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Many gave emailed me and have asked about my branding. Who made your website? (I did, because I’m a Showiteer!! Woopwoop!:) Who made your logo and your blog and how did you decide on TEAL? And how did you make people REMEMBER you and keep coming back to your blog? These are questions I receive all the time and they are GREAT questions!! REALLY great questions. When I think about the photographers that I LOVE following… they all have something in common. They all share a simliar marketing strategy and it WORKS. These photographers all use what I like to call “Brand Boosters”.

Now, I created this term so it’s not official, don’t try to look it up. I may not be the first to coin this phrase so if I’m copying someone, forgive me!! A BRAND BOOSTER is anything within a business that makes it more unique, set apart and builds up the existing brand. We’re in an industry where we have to be UNIQUE….. there are SO many photographers out there that have amazing images! Anyone can shoot weddings with a 50mm lens and have awesome images that have a simliar style to mine! So how do I become UNIQUE in a saturated market full of photographers trying to do this SAME thing as me?! I market myself and make my BRAND about ME! … And I do this through BRAND BOOSTERS.


BRAND BOOSTERS are things that photographers incorporate into their blogging, tweeting and facebooking that allow viewers into their personal life and form a connection!! I have so many people send me links to “House of Turquoise Blog” and tell me to check it out!! Why?! Because they think of me when they see TEAL! My love for TEAL is one of my Brand Boosters! Here are some examples from some photographers you may know:


Jasmine Star’s Brand Boosters:

1. Her Past, she has an incredible story!

2. Polo!

3. She’s not the BEST cook in the world and she admits that openly

4. JD, he’s a HUGE part of her business!

5. Whenever I see a Pinkberry sign… I think of her.



Justin & Mary’s Brand Boosters:

1. They drive a cute mini-cooper

2. Coincidentally, their adorable golden retreiver is named Cooper

3. They’re addicted to Starbucks and admit that openly:)

4. They  just renovated their first home and it’s beautiful!

5. They’re huge WVU Fans!



The Shultzes’ Brand Boosters :

1. They’re so active in their awesome church and blog about events frequently

2. They just started their family and baby Boone is adorable

3. They have three dogs… that blows my MIND!



Gray Photography’s Brand Boosters:

1. They had a MASSIVE Christmas Tree! MASSIVEI tell you!

2. They too are obsessed with coffee with a green mermaid on the cup. Is that even a mermaid? I don’t know.

3. Somehow they BOTH look awesome in little trendy hats!!!


Katelyn James Photography’s Brand Boosters:

1. I just got married and had a peacock themed wedding!! LOVE peacock everything!!!

2. Michael! He’s handsome and he’s an amazing husband…. so I blog about him!

3. I’m addicted to Diet Mountain Dew!

4. I’m young, just graduated from college 1.5 years ago

5. TEAL IS MY FAVORITE COLOR… Nothing even compares to its’ beauty!

6. I love to decorate… so I show off our home with “Before and After” posts

7. My husband is a Youth Pastor and so our life is FULL of teenagers!!! So I blog about that.

8. OUR NEWEST BRAND BOOSTER?!! ….. Our Puppy! You better believe he’ll be on the BLOG … A LOT! NEXT WEEK EVERYONE! NEXT WEEK!!



So here’s my challenge to you! 80% of my blog readers are photographers believe it or not! So I know that a LOT of you out there are running businesses of your own and that’s so exciting! Whether you’re a blogger or a tweeter or an avid facebooker or ALL THREE….. start using some of your own brand boosters! Maybe you’re an AMAZING cook… unlike me! Use that skill to promote your brand! Maybe you just had a baby?! SHARE about this new phase of life because I guarantee other people that follow your work have had children of their own before and can relate to that! When people relate to you… they remember you. It’s that simple! But you have to give them SOMETHING TO RELATE to! Maybe you’re a knitter, or an athlete or maybe you’re in the process of REALLY getting into shape and losing weight… maybe you have a room in your house that’s painted NEON ORANGE… BLOG about that! If I read a blog post about a NEON ORANGE bedroom… I wouldn’t forget it!


I hope this post gave a little insight into how brand boosters can be a HUGE marketing strategy for your business! Take a look at your life  and start picking out some weird, crazy, cool, and sentimental aspects of it to SHARE!  If you have some great ideas of BRAND BOOSTERS for your business… SHARE them in a comment! Be sure to leave your email so I can send the BEST Brand Booster idea a little Starbucks gift!! 


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Christy reply

    I love the idea of brand boosters and I use them too (although unknowingly at first… haha)!
    I’ve had blog readers/twitter/fb followers email me all sorts of things that they think I would like because they’re gray & yellow with stripes! (Yay Promise for giving me an awesome brand that is ME!)
    Other brand boosters I suppose (now that I’m thinking of it):
    1. Cooking (I share recipes + pictures of what I make)
    2. Our new puppy Chloe (she’s insane!)
    3. My husband (& 2nd shooter) … I share personal/funny tidbits from our life together.
    4. My family & extended family – I share LOTs of pics of my personal life, traditions, niece/nephews… you name it!
    5. Nail polish! I share my favorite colors & talk about my nail polish obsession. Now people send me coupons & links for polishes! :)

    *p.s. I can’t wait for your puppy to be your next brand booster! I want to meet this little guy!!!

  2. Michael reply

    So your saying we can paint the fire place Neon Orange.

  3. Katie Nesbitt reply

    I think my sense of humor is something I’m working on using as a brand booster. I’m just trying to be me and I just like making cheesy (some might call them cheap) jokes so I try to incorporate my brand (ha) of humor into my posts and facebook. I also really like sharing DIY projects since I did so many for my own wedding.

  4. Katie Nesbitt reply

    I totally forgot that I’m always talking about how much I love junk food…how did I forget that??? OMG.

  5. Emilia Jane reply

    Love this girl! I am 1000% trying to brand my business to ME and nothing else :-)

  6. Abby Grace reply

    Ok so I started this random giveaway on my Facebook page/blog a few months ago- one box of Nerds to whomever writes the best poem about Harry Potter. It’s funny how many people remembered it, so I did another Nerds giveaway. And then another, and then another. I even had a follower from Denmark enter because she wanted to try these tangy candies I’d been talking up so much. So the Nerds giveaways are definitely what comes to mind first :)

  7. Deborah Zoe reply

    LOVE IT!:) My brand boosters?: our pup Maya, my amazing husband Dave, my love for all things pink, my obsession with instagram, love for decorating and running and MY RED HAIR:) and so many other things but that’s a start:)

  8. Meredith Sledge reply

    Although I’m not a full time photographer like you, I still thought I’d do this because I always try to think of little things like this that would make my business better when I hopefully am a full time photographer someday! One of those things is to send out personal thank you cards to everyone who I take pictures of and to personally decorate that plain card on the front with lace and all things turquoise and lime green, since those are things I love. I’m sure most people do write thank you notes but I think that’s one of the most important things no matter what. Secondly, I want to do giveaways every month or so. People love getting free stuff and I’ve always been quick to jump at those opportunities too! Since I have a blog, I do a giveaway every now and again but I want to do that more often. And I want to give away different things that either represent me or things that I’ve made, since I love to knit and crochet. :) Okay, that was entirely too long. Sorry!

  9. Annia reply

    Darn it! Katie stole my brand booster!! (Just kidding, Katie!) But if I had to pick something that other people have picked up on, it’s my quirky/irreverent personality that makes its way into my blog from time to time. I love the list you put together, Katelyn! Such a simple concept but so effective!

  10. Catie reply

    I loved this post!! I think that brand boosters for me are my puppy Roper, TEALovin’, my extreme love for being outside hunting and fishing, and my faith in the Lord. I am ALWAYS talking about my puppy and the other day someone came up to me and said that every time they see a border collie think of me! Which I think is cool!!! My all time favorite color is also TEAL!!! And for Christmas, most of everything I received was in fact TEAL! because that DOES remind them of me :) Yesterday my mom called me and said that she has a surprise for me and all she would tell me is that it is teal; I squealed :)

  11. Lauryn reply

    does my handmade weddings series count? i love being crafty, and showing how to incorporate fun details on a budget is something that is really me. if not, how about my cats? I’m a cat lady at heart and blog about them on leashes in my backyard. basically i love starbucks and I’m desperate okay?

  12. Beverly reply

    9. your open, fun, loving, and out-going personality!

  13. Amanda Truth reply

    Kately!! Dare I say it you’ve given me not one but TWO amazing new ideas!! I’m getting married this October and I’ve been thinking about blogging about it for a while but just haven’t…I think it’s time to start!! And secondly…I LOVE to bake!! I think I smell a new blog series in the works!! Thank you for always sharing your infinite wisdom with us all!!

  14. ashley barnett reply

    Fun post Katelyn! I think for Jarnett Photography, our mutual LOVE of cars and the story of how we met not only each other, but our significant others through CARS (I mean really, it has 4 wheels and an engine) is just awesome and crazy. And something I definitely want to incorporate more into our blogging. Two girlie photographers who love cars is something I don’t think you see everyday! :)

  15. ashley barnett reply

    Also, I think Lauryn’s brand booster is her awesome hipster glasses… jus saying! :)

  16. Lauren Wakefield reply

    I love the term “brand boosters”…mine would have to be Goose (my pug), Gary (my extra adorable boyfriend), and Grande coffees (Starbucks+Lauren=<3). All why looking extra stylish. ;) Love this post!

  17. Sabrina reply

    I think the most fun part about this post is that when I saw the pictures at the top, I knew how much you loved each one! And the same with the other photographers. And one of my goals for the year is to be more ME so that people can relate! So thanks for jump starting me!! 1. Cherry Coke (Y-U-M) 2. Got married in the fall at 32 yrs old (it was SOOO worth the wait!) 3. I’m a Clemson University alum and a huge fan… therefore… 4. I love ORANGE (which is part of my brand!)

  18. Sonya reply

    You’re amazing, nuff said. I love this challenge!

  19. Sonya reply

    Oh, I got so excited I didn’t finish the blog post. haha My brand boosters would be, Marine wife, just had a baby, love crossfit(type of workout), love to cook, I’m ASIAN, I love houndstooth, black and white, and I love symmetry in my photos, I’m also an extreme couponer!

  20. Laurajane reply

    i’d say that right now my brand booster would be that i’m doing this fashion challenge where i’m only wearing 30 pieces from my closet for the whole month of january and i can’t repeat any outfits. so i’m blogging my daily outfits. and my other one is my adorable puppy. i need to start putting her on the blog more. right now she’s just on my personal facebook. i post funny videos of her.

  21. Lauryn reply

    Ashley!! I havent blogged those yet!! AH!!

  22. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting about this! I was just wondering how to look unique and stand out and you answered it so well! (I love how God orchestrates everything perfectly!)

  23. lindsay reply

    so i guess i had a brand booster and had no idea! everyone, and i do mean EVERYONE, thinks of me when they see owl anything. Its in my watermark and logo and i collect owl figurines. and i talk about it, a lot. i guess you could call it an obsession. (i just hope my cat doesnt get freaked out by all the eyes staring back at her in my office!)

  24. Sarah Goodwin reply

    People connect over the biggest and the smallest details so we can brand ourselves by showcasing who we are- without changing ourselves into something we aren’t…and I LOVE this. I’ve been trying to blog more about my love of all things handmade & crafty, pinterest, natural remedies & random favorite things…and its so much easier to blog about what you like & know.

  25. Gail reply

    Great post, Katelyn! And what great folks to feature on this topic (I loved hearing Mary talk about could almost say “Talking about branding” is part of their brand :) )

    Oh, and I can’t eat meatloaf without thinking of Jasmine :)

  26. sarah dattoma reply

    Katelyn, thanks for the pick-me-up!! You are so great at putting things into words that I’m fumbling to explain in my head… or out loud! One of my brand boosters is called “DAttoma Daily.” I love landscape photography & photo art images. Sometimes those don’t connect with clients because it’s just another “pretty tree or flower”. So i developed this as a way to share photo art images that are a part of my daily life or BEHIND THE SCENES on photo shoots of the surroundings. It’s been great!

  27. Libby ryder reply

    I love it and I must say it’s working…I do think
    of you when I see teal and diet mt dew. my brand…if I had one would be my baby ava. she is my life and I show pics and talk about her…people love her and they do not even “know” her. xo

  28. JasmineStar reply

    You’re so hot I can’t even STAND IT!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  29. Becca reply

    I love the orange idea & Michael’s comment! =) Too funny. Well Orange isn’t my style, but I love Orange Girl’s obsession with it. My style & brand boosters are anything country. In mere months I’ll finally be able to blog the MIRANDA LAMBERT style wedding I’ve been crafting that some auh-mazing brand booster photographer I know is capturing. =) There are always a lot of babies on the blog too. I LOVE babies {none soon! but one day!} Until then I get to spoil everyone else’s babies with pictures and gush over them on the blog. I’m always boosting my obsession and tips for all things crafts. You wanna make it call me. I love crafts & feature them on the blog lots.

  30. Jill Samter Photography reply

    HA HA HA! I love Michael’s comment! Loved this post and you know I’m working the branding boost on my sites! Love you and sending hugs from all of us!!!!

  31. Amanda reply

    My Brand Boosters would probably be my children and my love of anything older than me!!! I’m vintage obsessed!!! :)

  32. Amanda reply

    Oh and coffee out of a percolator!!!! Total obsession!!!! :)

  33. Tiffany Farley reply

    GREAT post!!! :)

  34. Carolyn Counihan reply

    I’m a new photographer in the process of starting a business, so I appreciate your challenge to think of what makes you YOU. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, so here goes:
    1) In the MOB club: Mother of a Boy. So many fun discoveries as this girlie girl raises & nurtures an ADORABLE toddler boy. :)
    2) Slightly & unassumingly goofy: it’s not unusual for me to post PG dance-offs to other members of my family on FB or get caught teaching my son how to dance to a Miley Cyrus song.
    3) Early riser: I work out, get dressed, eat breakfast, clean and have devotions before 8am…even on Saturdays.
    4) Jane Austen could have been my best friend: super addicted to English romantic fiction, which was especially fueled when I went to Bible school in England.
    5) Married to a (REAL) bald man: who wouldn’t like to be told that her husband looks like Lex Luthor from Smallville?
    6) Career girl turned stay at home mom: I left my job at a marketing agency to stay at home with my son.
    Thanks for helping me see that I actually have something to blog about. :) Love your blog!

  35. Tara reply

    Such good advice that I will have to remember what I officially do branding! It got me to thinking about my currently dark purple nails. I always paint my nails this color and I continually buy basically the same shade over and over… each time thinking “this purple is a little different!” :)

  36. Jill de Bruin reply

    I Love the colors coral and gray together… my tabby cat whose name is Bobby thinks anyone who comes to our house is his new best friend :) He also thinks he is my assistant as he stands in front of the monitor to get my attention! My husband whom I LOVE and have been married to for two years now. I also am a huge fan of Starbucks peppermint mocha…or anything chocolate for that matter!

  37. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Great post! This is definitely one of my major goals for 2012! I’d say one of my brand boosters is my puppy, Lucy – everyone just loves her always ask to see more photos as she grows. I’ve been working on getting a little more personal on my blog, and I’ve been taking photos of things like lip balm, recent dinners that I’ve cooked, etc. I’m not a great cook, but I’m learning, and my hubby and I are trying to eat healthier. Ok, sorry to ramble here! :)

  38. Meredith Whitley reply

    This is so true! When I walked into Target the other day and saw alll the teal I literally said to myself ‘I need to email and let Katelyn know!’

  39. Anna Burke reply

    2 things… 1. as numerous others have already mentioned, I LOVE Michael’s comment! 2. Beverly’s comment is right on… your personality is what so many people remember. How can you not remember and love someone with your personality! Richard and I were discussing Sunday how far you’ve come and all of your blog stalkers (we met a few!)… you’ve got it going on, girl! Love you, KK!

  40. Jade reply

    Love it!!! Love you blog.. Cant wait to meet your pup!!! I need to find a couple of more brand boosters… thank you..

  41. Lydia reply

    I’ve never heard it explained quite like that, and it hit me in a new way! You’re so smart, Katelyn!

  42. Melissa reply

    I love this post Katelyn! Thank you so much for helping me think of things that make me unique. The first thing that comes to mind is my husband. We met on E-Harmony and were married 30 days (YES DAYS) later. 7 years in – I thank God every day for sending him to me. He is truly the most supportive, loving and amazing man (next to Michael of course). LOL xoxo

  43. Cheyenne Schultz reply

    What a sweet surprise! I loved reading this – so fun. And yes, I don’t recommend three dogs….it is a MAD HOUSE!


  44. Cyn Kain reply

    Loved this post! I have been thinking about this a lot lately! Some things I plan to share on a regular basis…I LOVE TO COOK – and I have been cooking a lot with fresh ingredients + making some super healthy eats that actually TASTE delish :) I already talk about my pup a lot…maybe too much? Recently I’ve become addicted to Pilates Reformer – it has changed my life! Great post!

  45. Cyn Kain reply

    Fantastic post – and something I have been thinking a lot about for my brand! Some things I will be sharing – My Healthy Eats – I LOVE to cook and lately started cooing with lots of veggies/fresh ingredients – and these healthy meals actually taste good! I talk about my pup a lot but could probably incorporate her a little more – she is my furry child ;) I have also recently become addicted to Pilates Reformer – it has changed my life! I am considering sharing my experience/journey from when I started. Thanks for your post!

  46. bec reply

    well, I’ve just started out on my own, but I guess my brand boosters would be feathers. I have based my logo on a feather, it has a lot of meaning behind it for me, and I am starting to incoroporate into shoots. As well as my about me photo! I also have 2 dogs and a cat, and they will be featuring more and more on my blog as well. Other than that, the things I like/love are very similar to alot of other photographers, so I’m not sure how that is going to set me apart. I’m actually a little stumped on this one, so if anyone has advice, love to hear it! ;) It’s not that I’m boring either, i promise! Maybe just not so self aware yet.
    Thanks for the blog post, great job. I also associate the colour teal with you, so go teal!

  47. Faith Bowyer reply

    Great post. I definitely need to use some of these tips in further establishing my brand : )

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  50. Noi Tran reply

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading this and found it very helpful. I never thought of Brand Booster though I do blog a lot about my home cooking and road trips I have often with my wonderful husband!

  51. Kimberly reply

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe that I am just discovering your blog. This is such an awesome post. I’ve been wondering what I can do to stand out from all of the other wonderful photographers out there. I’m going to start thinking seriously about what my “brand boosters” are. I think one of them is that I love to make things and do all sorts of crafts. Earlier this week, I blogged about a stylish card box that I made. I’d love to incorporate more of that on my blog, but I thought that maybe I should just stick to highlighting the portrait work that I do. Now I know that it is okay to incorporate more of “me” in my posts. Thanks for the push!

  52. Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings} reply

    You’ve inspired me to delve even further into my brand and its boosters… and I run a wedding a blog! :) xo

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  54. Shannon Rosan reply

    This is such wonderful advice! Love your term ‘Brand Booster’!

  55. hellorachiee reply

    I was browsing on for some wedding ideas for my sister. I came across a teal wedding cake and I knew it looked familiar, and then I realized, it’s yours!

  56. Karie reply

    Ok. So I have to admit. I saw this post not long after you wrote it, but I didn’t really read it until now. I love what you have to say about “brand boosters”! I just went through a little self re-brand. What I had was ok, but I wasn’t entirely happy with it. After hearing so many times that my brand is ME, I had an epiphany! I’m going to sell me. I’m a lifestyle wedding and portrait photographer, I’m going to share my lifestyle. – a lifestyle photographer, with a new, newly renovated old farm house (which people love seeing), I have three kids (lots of stories there!), we homeschool them, I have a home studio, I love things that are vintage and old (rusty gold- my husband re-ferbs & re-pourposes stuff like this on the side)…there is just so much of my lifestyle I can share. So, I’m melding the two together. My lifestyle and lifestyle photography …..and it’s perfect! It’s me. It’s what I do and what I’m about. I don’t think I’ve ever felt happy about my photography business and where it is going from here! Thanks for all your encouragement Katelyn!

  57. Elicia reply

    Katelyn, I’m a portrait photographer but I love reading your blog and your advice for photographers. You are so right about having “your thing” that makes you unique. I’ve been thinking about this since I read this post and I think I know how to sell myself. I appreciate your advice! You rock.

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