• Bokeh's First Sailing Trip!

been away from home for a while and that means that we’ve been away from Bokeh for a while. So, we have decided to include him in some of the upcoming events in our life. The first thing was a sailing trip! Our sweet friends Buddy and Jill invited us to join their family on an afternoon sail on Sunday. Since we were already going to be in DC for a conference, we decided this would be a fun way to take a day off before another busy week begins. We ALSO decided that Bokeh should join us because he was already going to be joining us for the conference! (YAY for pet friendly hotels!!!)

So, Bokeh experienced his FIRST sailing adventure and he loved it!  We had a blast on Buddy’s dad’s amazing sailboat and we are so thankful that they invited us to join in on their weekending!! Enjoy a few pictures of day and of this sweet fluffy puppy of ours. :)

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  1. Megan reply

    and you think im obsessed with my erik, hehe. looks like he loved it! you should get him a little lifejacket!! xx

  2. Rebecca Petersen reply

    Bokeh’s expression in the first photo is so adorable! We’ve been wanting to take our Finnegan sailing but we’re worried how he would do

  3. elizabeth. reply

    How fun! Gorgeous pictures of your adventure :)

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I love that second photo of Michael and Buddy jumping in…Michael’s face is epic. :)

  5. Amelia Protiva reply

    These are all so sweet! Looks like such fun times.. :)

  6. Kristina W. reply

    Oh my gosh, Bokeh’s grin is so adorable!

  7. Tonya Damron reply

    seriously adorable pup

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