• Bermuda Bound

And while I miss that crystal clear teal water, we’re happy to be home with our Bokeh Boy! About one year ago, we were in the heart of wedding season with no break in sight until July. It’s taken us several years to realize that saving one weekend off every now and then throughout wedding season is what we need to stay sane and not become burned out. We planned to save May 10th over a year ago and blocked it off on the calendar. Soon after we blocked it off on the calendar, we booked a Norwegian Cruise to BERMUDA! When you book a cruise, you keep your dates free!

There’s no backing out! We have been looking forward to this cruise for quite some time and it was all that we hoped it would be! Michael and I LOVE cruises! It’s definitely not for everyone but we actually think it’s one of the BEST ways to travel! It’s fun! Instead of only enjoying our time AT the vacation location, we get to enjoy the TRAVELING part of the trip! Just leaving the dock in NYC was entertaining and we had such amazing views! We traveled with Michael’s parents and we had rooms on opposite sides of the ship. We were worried about not being side by side at first but it was actually awesome to always be able to have views on both sides of the ship!! We love going to different restaurants on the ship and shows every night. It’s literally a floating hotel/amusement park! And then when you add the SPA into the mix, it’s paradise! Now, we were spoiled because we were on the second largest cruise ship in the world! The Norwegian Breakaway is only 2 years old and it’s MASSIVE! They actually treat it as two ships when it docks in NYC because it’s just SO BIG! So enough about the ship, lets get to the pictures!


Cruising away and watching NYC pass by! (It was a little chilly that day!)

First dinner on the ship! We had two days at sea before arriving in Bermuda! We had “Spa Suites” which just means that our rooms were near the spa and so we could access the Thermal Suite anytime we wanted! There were heated stone lounge chairs, hot tubs, saunas, etc. It’s a great way to get away from the masses on the ship and relax without laying beside the pool! It was a little chilly the first day on board and so we took full advantage of our spa pass!

The whole crew!

Love this one of Michael’s parents! 

Every night you get towel animals at the end of your bed and we loved this one because it reminded us of Bokeh Boy… there’s a resemblance there, right?

This ship is just insane. Those slides? Those are just the KIDS slides! There were more slides on the other side! Heated pools, open deck movie theater, a Cirque Du Soleil theater, a broadway show in an 800 person theater, 22 restaurants, a massive spa, lounges & bars, specialty shops, a bakery, a gelato shop, a ropes course, etc. It’s amazing! 

Michael and I felt like kids getting suited up for the ropes course on deck 16 of the ship! 

I was just doing it because he was *obviously* very excited about it….

But I ended up loving it! It’s such a fun, unique part of the ship!

And I’m currently standing over the SIDE of the ship. There was a 16 story drop into the Atlantic ocean below me! 

Oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m posting this. Look at my face!!!! bahahaha! This was the zipline across the ship!

And then after a day of laying out and watching miles and miles of blue ocean pass us by, we arrived in BERMUDA! Ah, that water!!!

Hamilton! We shopped in this beautiful little city our first day and you’re not going to believe this but we actually ran into a fellow photographer and blog follower while we were shopping!! WHAT?! It was surreal! Loved meeting you Sarah!!!

Love this picture of us! Skirt is from Target…. along with everything else I own.

White rooftops! They keep their rain water since there isn’t any freshwater source on the island! 

Some of these were taken on the bus ride back to the ship…. the bus ride that took an hour (to go 18 miles). We were surrounded by local middle school bermudians in the back of the public transit bus and let me just say this, they were entertaining! And in true Michael fashion, he made friends with some of the middle school guys. While it took longer than we expected to get home, we felt like we were a part of the culture for that hour!

There she is! 

I couldn’t even fit all of her in my frame from the dock! MASSIVE.

Michael’s mom had them decorate our room for Michael’s 28th birthday! If you missed his Birthday post, it’s HERE! 

Catamaran day! 

Don’t be fooled, this water was COLD! But we got used to it! Bermuda is only 500 miles off the coast of North Carolina… so their temperatures are very similar to ours! The water hadn’t quite warmed up yet!

iPhone pic! 

The next day Michael’s mom joined us for an early morning beach exploration! We had the place to ourselves!

The little nooks and crannies we found were just amazing!

Private beach anyone?! 

Our fearless leader. Michael got us to all of our locations. I’m so glad I don’t have to read bus routes and ferry schedules!

Love this place!!

Bus stop!

And then we met up with one of my dad’s childhood friends who is a pastor in Bermuda!! We loved sharing lunch with him! We have A LOT of mutual friends… small world! 

This is St. George’s!

And then we had to head back to the ship… we could have spent 5 days in Bermuda! It’s beautiful! It’s so clean and bright and colorful! I’ve decided that it’s my east coast “Hawaii”! :) 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Wendy reply

    Makes me want to go visit! Did you carry your big camera? Great photos and storytelling

  2. Katie reply

    Oh, my goodness!! Now, I’m dying to go there too! Gorgeous photos and beautiful light. Thanks for sharing and I’m so glad that you were able to get away and relax in the middle of a busy season!

  3. Katie reply

    Holyyyy cow!!! I had no idea bermuda was so beautiful…I just assumed because its so close to nc it’s like how it is there…but I’m definitely going to add this to the list of our potential honeymoon spots for later on this year!!! Looks like it was an amazing time!!

  4. molly @ still being molly reply

    GAH gorgeous!! i had to actually look up bermuda on the map… i had no idea it was only off the coast of north carolina… for some reason i kept thinking it was near the bahamas. CRAZY!

  5. Lauren reply

    I could literally stare at these pictures all day and just imagine that I’m there!! Beautiful!!!

  6. Anna Burke reply

    Love this! So glad you all had a little break and a lot of fun! Is it bad that as I was scrolling through pictures, I scrolled back up to the flowers to see the ring? You know, the one that isn’t in the picture because it’s not a ring shot… habits are hard to break I suppose :)

  7. laura beth stricker reply

    Amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Bermuda!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    These are so beautiful! This looks like a an amazing trip! I’m so impressed with Bermuda and your Norwegian Breakaway!!! Thanks for sharing! It’s like going on a 5 minute vacation just looking at these images.

  9. Sarah Elgersma reply

    Katelyn! You captured Bermuda BEAUTIFULLY!! I was waiting to see your pictures! Just gorgeous!
    Oh and that private beach, is literally 2 minutes from my house! I’m so glad you guys had a wonderful time! Anytime you want to come back you are MORE than welcome! (I’m sure we could arrange accommodation! Seriously!) Thanks for everything, and loved meeting you guys too! :)

  10. Katie reply

    This is like reliving our honeymoon!!!! So happy you got to enjoy the Breakaway, it really is incredible! The heated pool in the spa…blows my mind.

    I’m glad your’e relaxed and recharged for the rest of the season! :)

  11. Robyn reply

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip. Bermuda is one of our favorite places! The pictures bring back so many wonderful memories – We loved riding the buses as well. you get to really interact with the folks that live there.

  12. Sara reply

    Wonderful photos! MY husband and I vacationed in Bermuda and LOVED it so much! I remember almost all the spots in your photos… even those beach nooks and crannies–we found the same ones! :)

  13. elizabeth reply

    Beautiful pictures, Katelyn! Love how you captures your travels. =) And I have to add that the ropes course looks pretty fun – and I love your teal tennis shoes. :) So glad you had a nice trip!!

  14. Kristi mckeag reply

    Don’t you just love it there??? It is absolutely beautiful and these pics are gorgeous!!! Looks like you all had an amazing time!! now i’ll be dreaming of bermuda:)

  15. Tira J reply

    Wow Katelyn! What an amazing trip and beautiful pictures! Someone else posted this question too, what camera and lens did you take with ya? I need to go book a cruise now….right after I wipe up the drool from looking at your pics! :) xoxo

  16. Mary reply

    This looks amazing! I so wish we still lived on the east coast and could hop right up to NYC to get on this cruise! We went in January (different cruise line) and….it was a totally different experience…ha! Love how they decorated for Michael’s bday! And that you met a fellow photog! So fun!

  17. Kimber wassenberg reply

    Bermuda looks amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing your photos and stories. :)

  18. Mallory reply

    Now I’m ready to plan a cruise! These pictures are beautiful! I can’t even believe how pretty that water is!!

  19. Rebecca reply

    Looks like you had a fun time in paradise!!! Everyone looks happy, relaxed, and beautiful! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  20. Stephanie Messick reply

    I think you belong here Katelyn! I mean EVERYTHING is teal!!! ;)

  21. Kat reply

    Makes me want to go :)

  22. Annetta reply

    What a wonderful trip!! Another destination to add to my bucket list.

  23. Erin Schrad reply

    Okay, you are my idol! I cruised to Bermuda in 2007… SEVEN years ago!!!! And aside from a few images I printed and put into collage frames, my Bermuda pictures are still just hanging out on my external hard drive. You, on the other hand, have your pictures on your blog within 48 hours of the end of your trip!! I am shamed.

  24. Kristen Driscoll reply

    So glad you took the time to get away for a few days. You certainly deserve it and I’m so happy that you had such a beautiful trip. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  25. Brittany Davis reply

    Are you going to make an album of your trip? If so, show the spreads! I love seeing your albums. they’re so fun!! Beautiful photos.

  26. Valerie Perry reply

    I recognize every place you visited! I went about 20 times when i was working on ships. Glad you had a good time.

    I tried to meet up with your dad’s friend, but it never worked out. So glad it did for you!!!

  27. Sydni Jackson reply

    Gorgeous!! Beach photography tips???

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