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is one of my top 5 favorite posts of the ENTIRE year!! You all get to see all of the “pretty” stuff…. and today you get to see what our wedding days REALLY look like! Sure, our couples are gorgeous and their weddings are stunning… but WE don’t always look gorgeous and stunning while we’re shooting. These are actually not the most flattering shots of us…. BUT, they are SUPER entertaining!! Not only do we get to show some shots of us working, we also try to take a few shots of our videographer friends too!!

We are so grateful for this year. As I scrolled through HUNDREDS of Behind the Scenes shots, I realized just how much FUN we have doing what we do. It’s an awesome privilege to be the ones beside a bride and groom all day capturing their day. What we loved most about Jasmine and JD on our wedding day was that they were so much fun to be around. They fit in with our families and our friends so well! So, Michael and I try to do that with our couples too!! When you have FUN with your photographers, it makes your images more genuine and joyful. Even in crunched timelines, freezing temperatures and tough locations, you can still have fun!! So take a look at what our job looks like on the OTHER SIDE! This is the REAL LIFE side of wedding photography!

PS! Our sweet friends Mike and Shaina just put together this quick little clip and we LOVE it!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!


Yikes! Don’t tell Hertz!!! 

Lisa is like “Uh Katelyn… I’m over here!” :)

Double Teaming it!

Yea John Powers! Making it happen at Big Spring Farm! 

My left leg isn’t broken… it’s just an extreme “leg pop”! 

Michael was REALLY excited about this first look!

Meredith you’re a trooper! 

Love this girl! Shaina and Mike are amazing! 

Work it Tyler! 

“So this is how it’s going down Adam”…

Awww love you Jen! 

Aw, that smile. I’m a lucky girl :) 

Yikes! I’m scary.

Golden hour happiness!

Hiding in the bushes! 

Loved working with Matt! 

“mmmmm hmmmm”

Whoever owns this car… I’m sorry.

We love Jarrett and Heather! I wish they weren’t on the other side of the country! 

One of Michael’s many jobs! 

Work it Shaina! 

Light testing! 

Bahaha!! Ryan had us laughing all day! 

Ya know, just pulled off on the side of a highway…

I see one of Jeremy Mitchell’s legs! haha And something was evidently hilarious! 

Josh Gooden is the man!! 

Jeremy doing his thing!

Loved this shot!!

Michael…. aka, just another groomsmen.

Go ahead… belt it out! (He can actually sing really well… he just never does it!)

Bahaha!!! Aaron!

Matt’s like “You want me to do WHAT?!”

Sometimes Michael drives the props around! Loved this seattle wedding!

Branch holding….

Grandma thought Michael was hilarious!


I had some competition here! Lisa’s dad was so proud! :) 

His veil fluffing is just getting better and better! 

Love these two so much! 



Yep. No words for this one.

So bossy.

Love this!!!

Quick break for a cute puppy pic:) 

The Mitchells! Killing it! 

Sometimes I decide to just do the first look myself… just kidding:)

Last wedding of the year! Shooting with the 85mm totally made the cars disappear! 


Michael’s face…ha! There were two Michael’s on this wedding day… so funny!

Thank you for making me look hilarious Chris! 


“Ya know… just work it like you normally do Kaitlin!” :)

I look so mean! I promise I’m nice:)

Behind the scenes at HOME! :) 

Don’t mind me…..

Test shots…. Michael didn’t know he was in this. :)

From Florida to Philly! 

Ooops!! Walking through briars was a bad choice.

And someone should have told me the photo op was BEHIND me! 

Guess what Tyler, you’re doing a first look with ME! Surprise!!!!

Loved shooting this Maine wedding with the Herrintons!

“You! over there!!!!”…. the last groomsmen totally didn’t respect my authority!! haha just kidding! Loved this group!


They were in heels…. HEELS!!!!!! Amazing! So worth it too! 

AND she laid down?! What a dream! 

Mary, you’re the best! And evidently the funniest too:)

Yea Clickspark!!! 

THIS is how the magic happens! View this FINAL photo here! 

EAST WEST doing their thing at Dan and Kathleen’s wedding! 

ha! And THIS is why I’m not a videographer! 

Oh YIKES!!!!!!!

Thank you Carlyn for making me look like the funniest photog on the planet! 


Cool dude! 

Michael can make friends with ANYONE in a split second!

Messiest e-shoot to date! 

The next two pictures couldn’t be more opposite…..


Quiet on the set!!!!

What’s wrong with my foot??

This was definitely against the rules.

I was freaking out… about an airplane?? a bird?? No idea. 

“Guys! Not too much “man hug”!!!! whoa!!!”

So glad the ESPN guy made the cut! 

Oh Ashley Herrinton! I just love you! She cries at every wedding and it’s so sweet:)

Not cute katelyn, not cute.

Work it Ash!!!

Such a nerd…I was reallllllly excited about this shot! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Nicole reply

    Stunning as always, even the bloopers look gorgeous ;) can’t wait for you to come to Ottawa ;);)

  2. Meredith Summers reply

    LOVE this :) Merry Christmas!

  3. brittany reply

    Love the one of michael fixing michael’s bowtie! :) too funny!!

  4. Kathryn Grace reply

    I always love this post! Too fun!

  5. Samantha Lowen reply

    Matt and I literally pulled over at a rest stop so that we could look through this post together haha!! Thanks for sharing and for putting smiles on our faces :) love you guys!! Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Elizabeth reply

    AHHH!! I want to be you when I grow up so bad!

  7. Becca Piers reply

    The one with Matt and Sketch “checking you out” is HILARIOUS!

  8. Brealyn reply

    This post makes me feel so much better about all of the awkward positions i get into on a wedding day! Haha.

  9. Kristina W. reply

    Hahaha, I was giggling so much looking at this post! I love the behind the scenes post too!!!!

  10. ashley link reply

    These are so fun! I hope y’all have a Merry Christmas! <3

  11. Annetta reply

    Great post Katelyn! Always love seeing you in action. Have a great Christmas and all the best for the new year.

  12. Tiffany McClure reply

    Fantastic!! Love seeing behind the scenes!!

  13. Anna reply

    Hahahaha I love these!!! Such fun photos. Merry Christmas :)

  14. Heather Nelson reply

    Love these! You two are just the most fun! How about we move across the country and just hang out all the time! And shoot together of course so we can make some more behind the scenes cameos ;) Happy holidays from Seattle!

  15. Josh Gooden reply

    Great working with you this year! Hope all is well!!

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  17. Kegan reply

    Love these! Really shows how hard you two work to achieve the perfect shot. By the way, I noticed that you have a go to pair of flats to shoot weddings in. Cute!

  18. Mai reply

    I love seeing these behind the scenes. I really enjoyed them.

    I admire your work so much! So talented and so sweet.

  19. reply

    Fantastic post! Wesley

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