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  • Big Spring Farm Engagement Photos | Lexington, VA

When Jill and I were sitting in her living room just throwing ideas out into the wind, we never imagined or visualized what last Friday would look like. Last Friday was surreal in many ways. There were many moments that made me stop and take in what was happening. Jill and I decided back in January that we wanted to do a “Wedding Giveaway”. We told the boys our idea and because we have awesome husbands that let us dream big, they started helping us plan. After a few days of planning, we realized that this wasn’t a simple task. Hosting a Wedding Giveaway included contracts and vendors and date selection and social media management and timelines and so on and so forth. It was…. intense.

However, all of the intensity was worth it after this past weekend. This past Friday, several Wedding Collective Giveaway vendors gathered at Big Spring Farm and we had a big “vision” day with our winning couple, Alex and Laura! If you haven’t heard Alex and Laura’s story, you can watch it HERE. We met with them all day on Friday and I’ll just say this… we can’t wait to share more about their story, their personalities and their hearts. Gifting this wedding to this amazing couple is quickly becoming one of the highlights of my career. The vendors love each other, the couple is more than perfect and the story is powerful.

We started at 10:30am on Friday at Big Spring Farm with a site tour, then we had lunch provided by the amazing Chef’s Catering  (who catered my SISTER’s Wedding!), then Alex and Laura met with Jess Creates and Tart Event Co  to work on colors and invitations and then they interviewed with Mike and Shaina. Whew! After ALL of that, it was my turn! We all PILED into Mike and Shaina’s 4Runner and headed through the cow pasture, across a babbling brook and up to the mountaintop for their engagement session!! The light was glowy and the location was incredible. Lexington, VA is such a gem!! We even had a gorgeous Sette’ from Paisley and Jade to use in the field!!

After two hours of shooting, we were finally DONE with the planning day! I’m sure Alex and Laura were both exhausted yet thrilled to have accomplished so much at one time. We left the hilltop as the light disappeared and then headed to dinner… mexican style!! What a perfect way to end an amazing day!! Enjoy these favorites and get EXCITED for the Wedding Collective Giveaway WEDDING in September!!



xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jenny reply

    These are beautiful- we’re so happy that such a sweet, lovely couple won!

  2. Lauren Swann reply

    Big Speing has the perfect glow!!! Love these, Katelyn!!

  3. Robyn reply


  4. Hannah reply

    Oh my word! These are beyond gorgeous!! Congrats Alex & Laura!

  5. Brett reply

    LOVE! They look so happy & these images are gorgeous!!!

  6. Urška Majer reply

    What a gorgeous location and what a gorgeous session :)

  7. Tart Event Co. reply

    AH! We love these pictures & this couple so much! You captured them perfectly!

  8. Kimmie reply

    Wow! These are absolutely beautiful! One of my new favorites of yours – I love the softness of these images + the texture of the fields! So beautiful.

  9. Sheryl Kirksey reply

    Love the cows and of course all the images… What a blessing to bless somone else.. You two are amazing …

  10. Shaina Koren reply

    Ahhh! These are beautiful Katelyn! This day was so much fun and I cannot wait to share their beautiful love via video through this WHOLE process <3 <3

  11. Morgan (Paisley & Jade) reply

    Love these!! We can’t wait for their wedding day!!!

  12. Melissa Farmer reply

    LOVE the little bouquet the girls made (saw it on Periscope!) it fit in so well in those shots! So happy such a great couple won :) Congrats to all of your for a dream come true!

  13. Katie reply

    I don’t know if there has ever been a more perfect glowy field engagement!!!!! I am SO PUMPED for their wedding!!

  14. Kristina W. reply

    These look fantastic! What a cool thing to do – planning a huge chunk of your wedding all in one day! Congratulations to the very lucky couple!

  15. Rebekah Carter reply

    Oh my goodness, these are all so wonderful. The lighting, the setting, the colors . . . everything is just perfect! I particularly like the images of them standing on the rocks in the creek with the cows in the background.

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