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  • Wishing for Snow... Kinda.

people absolutely despise the snow. They say it’s gross and messy and just a pain for everyone. I tend to disagree…. I LOVE SNOW!!!!! I’ve always loved it. My whole FAMILY loves it. Our good friends, the Beales, used to have massive… and I mean MASSIVE snow parties when we were growing up! It was such a big deal to us. This year, snow is bitter sweet. It’s bittersweet because I know that if it snows again, they’ll stop progress on the new house… and you know I love my new house updates! So deep down in my heart I’m hoping for just ONE more little burst of snow before the end of winter… just one!

And Bokeh boy is hoping for that too. He LOVES the snow almost as much as his momma!! I’m already so excited about next winter!! Hopefully we’ll get to sit on our front porch (because we’ll have one!) and watch the snow come down… or sit in front of the fireplace (that will actually be usable… unlike ours now). So to all of you snow haters out there… you can have no more snow this year…. but next year, bring on the blizzards!!!!! Here are few pics of Bokeh playing last week…. such a cutie… except for that last pic, yikes!

Please notice that his front paws are off the ground… that’s what happens when you take his stick!

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  1. Mallory reply

    I just lovvvvve that picture of him running with the stick! His little ears flopping around are just too cute!! :)

  2. Mallory reply

    I just lovvvve that picture of him running with the stick…His little ears flopping around are too cute!! :)

  3. Caroline reply

    hahahaha. This is great! Those snow parties are the best!!

  4. Jessica Bealr reply

    Woot woot!!! We need a good snow party to keep jan happy! She’s gotten her hopes up several times this year only to be let down!! She’ll be so happy however to see her grand ole parties made the blog!

  5. Tamara reply

    I miss snow!!!! Nothing but high 70s this week.

  6. kathy reply

    TELL me what kind of adorable dog is this? What breed. He is just so dang cute.

  7. Annetta reply

    Love the last one with all those teeth! All our snow is almost gone. Having very unseasonably warm weather here.

  8. admin reply

    Bokeh is a Bich-Poo a mix between a Bichon and Poodle

  9. Carrie logan reply

    he is the sweetest!! i’ll be thinking and praying for you guys during tomorrow’s workshop! love you!

  10. Anna Burke reply

    I want a good snow this year. Mom already bought (and now has in the freezer) 80 hot dogs and the HUGE cans of stuff to make chili – we must have snow so we can have a SNOW PARTY!!!!!

  11. Alli McWhinney reply

    Bokeh is too cute!

  12. Melissa Kate reply

    You might feel differently about snow if you got 250 inches of it a year. ;)

  13. Meg Musick reply

    That last picture is hilarious! Makes me want a dog so badly.

  14. Kristina W. reply

    Bokeh is such a cutie! Floppy ears are the best!

  15. Amanda Truth reply

    On the one hand, I’m TOTALLY with you on the snow thing. BRING IT ON!!! On the other hand, I’m tired of it being so cold and gray, and I’m ready for some beautiful flowers to pop up!

  16. Ashlyn reply

    Sooo cute!!

  17. Marit Welker reply

    Stunning images! What a darling puppy and I love how you showcased its age and personality! nice work. I love taking pet photos even though I am primarily a portrait photographer here in Boise, Idaho. I am inspired by your work and your diversity. Going past weddings into other subjects is fun. Nice job!

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