Learning to be Buds

  • Bokeh & Molly

came into our lives back in mid January and Bokeh boy didn’t know what to do. For two years, he had been the star of the show… the one and only bichpoo in the family. Now there were two and he wasn’t the only puppy that his grandparents loved. I have never seen a dog act more like a human than when Bokeh showed his jealously of Molly! It was so obvious that he wasn’t loving this new life change one bit!! They are technically brother and sister and so it makes sense that they wouldn’t get along immediately.

Some relationships take time. :) Michael’s mom, dad and sister love their new addition to the family and we look forward to seeing little Molly as often as we can. Bokeh wasn’t thrilled the first time they were together… but he is gradually learning to love this new addition to our extended family. The other day when they were at our house with Molly, we tried capturing some puppy portraits! Molly is definitely all puppy right now and so getting her to sit still was nearly impossible… but I loved what we got! We’re crossing our fingers that one Bokeh and Molly are close to the same maturity level, they’ll be best buds!!!

Yea, Bokeh still isn’t sure about this amount of energy! ha! 

He’s still thinking about it….

Then they starting playing… 

YAY!!! Friends! 

Best buds:) …. well, almost. One day they will be! 

Molly can fit under anything!

There’s the happy Bokeh Boy!

See Bokeh’s evil eye on the right? Don’t mess with him and his tennis ball. :)

Such cuties!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Natalie reply

    Such a cutie!

  2. Jaimie reply

    Hi Katelyn! Love your work. Would you mind sharing what lens and setting you had your camera on when you took these shots? I’m still very much learning and these all look so light and bright and clear – I’m just having a tough time achieving perfect exposure. Thanks so much for your help! wish i could’ve signed up for your workshop. Enjoy!

  3. Anna K. reply

    These are too cute!

  4. anouschka reply

    oh my gosh, this is cuteness overload for sure! love it!

  5. Alison reply

    Haha I love this! They are so adorable! Molly looks just like Elly did as a pup!

  6. Lindsay reply

    Oh my goodness, I almost spit out my tea when I saw the evil eye photo and your caption. He is totally doing the one eyebrow raised thing! So funny!

  7. Tara reply

    So. Adorable!!

  8. Evie Perez reply

    so cute!! i am sure they will be best of friends :)

  9. Heather reply

    Adorable Pups and Great Pictures (as always)!!!

  10. Elizabeth reply

    loving the “evil” eye pic…i look like that on monday mornings when the alarm goes off….lol very cute dogs!!

  11. Emily smith reply

    Where did you get them/who did you get them from?! I am looking into getting a bichpoo puppy and they are precious!

  12. Natalie Kent reply


  13. Kristina W. reply

    Ahhhh cuteness overload!!!! Bokeh always looks so small, but not when compared to Molly! :) <3 Puppy Days.

  14. Katie reply

    Yay puppies!!!!! I have puppy fever so badly, I will always appreciate more Bokeh & Milly photos!!! :)

  15. Rebekah Carter reply

    ahhhh, too adorable!!! Love this!!

  16. MarLeah reply

    they are just the most perfect little dogs!

  17. ashley link reply

    two cute little teddy bears! :)

  18. Angela Snyder reply

    I did the same thing, having two is the best!!! Twice the cuteness!

  19. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    His evil eye is absolutely adorable!!

  20. Melissa reply

    Hi! The pups are so cute! Would you happen to share the breeder of the dog with me. My Husband and I have been searching everywhere for a breeder that we could trust.

  21. German Shorthaired Pointer reply

    So cute <3 Bokeh! a really interesting name :3 Look at the smile of two dogs <3 The photos are very beautiful!

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  23. The Mummy Tom Cruise Jacket reply

    Great job writer.

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