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Well friends, we have one conference left… a few engagement sessions and a road trip to Chapel Hill this Thursday night before we can officially say that we’re done with the CRAZY! This fall has been one wild ride and we’ve MISSED THIS SWEET FACE! Last night during our webinar (which was amazing! Thanks to the THOUSANDS of you who showed up! WOW!!!) Bokeh popped his head into the video almost like he was trying to say “Hey! Remember Me! I’m still cute and fluffy!!”

I realized that the blog hadn’t seen a lot of Bokeh Boy in a long time and so for your entertainment and my memories, here are a few things you should know about Bokeh Boy…. today is his BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Bokeh is celebrating his 4th birthday today and it’s crazy how time is flying by!!! He still has plenty of energy and growls at the mention of the word “kitty”. He still does his “sit and shake” routine and he’s still completely and totally attached to Michael. He LOVES Michael!!! Bokeh’s favorite thing to do is leave the house right before sunset and drive out to a field and throw his “b-a-l-l!” He still freaks out over the vacuum and he bangs his food and water dishes when he’s in need of something. He hits the blinds in our bedroom if he needs to get our attention at night and he NEVER wants to leave our sides. He’s actually curled up beside me as close as possible right NOW!

We just adore this little guy and we’re so so thankful that he’s ours and that we can to experience his cute fluffy face as often as we want!!! :) He brings immense joy into our lives and we are so excited to celebrate him today!!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jill reply

    That growling at “kitten” is truly the cutest thing!!! Happy birthday, Bokeh Boy!

  2. Urška Majer reply

    Happy birthday, Bokeh!

  3. Sophia reply

    Happy Birthday Bokeh!! ♡

  4. Lauren Swann reply

    Happy Birthday Bokeh boy!!!

  5. Cindy reply

    Happy Birthday Bokeh!! Hope you have a good day!! Katelyn just wondering if the webinar last night will be offered on a video or download at any time? Was signed up for it but had photo shoot….

  6. cASI reply

    Happy Birthday to the best Bokeh Boy ever!!!! Hope you have the best day ever!!!!

  7. Mary Marantz reply

    Awwwww BOKEH!!! Happy Birthday buddy!!!!

  8. petalsandpromises Lisa Sommer reply

    Still remember your first photos of him wearing his tiny red raincoat ….
    Beyond cute!!

  9. Colleen Smith reply


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