The Blizzard of 2016

  • We're Snowed-In in Sparta!

Michael and I decided to make our way to my parent’s house before the massive blizzard hit! My dad is on a mission trip to Africa and so my mom was home alone! We packed our bags and put Bokeh Boy in the car and made our way to Sparta!! The snow started on Friday and the ground was covered almost instantly. The craziest part of the storm was the fact that it seemed to just SIT on top of us for half a day on Saturday… dumping over a foot of snow!

The drifts in some parts of the backyard are close to three feet! Michael plowed the driveway and I took pictures. :) Bokeh Boy tried to walk on the thin layer of ice but kept falling through. It’s been a beautiful snow-cation in the country!! Here are some pictures from the last two days!

He sinks if he runs too fast!

Oh that little face!

He started begging to be held after about 5 mins! haha Spoiled puppy.

The drifts were impressive!

Well, Daddy was in Africa and so Michael did the plowing!!

Can you spot Bokeh Boy?!

Walking up Michael’s parent’s driveway!

Love this snowy puppy!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Nicole Salter reply

    So cute! You probably have as much snow as we do in Canada! WOW!

  2. Grace reply

    Beautiful! Were all of these taken with a single lens? If so, which one? Seems pretty versatile!

  3. Ashley B reply

    So cute! Looks like you guys got a ton of snow! Just a few inches up here in CT! Stay warm!

  4. Rachael reply

    Such beautiful pictures Katelyn! I love love love the snow – we only got a few inches – so I’m super duper jealous! Bokeh is as adorable as ever!

  5. Sheng reply

    Wow you guys got a lot of snow!! Looks like Bokeh had a great time.

  6. Sheree reply

    This might be my favorite blog post ever! Bokeh is too cute!! :)

  7. Danielle reply

    You guys drive a Duramax?! wow, definitely have just put you guys on the top of my last of favorite photogs for SURE! I’m a small town country girl pursuing photography that LOVES diesel trucks! (mine is a duramax too), I feel we just connected on a whole nother level! Great post!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    Awww, the photos of Bokeh are so cute!!! What beautiful snow!

  9. Megan Kelsey reply

    Ohh how I miss seeing my toy poodle and Bichon play in the snow!! Enjoy these young, playful years! Now they just shake and slip and pee in the street. Haha.

  10. Rebekah Carter reply

    Aww, I love the snowy puppy pictures!!!

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