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makeover everyone! If you follow me on Instagram you already know this but my mother has been grooming Bokeh Boy for the last month or so and she’s scissor happy!!! He’s so short!!! But we’re finding that his shorter hair is MUCH easier to manage, especially when it’s still somewhat warm outside. So Bokeh has had a mini makeover and I actually think that he looks more “puppy-like” than he did before! Maybe it’s the ears? I don’t know… but we like it. He’s a cutie no matter how long his hair is! I still think we need to let him be a big fluff ball every now and then!!!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

Take a look at his before and after!!! This was earlier this summer… such a mess! Yikes!

And this is the new and improved Bokeh boy!!!

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  1. Melissa Kate reply

    awwww!! i love his short do! :)

  2. Heather Stockett reply

    Absolutely adorable! And I LOVE the name!!

  3. molly reply

    it’s so hard to look at these photos and not immediately go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  4. Ali Lovegrove reply

    He looks FANTASTIC! Whenever we get Harry groomed he looks SO different but so cute. I love Bokeh’s confused face too :) xx

  5. brittney maxey reply

    What kind of dog is it? So cute : )

  6. Aimee reply

    So cute Katelyn!

  7. Melissa C reply

    Looking very spiffy Bo !

  8. Kristina W. reply

    He does look more like a puppy with his fur short! It looks so cute!

  9. Rowena Ritter reply

    Awwww I think he looks better this way cause you can see his eyes :)

  10. Laura reply

    Oh my gosh, he is so cute!

  11. LeolaK reply

    AWWW…what a cutie!!!

  12. Abby Grace W reply

    He is SOOOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!!!:):)

  13. Beth |Daily Dog Tag reply

    Bokeh is adorable either way, but he does look more puppy like with shorter hair.

  14. Sheaulee Ng reply

    How is he so good at posing?! :)

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