• Bigger may be Better but Faster is Fantastic!

While bigger may be better…speed is the reason for this new addition to the Inspired Designs family! I will be saying goodbye to old faithful, my old 24″ imac tonight but I am happy to say that it has found a good home!

This new 27″ imac is fully loaded, meaning it has 16 gb of RAM! If you’re a computer geek like me you know that this thing is POWERFUL! No more spinning beach balls of death! I have recently been shooting in RAW and needed a little more umph! Well the Umph! has arrived and it’s amazing!

Thank you Apple for being genius and making the computer switch super easy! We literally did a 3 step process and 400 GB of pictures started transferring!  Amazing.  I’m hoping this new machine will help cut my post processing time in 1/2! That may be a stretch but it’s definitely going to help!  Get excited for Adam and Ruth’s wedding! It’s coming so soon!

Wireless keyboard and mighty mouse!

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  1. Melody reply

    Excuse me while I go wipe the drewl off of my chin!! Yay!! I want one of these..

  2. Anna reply

    How exciting! Waiting on the wedding pics :)

  3. AshleyP reply

    JEALOUS!!! I know nothing about computers but that thing is GORGEOUS!! I’m hoping the husband will come off some cash and get me one soon. :)

  4. Andrew reply

    The sickness! Are you editing with Photoshop, Lightroom, or a combination?

  5. admin reply

    @andrew I use a combination! Lightroom is a RAM sucker! So it’s the main reason I upgraded:)

  6. em reply

    you’re ridiculous!! period… end of story. but i love you and your business regardless.

  7. michael reply

    You need to take pics of your new bed room set up. PS its a magic mouse not a mighty mouse. Love you…glad we upgraded to 16 lanes ;)

  8. britney reply

    Ohh Fat Susan’s first blog debut! Welcome to the world Fat Susan. Kk loves you, but she’s also going to tire you ooouuutt. Good luck Fat Susan. You’re going to need it with all the RAW shooting she’s been doing… hehehe

  9. Jenn reply

    Yay! Happy new Mac Day! I’ve got the same, and you’ll absolutely love it!

  10. Daniel Betts reply

    Wow… I’ve never seen a computer photographed so beautifully

  11. Jessica Beale reply

    Sure hope you don’t roll over in the middle of the night and knock that thing off the table…that would suck.

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