• Ben + Mary

Once again, I was absolutely delighted to capture the wedding of a friend! I can’t explain how awesome it is to celebrate with some of my closest college friends and capture the day at the same time. My job is so much fun!

So, Ben and Mary are just awesome people. I could leave it at that but let me elaborate. They are so different and yet so alike that it makes for the perfect balance. I had gotten to know them separately throughout college but it wasn’t until recently that I really had the oppurtunity to watch them TOGETHER.  They were made for each other! Ben and Mary are best friends and it is so obvious!I love that about them.  I also love that they first bonded over a common interest in CEREAL! Woohoo! I literally survive on cereal, day in and day out!

Anyway, Mary and Ben, you are a gorgeous couple. I wish you very best and I can’t wait to see all that the Lord has in store for you two! Love you both!

A teal wall?! Really?! I was in heaven!

I’m in love with this LIGHT! It’s so amazing!!

Ok, I just had to post this! Look at Mary’s adorable Grandma! Love it!

Want to see more?! Click HERE for a SLIDESHOW!

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  1. Cati reply

    First comment and beautiful Bride Sighting! :D

  2. Michael reply

    I am sure you are going to get a lot of comments about the Grandma Picture…AMAZING!!! The whole wedding looked like so much fun. So Excited for you both!

  3. Lindsay Rawley reply

    SOOOOO GOOD! well donee, my roommate looks wonderful!!!

  4. em reply

    ahhhhhh the teal wall!!! really?!? that’s awesome! Love it!

  5. Amanda Hilborn reply

    aww I love these! YAYYY every single beautiful wedding you shoot makes me more and more stoked for ours! This couple is lovely! :)

  6. Kevin Smith reply

    hahah i feel like i’m becoming an Inspired Designs addict with all my comments, anyways Mary looks soo beautiful! i’m so blessed to have gotten to work with her for a short amount of time with Wyldlife at Gildersleeve. Great work, Katelyn, amazing pictures as always!

  7. Allison reply

    These are fabulous!! I love them and I love your work!! RoCk OuT Sista!!! :)

  8. Lora Ayers reply

    My fave is when the train is going by and her hair is blowing, I love the motion!! :)

  9. Katherines reply

    Amazing lighting! Great work!

  10. Kelsey C reply

    oh my goodness mary is a freaking super model.

  11. sharon reply

    I am in love with these! Those detail shots are auh-mazing!!!!

  12. kat reply

    Did they get married at Ferry Farm Baptist?! That’s my home town church, I grew up there and love it so much. :)

  13. vjval reply

    LOOOVEE it! the last one’s my favorite! ;)

  14. Susan Watkins reply

    Oh my gosh, can we talk about that HAIR?!?!?!?!? And those train tracks– I am in Heaven. Mary– unbelieveable– you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Great job with the shoot Katelyn, amazing work!

  15. katie g reply

    i love that she wore her hair down.
    so natural and laid back :)
    very beautiful dress too!!!! greatjob katelyn

  16. caroline reply

    soooooo cute! great job kk!

  17. Kristina N. reply

    I love love loved the shots with the dips, this couple knows how to dip and kiss! :D

  18. Girish reply

    Beautiful shots. Very very nice and sharp. Great focus on the close shots. The railway station shots would be my favorites. Well it’s not safe go on the tracks like that ;)

    Keep it. Wonderful work.

  19. Lisa Figs reply

    Great pics!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grandma’s pic!!! Adorable!

  20. Emily Scott reply

    That picture of grandma is absolutely priceless. Those kinds of photographs never go out of style, and you know they are going to cherish it forever. Great work, Katelyn!

  21. Mareike reply

    Hey Katelyn,
    I adore the photos! I really think you should do a FAQ post, would love to hear more about your shooting style! xx

  22. Holly reply

    Wow, I absolutely LOVE the grandma shot! hahah

  23. Carole Zoric reply

    Some great shots! I think you have a great future in this business. The profile shot of Mary and Ben (where she has her hands up at his neck) is my favorite by far. I agree – these 2 could be models!

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