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am heading out of town for a wedding tomorrow. I’m excited! I get to see my sister… one of my favorite people in the world! And I get to see my bestest friend Caroline! …. and I get to take pretty pictures and be in the mountains!!… And I get to travel and sing Adele the WHOLE way to Blacksburg!! ….. But all of that joy diminishes when I think about leaving little Bokeh. I feel so ridiculous. It’s a DOG Katelyn. You’re not leaving your newborn CHILD…. you’re leaving your new puppy… for less than 24 hours! It’s NOT that big of a deal……right? It’s not like I’m going to miss him growing up overnight…. it’s only one day!

I’ll admit, this feels weird. Of course I don’t like leaving Michael, but after having several destination weddings, we’ve gotten used to me traveling.  It’s different with Bokeh… he’s so new and fluffy and sweet and learning new things everyday… I feel like I might miss out on something!  So if you follow me of twitter or instagram or facebook and see you some pitiful “I miss my puppy” tweets or an abundance of puppy pics being shared between Michael and I… it’s because I’m attached. I’m VERY attached to this little guy and it’s only been a few days!  I’m such a GIRL!!!


Everyone, have a fantastic weekend and stay WARM and if you’re a puppy parent….. give him a big squeeze and enjoy your weekend together:):)


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  1. Tricia reply

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for several months now, but this is my first time commenting! I understand how you feel – I’ve been there with our two kitties (and I totally consider them my fur children)! Hope your weekend is wonderful and missing Bokeh isn’t too overwhelming!!

  2. Courtney Reese reply

    I totally get it :)

  3. Sarah Syhakhoun reply

    I would miss him, too! Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. Although he’s not a newborn baby, puppies are so similar to babies, and as women, our hearts are designed to love babies (or baby-like creatures), so this just means your heart is working properly! My hubby and I want to get a puppy because we love animals and also because it will be easier to wait to have a baby because right now it is very hard, especially when I see babies everywhere! Now I probably sound crazy . . .

  4. Katie reply

    Look at those eyes!!! So adorable!!

  5. Kathy Byars reply

    I totally understand. Who would want to leave that little fuzzy face. I swear that dog looks like a stuffed animal, never have I seen anything so cute.

  6. Jade Wildes reply

    Do NOT feel ridiculous! I miss my dogs when I’m just at work! My husband sends me pictures of them in the morning at least 3 times a week, because I leave at 5am everyday for a bootcamp before work and don’t get home until 6pm. I am so excited every day to come home and see them. I try to spend as much time with them as possible, to the point my husband has to remind me that it’s okay to have a social life. Enjoy the puppy time and remember to take plenty of videos, in addition to all your wonderful pictures.

  7. Tara reply

    oh my goodness… that picture! He almost looks like a stuffed animal- TOO cute. Hope your weekend away is bearable! :)

  8. Deborah Zoe reply

    welcome to the club :)

  9. Jess reply

    Bokeh in a picture that has bokeh ;) very nice..

  10. Stephanie Stewart reply

    I can’t blame you for not wanting to leave adorable Bokeh – he is sooo sweet! I just want to squeeze him! It will get easier, ok, maybe a little easier over time. And he will be even MORE excited to see you when you come home!

  11. Lauren reply

    GREAT name for a puppy! And he’s SO cute! Mine isn’t as fluffy… chihuahua/fox terrier… but he’s a snuggle butt… so I understand :p hehe

  12. Erin Schrad reply

    I totally understand!! I think I find excuses to work at home when I can because I hate to leave my Maddie alone… at first when she was a puppy it was because she wasn’t housebroken, then it was because she had separation anxiety and would destroy things, then I just felt “mommy” guilt that she sits alone in the house all day so, if I can go to the office at 10:30/11:00/noon/not at all, why not? She’s 4 now and I’m still not over it! (I can only imagine how I’ll be one day with a child!)

  13. Kristina W. reply

    He is so cute! I love this mommy-puppy photo!

  14. Meredith Sledge reply

    Oh my gosh, he’s the cutest dog on the face of the planet.

  15. Emily reply

    How could you not be attached to that sweet face, right? He’s so adorable!

  16. Elizabeth reply

    katelyn, i know exactly what you mean!!!! my family got a puppy while i was away at camp this summer, and every time i have to leave home to go back to college…it’s hard. puppies are the best :)

    and that picture is ADORABLE!!!!!!

  17. Cassady reply

    How could you not be attached to such an adorable puppy, especially when he’s giving you that look!? I have no idea how I’m going to leave the family dog when I move to New York with Ben…I’m dreading it.

  18. Miranda :] reply

    My dog Samson is 3 and I still get sad every time I leave for out of town…….he is my baby! It never stops.

  19. Suzy G reply

    He is totally adorable and I can see why you would be attached. Awe.

  20. Brenda reply

    awe KK . . . you’re so sweet and Bokeh is so cute! I read this post “after” puppy-sitting. Bokeh was a good boy ad we had fun! But I’m sure he is glad that you are back home! I think he is already VERY attached to you too! :)

  21. Brenda reply

    Ha! I bet you were glad to see that I had a typo in my post! Or did you even notice? :) luv ya

  22. Laura McGrath reply

    I think that there need to be more pictures of this dog on the internet.

  23. Christy reply

    He is seriously the same color as your hair! Love it. :)

  24. Brenda reply

    I agree . . . more pics of Bokeh please! :)

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