(5 Month's with a Puppy)

  • Bokeh Is......

we’ve been puppy parents for over 5 months now. It seems like yesterday we introduced this little ball of orange fluff into our lives.  He’s full grown now (or so they say) and he’s about 12 lbs. He’s practically perfect in every way… except for the days when he decides to shred a paper towel into a billion pieces or poop under a chair because he thinks no one will find it. I’ve got news for you Bokeh Boy, anyone could smell you from a mile away! You’re small but you sure can stink up a room! But seriously, besides a few minor issues, he’s a wonderful dog. He’s almost too smart! As soon as I pick up the hairdryer he knows that I’m getting ready to leave the house and he hides!

We absolutely adore him and after being Bokeh’s puppy parents for almost half a year we’ve realized several things about Bokeh….



Bokeh is… a cuddler.
a wild man!

He has a need for SPEED!

He’s a smiler.

He’s definitely a BOY. Pees on everything.

He’s a puller…. if he doesn’t walk in between us he’ll pull us to China.

Bokeh is a sprawler… he’ll stretch out anywhere.

And he’s a protector…. he saves me from those scary squirrels in the front yard everyday!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Too cute…especially that last picture! :)

  2. Julie Satterwhite reply

    He is absolutely adorable! Will and I love to see the new pictures of him on Facebook.

  3. Becka Nix reply

    Aww that picture of his head to the window is sooo precious :)

  4. Brittany Schlamp reply

    I want one even more now!!! He’s so adorable. :)

  5. Mary Marantz reply

    Ahhh, I LOVE him!! xoxo M

  6. ashley link reply

    awww. so cute ‘n’ cuddly. the perfect little ball of fluff. so precious! :)

  7. Darci reply

    The need for speed one had me laughing out loud. I love it, so cute!! My hubby and I are owned by 2 pugs so we know what it’s like to have paws wrapped around our fingers. We love being puppy parents too. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Emily Paszczykowski reply

    He is such a precious pup! I adore him, or at least the pictures you post of him! We have been trying to get one of our own. Where did you find him? Pet store or breeder near you? We aren’t too far from Richmond! Haha

  9. JasmineStar reply

    Dyyyying. I’m officially dead.

  10. Karie Murray reply


  11. Annetta reply

    Cute as a button!!

  12. Cassandra reply

    Oh my goodness that need for speed one is too funny!!

  13. Ali Peterson reply

    Car shots are my favorite (as a pet photog). Love the one of him showing his need for speed.

  14. Kristina W. reply

    Soooooooo cute!!!! What a fun Friday post!

  15. Christy Tyler reply

    OMG. The one with his hair all swept back & head out the window! Hahah! Love it. So cute.

  16. Gabrielle reply

    Oh goodness gracious he is precious! And thanks to you introducing me to this breed, as of 2 weeks ago my husband and I became the proud parents of our own little boy bichpoo! :)

  17. Meaghan Lyndaker reply

    Dead. Laughing SO hard at that one of him with his head out the window. I’ve tried to get my 7 month old Pom to ride like that but he’ll have none of it.

  18. LeolaK reply

    I can’t take the cuteness!!! I would want to hang out with him all day too!!! The car pics are funny and adorable!!!

  19. Katie Reynolds reply

    Oh man! He is already 12 lbs! Sounds like he will be the same size as Buoy. Around 18. We love his size though, even though it is a lot bigger than we thought he was going to be. I love the way they sprawl with their back legs totally out! Buoy can’t wait to meet his cousin!!

  20. Abby Grace reply

    I about had a conniption laughing over the image of him with him head out the window. So stinkin cute!

  21. Anna Grace reply

    These are hilarious and adorable

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