• Brandon + Chrissy | Part II

I have heard from other photographers that they do not prefer to photograph weddings of friends.  I have recently come to the conclusion that this just is not true for me! Photographing Brandon and Chrissy’s wedding  was an incredible privilege.  To be by Chrissy’s side every moment of the happiest day of her life was such an awesome experience.  I just loved it! The whole day I found myself thinking “I love this, I just love this job….. why am I taking communications classes??”.  If it was up to me I would do this all day every day.  This is a passion of mine and I have never been more convinced of that than when I was shooting this wedding.  As I wiped tears off the back of my camera during the ceremony, I became so thankful for these dear friends and so honored that they would let me  document their day.  They are such an amazing couple and I wish them the very best with this new chapter of their life!!


Brandon and Chrissy, THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your life. You are such an inspiration and I cherish your friendship! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Duke!

Yea, they’re totally models!

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  1. Alice Owens reply

    These photos are absolutely Amazing Katelyn, What talent you have!! Awesome job!!

  2. Meghan reply

    wow wow wow wow wow!!!!

    These photos are just amazing. They truly are. You can just see the love gushing out of them in each picture. I know they will cherish these photos forever. I have so so many favorites! I REALLY love the 3rd one down. The way he has her so close to the ground and the level you were on when you took it. They all just took my breath away. Gosh, they really almost made me cry, they are just so beautiful. GREAT JOB!!!

  3. Syd reply

    last two…

  4. evelyn reply

    I have looked at these pictures like 100 times..they are soo happy and i’m soooo thrilled you were able to capture that.

  5. MomOfTheBride reply

    Katelyn, we are so blessed by your talent. I laugh and cry as I look at these pictures of Chrissy and Brandon and remember every moment of an incredible day. You captured their heart, their spirit, and their love of Christ and each other in every photo.
    Thank you for sharing of yourself,
    Debbie Jaeger

  6. AuntOfTheGroom reply

    Katelyn – you rock, girl! I DEARLY love my nephew & am so thrilled to gain Chrissy as a niece, so I guess I might be biased, but these are some of the most wonderful wedding pics I have ever seen (excepting maybe my other nephew’s wedding :-) You are amazingly gifted – I see that creative spark of the Creator! Laura

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  11. Karen P. reply

    I love this wedding. I can tell you had a great time documenting your friends special. Through the photos one can tell how happy in love they were that day. They are HOTT, btw. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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