To His Grandmas!

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and I realize that once we have a family one day, we can’t necessarily travel the way we do now. Our schedules will have to subside and our days and evenings will be spent at home more often. But for right now, we’re young and we don’t have any kids…. except Bokeh Boy. Every time we have a long weekend or an all day event of some kind, he goes to one of his grandparent’s houses. We are SO thankful that they are only 50 minutes away and that they love him! There are some dogs that aren’t the easiest to care for and so we’re beyond thankful that our mom’s are constantly willing to take him.

They love it! Michael’s mom loves Bokeh boy so much that she’s getting a bichpoo of her own in a few weeks from Bokeh’s original parents! We’re SO excited!!

Right now Bokeh is probably at my parent’s house chasing barn kitties or stealing Lucky’s (my parent’s dog) treats! When he’s at Michael’s parent’s house, their kitty runs for her life and literally stays in the basement until he leaves!! He has a little too much energy for the cat! Even though they say they can’t wait to dog-sit him again, I know this it’s still a lot of work to keep him so often and so we just had to say a huge THANK YOU to our parents!! There is no way we could do this on our own and we’re so glad Bokeh doesn’t have to go to a kennel every weekend! AND we’re glad we don’t have to pay for a kennel!

Bokeh says thank you to all of his wonderful caregivers and we do too!! Thank you momma and Bobbi for taking such great care of our fur baby when we’re gone!! Thank you Bobbi and Mike and Aunt Sarah for taking him EVERYWHERE and keeping him entertained with new toys! And thank you to my momma for saving us the hassle and cost of grooming! Bokeh looks GOOD because of her!! We are so thankful for you all!!

Sporting his new jacket from his grammy! 

My momma gave him bath for Christmas and he was SO fluffy!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Urška Majer reply

    He looks so cute in this new jacket!

  2. ashley barnett reply

    Awww this is cute! Jeremy and I feel the same way about my parents! They always are so willing to take in our crazy pups and love on their “grand doggies” – my mom literally calls herself their grandma. And my moms cat is TERRIFIED of cooper hahaha

  3. Kristina W. reply

    Awww, he’s so cute! I love the one of him giving a kiss to Michael’s sister! :D

  4. Melissa reply

    I am in love with your dog. I had a bichon growing up and now recently married my husband and I are looking for a dog if our own. Please share the information if your dogs breeder. I truly will appreciate it very much.

  5. Sky reply

    Hi! My husband and I are in love with you fluffy child :) Bokeh . Can you please email me the name of the breeder you got him from ! That would make our day

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