Bokeh Behind the Scenes

  • The Workshop From a Bichpoo's Perspective

Bokeh boy has the power to derail absolutely ANY point that I’m trying to make while teaching at the workshop! Multiple times during our workshops, Bokeh will have what we call a “Bichon” moment where he SPRINTS into the living room with a toy flying through the air. He’s basically making a scene to make sure EVERYONE still knows how cute he is! It doesn’t matter how great I’m teaching, I can’t help but stop and laugh at how ridiculous he’s being!!!

Bokeh Boy isn’t just the center of attention in Bichon moments, he’s also QUITE the snuggler!!! He normally picks one or two favorite people (usually the attendees with the blankets!) and snuggles right up beside them!! During breaks, he gets lots of selfie love and I realized that I’ve never really shown how much Bokeh love there REALLY is during The Workshop Experience!!! So, enjoy seeing a true Behind The Scenes peek into what BOKEH’s life is like during The Workshop Experience!!!! iPhone photo credits : All the KJ Workshop Attendees!!!

Also! If you’re interested in getting a seat to the Workshop Experience next time and you want to have access FIRST, be sure to join the waiting list below!! This will allow you to get an email first before we send a massive email out to all 20,000 photographers on our email list!!! :

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kristina W. reply

    Haha, so cute! And 20,000 email recipients!!! That’s amazing!

  2. Kimberly Wilson reply

    Oh man he is the sweetest!! All the heart eyes for Bokeh boy!!

  3. Jill Gum reply

    Bokeh is just the cutest!!! So glad I got to snuggle him in November!!!

  4. Ashley reply

    One day I will make it out to Virginia to meet him. Oh so cute!

  5. Gracie reply

    So glad to see my Buddy isn’t the only one who has Bichon moments. Always buy soft toys!

  6. Sydni reply

    He is the cutest!! What an attention-stealer :P

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