

    This is so cute! & funny. Love the butt image!
    Thanks for posting all of this!

  41. Rachel Wells reply

    Haha! this post is so fun!

  42. Robyn reply

    Love the epic test shot and the veil whisperer. Well done!

  43. Carolina Reese reply

    After meeting you both yesterday, I have to say how much I love this post. It shows how hilarious you both are and all the love and work that goes into what you do. You rock!!

  44. Elizabeth reply

    Loved this post! Thank you for making me laugh today! Quick question: What is hubby doing on the laptop on-site in those couple of shots?

  45. Stephen reply

    I have never seen you bum from so many angles.

  46. Mirasol P. Lopez reply

    hahaha! I was giggling at the captions! it was fun indeed.:)

  47. Corlis Gray reply

    LOL….the cactus stuck in the shoes is hilarious!!!!

  48. LeAnne reply

    Oh to be a fly on your shoulder on these shoots! Wait… make that a butterfly. :)

  49. Holly reply

    Oh my gosh, this is hilarious!! Laughed out loud more than once! haha How did i miss this?!

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  51. Aunt Susan reply

    I would add to Michael’s list of attributes…. “Best Looking guy!”

  52. Alina Thomas reply

    I enjoyed every second of this post! Thanks for the good laughs!

  53. Brittany Driver reply

    OH i absolutely love this. it is my FAVORITE post. i just feel like i know you guys. You two are such an inspiration, i hope to meet y’all one day. It is definitely on my bucket list. i loved seeing all the behind the scenes, funny moments, to be able to understand yall’s personalities and also how you look when you are shooting (pretty sure i look the worst and most awkward lol) but it was so nice to see another the view behind your amazing pictures. I love you guys. Y’all are the BEST!!!!!!!

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