• Bokeh and the Balloon

though he’s full grown and over a year and a half years old, Bokeh boy is still experiencing new things!! Friday night we had a birthday dinner for my sister and I blew up a few balloons to decorate with. I didn’t realize that one fell on the floor and before I knew it, Bokeh was having a ball!! He chased that thing for a good 30 minutes and because his little mouth isn’t wide enough to grab a hold of it, he didn’t pop it for a long time! It wasn’t until he got brave and started POUNCING on it that it finally popped! It’s amazing how one little thing can be so engaging to him! And when he gets excited about these

little things in life, it always calls for the camera to come out! He’s just so cute!!!! Enjoy a few pics of the adventure of Bokeh and the Balloon! :)  This first one was when he thought I was coming to take it away! He has quite the personality!!

Oops! Fell over the edge! 

Caught ya!!

For those that are going to ask… he’s a Bichon and Poodle mix:) He’s full grown and he doesn’t shed. The sette’ is from Target online (2 years ago) and the rug is from pottery barn. Also, this is the room in our house that will be decorated last! But it’s a great place for random pieces of furniture that don’t have a home yet! :) Pillow from Target! 

Post balloon pop… a little sad but it was fun while it lasted! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Brittany Jones reply

    Gotta know that paint color!! What is it?!?

  2. Brittany Jones reply

    Gotta know that paint color! What is it?!

  3. Gabrielle Corbin reply

    OH gracious I can’t stand the cuteness! We have a bichpoo too and his most recent favorite thing to play with is a remote control helicopter that he chases around. It’s so much fun to see the small things that totally make their day! :)

  4. Kristina w. reply

    these are so cute! He looks like he had a great time, but in that last picture he looks so sad that his balloon is popped. Awwww, I’m sure you’ll get another one soon Bokeh!

  5. Evie Perez reply

    Ha ha ha…what a little cutie!!! i want to cuddle with him.

  6. Ashlyn reply

    So cute. He’s absolutely adorable. I wouldn’t mind a little dog like him!! ;)
    And that rug. I want.

  7. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    So so cute!!!

  8. Alli McWhinney reply

    Awww, that is so cute!

  9. Allison reply

    Gah! So adorable! And I love that rug :)

  10. Kate Ann reply

    This is absolutely adorable!!!

  11. amy reply

    Oh so cute!!! One more question about the room – what’s the paint colour?

  12. ashley reply

    Oh my gosh. Cutest thing ever.

  13. Colleen Dennis reply

    I feel so special that we have the same rug!!

  14. Olivia reply

    This is the cutest post ever!
    I LOVE the colors of the room you took these photos in!
    The dog is adorable! I used to have a Bichon!

  15. Crystal reply

    Oh, he does look so sad in that last photo, especially when compared to the one just above it! :(

  16. Michele reply

    He is soooo cute!

  17. caroline reply

    what a balloon of fun. The first pic of him on his hind legs cracked me up

  18. Amy reply

    Yes, what is that paint color ad brand ? I’m looking to do my office in that shade. Love it!

  19. Jamie reply

    He is so adorable! Can I set up an arranged marriage with him and my pup? :)

  20. Katie reply

    he’s actually the cutest dog i’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some pretty cute dogs!!!!! Love the little peeks of your house!

  21. Elizabeth Moore reply

    He is SO cute! And I love that room!

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