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  • Snow Day

been a while since Bokeh boy has had a blog post to himself. I remember when we first brought him home, people told me that I wouldn’t take as many pictures of him once he got older and I’m determined to prove them wrong! :) I actually think that Bokeh is just as cute now as he was when he was a puppy! It’s a different kind of “cute” but it’s still CUTE! He brings so much joy to our lives and we’re trying to show him a little extra love since his grandparents just got a bichpoo puppy of their own and Bokeh has had a hard time with that. haha HUGE jealously issues!! He just loves his “people”

and I’m so glad he’s attached to us so much. Some people ask if we have to put him on a leash to take him out to use the bathroom and we normally don’t.  He listens well and the only two things that could hinder him from listening are a cat or a squirrel so we keep our eyes peeled! :) Yesterday we went out for a few minutes to take some pictures in the snow. My little snow bunny didn’t last very long in that 14 degree weather but he did last just long enough for some adorable pictures in the snow!! So for those of you with ANOTHER snow day today, enjoy!!!!

What a cutie! 

Our roads are covered!

My little snow bunny!!

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  1. Urška Majer reply

    He is so cute! LOve the last photo!

  2. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    So cute!

  3. Kristina W. reply

    Awww, I love the one of him running! :)

  4. Deborah Zoe reply

    You clearly don’t live in the Northeast;);)!

  5. melissa coetzee reply

    He really is the most photogenic pup !!

  6. Katie reply

    He’s the cutest!!!!!!!! We might be getting a puppy soon and I can’t wait!!! :)

  7. shelley reply

    Hey Katelyn!! Great pics! I was wondering what lens you use?!

  8. shelley reply

    Oops* Ty!

  9. Casie Crump reply

    I live near the Richmond area, where did you buy Bokeh from? A nearby breeder? I have been trying to find a Bichpoo :)

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