Bokeh is Ready to Relax!

  • Vacation

time this is published, we’ll be on the beaches in the Virgin Islands! Michael is assisting me as I shoot a wedding there on Sunday. We decided to go a few days early and take a mini-vacation before the work begins and we’re pumped! …. and so is Bokeh! Bokeh gets to spend a few days at Grandma’s house!! And he LOVES visiting both of them! Bobbi and Mike buy him a new treat every time he visits and my family lives on 10 acres and Bokeh gets to RUN FREE! So when he gets to go to Grandma’s…. no matter which one it is… he’s EXCITED!! By this time we’re probably missing him a little bit but I’m sure he’s doing just fine without us!!

Please notice Bokeh’s vacation attire….. that I did not buy. MICHAEL bought him this one weekend when I was away!! ha! I couldn’t believe it! But let me just say this… Bokeh really doesn’t mind his few minutes of dress-up time. He actually enjoys it because he gets a bazillion treats when he’s modeling!! He’s such a little poser…. AND apparently he’s a dancer too! :)


Ps. Bokeh is a BichPoo!  That’s a very common question so I figured I would just answer it before it’s even asked:)
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