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This session is VERY special to me. It’s actually hard to even believe that I’m typing these words, but I knew that this day would come. I actually prayed for this day many many times. You see, I’ve known Katie P since we first moved to Richmond 7 years ago and Michael took a job as a youth pastor. Katie was only a rising Sophomore, and she was one of the most reliable girls in the group. If I needed help with worship team stuff, she was there. If we needed a leader for something, she was the first person we thought to call.

Katie is just one of those girls who you love being around. She is full of joy and spunk, and has such a genuine nature about her. We watched her go through high school and then head to college at CNU (our alma mater!). Ever since Katie’s high school years I have prayed that she would find an amazing guy to love her well. Someone who loved the Lord more than he loved her, and someone who she could be 110% herself around.

I’ll never forget when she told me that she was dating someone. There was something about the way that she said it that made it seem like she knew there was something special about him. Michael and I only got to meet Sam very quickly, but we could tell that he was awesome, kind, and such a good match for Katie!! He’s a lucky guy because not only is Katie beautiful and talented and smart… she’s such a good friend.

Something that I love about Katie is how she loves people so equally. I watched her treat younger high school girls with the same love and respect as her peers. That’s probably one of the qualities that makes her such an amazing new teacher!! She has started teaching at a position in West Virginia, and while I’m sad to see her live so far away, Michael and I are SO excited for her to start her new life with Sam.

It’s crazy to think that this sweet girl from youth group is going to be MARRIED in less than a year, but like I said before, this is an answered prayer!! I’m probably going to bawl through their ceremony (while still taking great pictures of course!). What an amazing day that’s going to be at Big Spring Farm! I can’t wait!!

I actually took their portraits at Rockbridge Young Life Camp where they met, and then we headed to Big Spring Farm for the second half of their portraits!!! Enjoy my favorites!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Meredith Sledge reply

    IS THAT ROCKBRIDGE?!!?!?! Crying! Miss that place!

  2. Kelly reply

    Ah! Beautiful pictures! I’ve been to that camp before and it’s where I met Jesus! So cool to see other stories that have bloomed from this place. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Kira Goff reply

    Beautiful beautiful!!

  4. Bethany Ward reply

    I love this couple! My favorite picture is the one under the rows of trees at Rockbridge. I’ve walked that path countless times and am so happy Sam found love and the perfect woman at such a special place. Congrats Sam and Katie!!

  5. Rebecca Bumpus reply

    LOVE the pictures!

  6. Joanna reply

    My favourite engagement pictures so far!!!!!
    Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Shira reply

    Katelyn, these pictures are amazing! Rockbridge is such a picturesque place for a photo shoot!

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    stunning work!

  10. claire reply

    you did such an amazing work. you always do

  11. dave reply

    what a sweet couple. they look very nice

  12. linda reply

    great photos.

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