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Have you HEARD?! Michael and I have been working with our good friend Tyler Herrinton all summer long on a project that has been on our hearts for YEARS!!! We have dedicated long hours, late nights and a TON of filming sessions to the creation of the much anticipated, 6 Week KJ Posing Course!!! And now it’s OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!!!! But it’s only open for enrollment THIS WEEK! Friday the doors will be closing until probably LATE 2017! ah!!!

We’re so thankful for Tyler and all of his hard work, dedication and patience with us in creating this course!! He’s the best!!

So why did we create this course?!

Because we have realized that after 5 years of workshops and teaching other photographers, there is ONE KEY SKILL that the majority of photographers struggle with. It CRIPPLES their business, DAMAGES their client experience and it keeps them from being able to view themselves as professionals and CHARGE like professionals!! …. What is this struggle?!

…. Not having the ability to create an incredible client experience through confident & efficient posing.

This ONE aspect of your photography business is so powerful that it actually affects whether or not you GET NEW CLIENTS! Think about it! If you can’t make your clients feel AND look absolutely amazing, no matter WHAT the situation is, you’re going to LOSE BUSINESS. People don’t refer others to photographers who gave them an awkward client experience!

POSING isn’t just about “chin tilts” and popping the correct leg…. it’s about being MORE than your clients EVER expected and surprising them with your ability to make them feel comfortable and natural during your posing instruction!! What happens after you learn how to do this?! You start creating poses and portraits that looks like THIS…….

This image was taken YESTERDAY at a destination wedding in ICELAND! Say what?! But what you may not notice is that it was 50 degrees, we were shooting in strong wind AND we were having to pose effectively in HARSH LIGHT!! There are so many TRICKY parts of posing that have to be mastered in order to be able to give your clients incredible experiences with you… no matter WHAT the conditions are!!!

This is just one of the many reasons why we are SO excited to be sharing our posing education with the photography world! This 6 week, self-paced, video based course has been our BABY this summer and it’s finally ready for you! But don’t wait to signup and miss the deadline! It’s going away FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT EST!


ALSO! If you want to see a sneak peek into what the Posing Course will look like, you have to watch this quick video to get a feel for what our students will be experiencing!!!! :

Annnnnnd just in case you thought that filming HOURS and HOURS of content in one sitting is EASY…. think again! It’s HARD and it will test your patience to the MAX!! This is a blooper reel…. and it keeps me humble! I sound like I have lost my mind and ALL ability to talk clearly!! I guess this is just what happens when you have over 8 hours of content included in a course!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sarah Fredenburg reply

    Hahaha. Adorable. Love the bloopers video!
    That’s what I’d be like the entire time. At least you manage to get 8+ hours of awesomeness! Can’t wait for it to drop! :)

  2. Paige reply

    Thank you for making my morning! I seriously cracked up at that bloopers video!!!

  3. Susan reply

    There should be a clap count going on during this!! Such a good laugh!

  4. Sarah reply

    That made my day! You’re great:)

  5. Didi reply

    As usual you made my morning!! Laughed out loud and my coffee almost went up my nose! :-) You’re awesome, Katelyn.

  6. Sheri Berke reply

    Love it, love it, love it, when you share the good, the not so good and just being human.

  7. Jill reply

    The clapping! Love this, you are the cutest!!!!

  8. Rachael reply

    You could not be ANY CUTER!!!!!

  9. Annetta reply

    You are too funny Katelyn! Looking forward to your course!

  10. Melissa Smith reply

    HA! Oh my goodness you’re the cutest blooper reel EVER – the clapping and dang it are just too hysterical! Miss y’all!

  11. Jasmine reply

    Oh my goodness the clapping! This blooper real could be the next drinking game! hahaha <3

  12. Jenny McQueen reply

    lol that’s awesome! I can only assume Tyler is making you clap for the sound synch but I love that you make it look like a motivational clap to get in the zone!

  13. Megan Kelsey Photography reply

    This just cracks me up!!! You are too hilarious!

  14. Tatyana reply

    OBSESSED with this course so far!!!

  15. Emma Rose reply

    This is the cutest thing ever, made me smile!

  16. Rachel reply

    This looks amazing!

  17. Nikki reply

    Hi! I just came across your blog today and am very interested in your posing course. Do you know when it will be available again? Love your work!

    • Katelyn James reply

      Hi Nikki! I’m so glad you reached out, so sorry for the delay in responding! We actually just started making enrollment available again! You can join us here:

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