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I was at the Pursuit conference and Michael was at another conference when we realized that there was a slight chance that our builders had started building OUR HOUSE!! I didn’t think that the permits had come in and so I really didn’t expect anything but Michael asked our good friend Tyler to go take a look! I was standing in the back of the auditorium at the conference when Ashley (Ty’s wife) got a text with pictures of the DIRT!!! I don’t know what came over me but as soon as I saw the pictures of the excavators and piles of dirt, I turned into one big puddle!

I’m sure the girls who were surrounding me were worried. “She’s crying over DIRT and EXCAVATORS?” Yes. Yes I was… because those piles of dirt and those excavators represent the beginning of a dream that we have waited for for close to a year and a half! It was December of 2014 when we first found this land and then we had a year and a half of hoops to jump through in order to make this a reality. And it’s FINALLY HAPPENING!!!! It’s crazy!! I cried looking at our dirt because I also know that this property is all the Lords. It’s not really ours… we may be paying the mortgage on this house but we know that it’s being built with a bigger picture in mind. I wish I could see in advance all of the people, conversations, relationships and workshops that will take place on this little pile of dirt!!

The footers are being poured next week and we’ll start to really see the outline of the house!! It’s fun to stop by and see the progress but it’s even BETTER to see it from ABOVE!!! Thanks to Tyler Herrinton, we have DRONE footage of our DIRT!!! Somehow he can make our dirt feel like the beginning of pride and prejudice!! 😃 Enjoy!

Big thanks to Tyler for this!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Annetta reply

    So cool! I’m excited for you!

  2. Erika mills reply

    I cannot wait to see all the people you love on and serve through this piece of Earth!! I’m so proud of you for listening to God and being open about the home!! I also couldn’t help but notice how the sunsets on the property, gorgeous images will be taken there for sure!!!

  3. Cinnamon reply

    That is the best looking pile of dirt I have ever seen! So happy for you guys!

  4. Ashley Ziegler reply

    Gorgeous!!! :) So happy for you guys!!

  5. Brett reply

    YAYYYYY!!!! So excited to see the progress!!

  6. Louisa reply

    Wow! Living in the UK where (around where I live, unless you have a space £million) space for building your house is virtually non-existent I can’t believe you get to live here! What a beautiful place! Looking forward to seeing what you build and channeling your inner JoJo Gaines!

  7. Didi reply

    There is absolutely nothing as exciting and thrilling as seeing that beautiful red Virginia dirt! It gave us goosebumps just to see God’s promises for you and Michael becoming a reality. We’re looking forward to seeing the steps along the way to your beautiful dream.

  8. jenn reply

    cried watching your beautiful dirt video, katelyn! totally see what you’re talking about!

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